fredag 26 mars 2010

Winter weekend/Oxborn sesh presented by

"First runs , first day , me and junk team dude Anders best friend 4 ever picture... gay"

"kids claiming backflips at the Oxborn jump arena"

"Found this old picture framed , its the old Swedish Nitro team"

"Also found this old mugshot of my buddy Linus J"

My phone have been fucked since day 1 at this trip... Now im back on track so i can take some pictures and do some fucking blogging...

Today was epic!

Me and Norb was out doing a cool roof drop to pole spot, turned out friggin great! im stoked on the shot, and stoked on the weather!
Bluebird n shit!

We finnished out with a cold beer in the chair lift and of for some runs in the park.
Alot of buddys,bros dudes in the park hangin out today!


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