torsdag 30 september 2010

Supercharged Pitbulls - Seduced by the devil (official music video)

Hey people!

The video is here! sorry for not posting this earlier... been kind of busy...Not! (Sorry I just totaly forgott to post it... damn!)

Anyways, here is "Seduced by the devil" official music video by Supercharged Pitbulls!

Edit: Christoffer Öhman
Filmer: Anton Gun (ooh that´s me haha)

More rock ´n roll:

L1 Outerwear - New homepage!

Boom that just happened!

L1 just launched their new homepage , so check it out:

And (Like) that shit on Facebook aswell:

Then you know what the fuck is up for the winter... yay

onsdag 29 september 2010

Back To The Boneyard (Full Movie)

Back To The Boneyard (Full Movie) from The Bang Show on Vimeo.


I want more of this shit in videos... gaah

(shout out to Chris Thelin , cuz I know he likes this shit aswell!)

Antoine Dodson - Victim´s brother...Remix!

"Real news clip"

"The friggin remix!"

Haha , this is waaay too good... saw it over at Kuske´s blogatronic!

Autotune remix is tha bomb!

Zippin on some coffee ziiiziiip

tisdag 28 september 2010

ISENSEVEN + SO-CAL = Happy times!

CALIFORNIA - A little outtake from IsenSeven's Guide To The Galaxy from Alex Schiller on Vimeo.

It´s always fun to watch these type of clips... buddys hangin shredding killing it!
Looks like hella fun times dudes!

The Isenseven crew went to So-Cal last season and got exactly what they asked for: Sun, slush, sick parks, awesome fast food, big cars, bigger cribs and some super fun snowboarding. But they didn’t see any hot chicks. (cuz they´re homo....haha just kidding buddys!)

Alex Tank, Ludwig Lejkner, Dani Rajcsanyi, Boris Bühler, Basti Kuhn and Benny Urban did shred the hell out of Bear Mountain, Snow Valley, Mountain High, and Snow Summit.

This clip was taken from IsenSeven’s new bonus movie “IsenSeven’s Guide To The Galaxy”. You can see the rest of the crew’s adventures when you buy a copy of “Don’t Panic!”.

MUSIC: Love Grenades – “Tigers In The Fire”

BRING ME THE HORIZON - New album is live on Myspace!

Myspace heave been streaming their entire new album from 10am (GMT) today!

"There is a hell belive me ivé seen it , there is a heaven let´s keep it a secret"


Good work dudes , I like it!

Dance like me - Tjernobyl Child style!

Jump in here , put your red shoes on and dance the blues!

I promise , I got this....

JUNK or DIE - CONTEST! together with Sweet Skateboards proudly presents the first contest in the online game JUNK or DIE!
In the game you can choose to play as the Junkyard/Sweet skaters Björn "Bjerten" Holmenäs and Josef scott Jatta + choose different gear from the Junkshop for the skaters...

The contest will end 4/10 and you can win some awesome stuff from SWEET skateboards!

1: = Board + Pants + Jacket + T-shirt + Hoodie
2: = Board + Pants + T-shirt
3: = Board + T-shirt
4-20: = T-shirt

The only thing you have to do is to click this shizz and become a member at to enter the contest.

Good luck chuck!

söndag 26 september 2010

Nitro RoadWarriors Trailer 2010 - ANYWHERE

Nitro RoadWarriors Trailer 2010 - ANYWHERE from Nitro Snowboards on Vimeo.

Yo people! The new Nitro Roadwarrior video teaser is here!


Follow Nitros' RoadWarrior team on their 2010 video project entitled
"ANYWHERE" as they end up on trips to Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Alps and even China.

ANYWHERE features the riding of Marc Swoboda, Nils Arvidsson, Thomas Feurstein, Anton Bilare, Basti Rittig, Dominik Wagner, Erik Botner, Tobias
Karlsson, Mathias Nyberg, Anton Gunnarsson and Darek Bergman.

Check out in November for the full FREE movie!

Music by GMYP - Surrender

Sunday bloody sunday

120 Seconds with Joe Sexton

120 Seconds Joe Sexton from Pat Barraza on Vimeo.

"Fucking Vimeo shizznitch...."

Watch the clip here:

This is cool...
Alot of what he says could be taken out of some of the shoots ivé been at. Trying and trying tricks after tricks...

But you have to get ém done!

I love snowboarding

lördag 25 september 2010

Flashback! SNOWKID video part

This clip contains the Intro - My opening part and my buddy Jonte Nilssons part in Swedish production SNOWKID from 2007.

This was kind of the idea behind the video when the production was on the roll:

"*Snowkid Inspiered by back in the day when hi tech wasn..t as it is today, and kids only had vhs tapes to watch, rewind and watch again untill the quallity was crappy. This is a tribute to all the tapes that made us find the love for snowboarding. And that is why the teaser is edited with vhs recorders and text mashines to give it the ”old shool look” mixed with some of the best Swedish riders. VHS on DVD damn it!"

And the video featured ace swedish riders like:

Me ,Andreas Gidlund, Heli cam..s, Cecilia Larsen, Erik Nygård, Erik Karlsson, Powpow, Hasse Johansson, Hans Åhlund, Urban jib..s, Jonas Gustavsson, Jonathan Nilsson, Nicky Wieveg, Slams, Niklas Byström, Martina Larsson, Slush, Mattias Rönnholm, Mikael Lundmark, Park, Kalle Ohlson, Kristoffer Hultgren, Dalahorses, Tobias Karlsson

It was awesome!!!!

Happy days! Happy times!

Exploding head Montage

Exploding Head Montage: Head Trauma! - Watch more horror

Boom! Splatt! Gooore! Gaaarrhww!

This is simply a gnarly montage of movies that include heads that are exploding. haha
The sledgehammer kill is pretty wild!

Enjoy! (or don´t)

Illuminati by GodMachine


I just bought myself an awesome art piece by uber gnarh designer GODMACHINE!

It´s printed on black Mr French stock. Comes in4 colours.

18 x 24 inches
Limited: only 90 available
Signed and numbered.

BOOM! Can´t wait to frame it and nail it to a wall In our appartment...

Check his site , Im so friggin amazed of his work!

torsdag 23 september 2010 EPIC paper craft figures

I want your did this paper craft figure colab together with some of their favourite artists . They are avalible as free downloads over at:

Download and print ém out! get some handywork going and then you got some new buddies in paper... yay

"The king is dead , long live the king!"

New albums!

Some new albums blowing my ears away!

Fuck yeah!

måndag 20 september 2010

Cheers – A Movie By People Creative

I did not bother to write my own text about it , so...

Cheers – A Movie By People Creative – Coming Fall 2010

A creative dozen of snowboarding’s most dynamic riders come together for CHEERS, the new film by People Creative. The same crew who brought you last year’s “Nice Try” team up with legends like JP Walker and Jeremy Jones alongside young wizards like Joe Sexton and Zac Marben. CHEERS bridges the gap between pedigree and potential-with a variety of talent, terrain, and locations to make this the best People movie yet. Filmed in crispy HD digital video with a wicked soundtrack, CHEERS takes viewers up-close and on-location to Lake Tahoe, Finland, Sweden, Whistler, Revelstoke, Washington, Utah, Oregon, Minnesota, and Newfoundland for a full season of good times and great snowboarding.

looki´n good dudes!

Inflames + Whiskey = True!

The whisky loving In Flames and the family owned destillery Glenfarclas (Scottland) have done a colab. This unique bottles will come in two different models and they have been avalible at swedish "Systembolaget" since september 1st. Kepp in mind that they are limited edition , so if you want one of these beautys you´d better run and buy it NOW!

btw. bring some cash cuz they are not cheap....


söndag 19 september 2010

Irezumi - Back piece TimeLapse

Irezumi - Back piece TimeLapse from Anton Gunnarsson on Vimeo.

Timelapse of the second sitting with artist Matti "Horimatsu" Sedholm. We managed to do the stronger outlines on the Samurai and some of the black parts... I can´t wait for this back piece to be finnished!

And as a bonus you´ll get a sneek peek of my awesome ass crack , hahah

The saga of the 47 Ronin continues...

Tune: August Burns Red - Marianas Trench

lördag 18 september 2010

Irezumi - The saga continues

"This is the beginning, outlines from the last time I was there..."

Today Im going to Matti "Horimatsu" Sedholm , to continue the back piece that ivé started to do... Im hella psyched!

The Saga about the 47 Ronin will be covered...

fredag 17 september 2010


Junkfest 2010 - Black Metal Edit

JUNKFEST 2010 - Black Metal Edit from Anton Gunnarsson on Vimeo.

The Junkfest Black Metal edit

Mayhem at the 2010 annual Junkfest in Trollhättan Sweden.

Tune: Dark Funeral - Attera Totus Sanctus
Edit: Me




"Screener from a shot from Mikael Norrman during this season, Im trying some next level shit...NOT!!"

We went to hit this rail in Sundsvall Sweden. Me and my one man crew filmer Mikael Norrman. After some shredding my bindning got weird, just when i dropped in the wrist strap snapped and i was like:

- I don´t give a fuck , i´ll hit this rail doing some trickery!

What happened?!

Hitting my hip in the rail frontflippin out of that shit landing on my back. haha
That sucked ass!


(Thanx Norrman for hanging out as much as you did last season , U tha man!)

Pete Versus Toby - BEST tank top ever!!

"BMTH´s Jona Weinhofen rocking the best tank top ever made , drink coke!"

I was laughing sooo bad when I saw this picture of Jona in this tank top. I was like:
- saaay whaaat!

I sent him a message and he threw me in on some info where I could find this clothing brand. Thanx man!

Pete Versus Toby

This whole thing started as a movement out of Byron Bay, Australia in late 2006 by a group of young artists and enlightened souls to start a community based independent lifestyle.

They got an organic approach to life and their design and art is a reflection of themselves.

Like they describe it:
- We are a cultural mash-up of psychedelic futuristic hippy lifestyles and our intention is to share this with the world...

Drink Coke

Inspiration for the range: Bill Hicks (R.I.P.)
"Here's the commercial they'd like to do, if they could they'd do it. The ultimate television commercial and we might see it one day yet:
1. Heres the woman's face, beautiful...
2. Camera pulls back, naked breasts...
3. Camera pulls back, totally naked, legs apart, fingers right here and it just says "Drink Coke""

"We think copyright is dead.
We think the idea that people can 'OWN' ideas is fucked.
Ideas should be shared and appreciated.
This is not a slogan t-shirt but a statement t".

Want some Coke? here you go:

torsdag 16 september 2010

The last exorcism

"Ace Movie poster nr.1"

"Ace Movie poster nr.2"

The last Exorcism crew did a pretty awesome job promoting this Movie that dropped August 27th. A random girl starting to take her clothes of at infamous site Chatroulette......


Transworld Skatbeoarding "And Now" (full)

Transworld Skateboarding "And Now" Full Length from Chris Ray on Vimeo.

The new full length Transworld Skatboarding video "And Now"(20th) , right here man!

David Gravette´s opening part is fucking sick!!

I wish I was good at skate... damn it shit piss ass


onsdag 15 september 2010


Anton Gun - Nitro Snowboards Setup from Anton Gunnarsson on Vimeo.

More info where to get this gnaaarh stuff , jump in at:

do it! do it! do it!

It´s all about beeing awesome haha

Ashbury Eyewear - Young Money Tee

My boy Nima and the dudes over at Ashbury eyewear recently launched this badass Young Money Tee with Weezy on it! damn
It´s a SLIM FIT TEE that comes in White and it´s made out of 100% COTTON.

For more ace Ashbury stuff:

tisdag 14 september 2010

Jackass 3D leaked preview

Exclusive Leaked Footage from Jackass 3D from WonderHowTo on Vimeo.

The 300 feet nutshot!

hahaha great


Oli wrote this on his Facegay... (for those wo didn´t know allready)

Brand new BMTH song "FUCK" featuring Josh Franceschi of youmeatsix will drop on the BMTH myspace tonight.

here you go:

New Nitro AD!

Hey friends and fools!

Here is a sneek peek on my new Ad for Nitro Snwboards. Shot by Lorenz Holder during a friggin cold session in Ruka Finland last season.

See the Hi-res in the next Transition Magazine!

Boom that just happened!


måndag 13 september 2010


TURN ON TUNE OUT DROP IN - NITRO SNOWBOARDS TEASER 2010 from Nitro Snowboards on Vimeo.

Check it out, the latest teaser for Nitro Snowboards movie project:


featuring my homies:

Eero Ettala Nils Arvidsson
Markus Keller Thomas Feurstein
Marc Swoboda Gjermund Braaten
Bryan Fox Anton Bilare
Jon Kooley Basti Rittig
Ben Bilocq Manuel Diaz
Erik Botner Justin Benne
Anton Gunnarsson Will Tuddenham
Elias Elhardt Jules Reymond

The movie will be released october 7th 2010!

And the world premiere will take place in Munich Germany, for more info about that jump in on the even link on Facebook:

Hope i´ll see you there!

Stay black

August Burns Red - "Home" CD/DVD Trailer


Trailer for August Burns Red´s upcoming live CD/DVD "Home" recorded at a sold-out hometown show in Manheim, PA earlier this year as well as a documentary of life on the road. "Home" is available in stores and online September 28th!

Pre-order "Home" here:

Fucking great!

Making of: CLOCK

"Yes that´s Me, handplanting the shit out of that clock!"

"Not shoveling , only throwing down gang signs"

"The crew on the friggin roll"

My boy Peter posted this on his blog. I had to re- post it cuz we did alot of work on this picture and it turned out friggin epic!

It´s an Ad shoot for Liljaskolan in Vännäs Sweden.

We spent numerous (H) to brainstorm the idea and yes, we use to brainstorm some crazy and weird things... Anyways , this idea of a huge clock with the "Pointers" as a jibb came to form. And some days/weeks later we had it a "Done deal" at a rainy eve in Vännäs next to the school.

Thanx for all the help Gotte , Stommen and Erik

Untill next time .... Ta ta!

lördag 4 september 2010

off we go!

sayonara! stay fresh and see you on tha lips... XOXO me and the missus

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Holiday roads...

Been at home for some days after the madness "macbeth tour" and Junkfest... now im leaving again for some all inclusive free booze/food mayhem in Bulgaria with the lovely missus...going to be of the heezzay! shiiiat! sorry for this mad lacking of posts, but busy T as I am. yeah, then it`s hard to keep my game going on the blog haha! anyways , ill try to keep it up to date with madness and crocky corks! after this 7 day H-day ill promiso to post the Junkfest uber video and also the MEGA macbethtour diary outake and video post!! stay fresh

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fredag 3 september 2010

onsdag 1 september 2010

JUNKFEST 2010 Megapost!

"Junkfest 2010 is a done deal!"

"Airport chilling , flying from Hamburg - Sthlm - Gtbg"

"Gustav at Frontflip Dist picked me up in Gtbg , and we had some fun chatting on the way to Trollywood"

"Beer and meeting , two EE´s in both words"

"Saturday - JUNKFEST is on!!"

"Signing some posters with the rest of the Junk team , Chris flexing them guns"

"Gustav , killing it in at the Skullcandy stand... Pasta wrestling video post will drop soon..."

"Anton Cars and Berre going bananas at the barbershop"

"Kid nr.1 hair cut for a sticker hahaha"

"Kid nr.2 hair cut for a sticker hahaha"

"My boy Linus Blytung, fresh as always"

"Some suasage fest wrestling in the hotell room..."

"B B B Blackjack face , BB Blackjack face"

"Jonas the bonus , playing and pimpin zippin on some Gin ´n Juice"

"Tequila and all went foggy........"

This years JUNKFEST was of the heezzzzay!
Thanks Thomas , u are the boss... Nuff said!

(Junkfest video dropping soon!!!!)