fredag 31 december 2010

"MAYHAMBULANCE" official music video! (Last post of 2010)

"Chris Sparkle and yours truly Anton Gun!"

"MAYHAMBULANCE" ( Official Music video) from Anton Gunnarsson on Vimeo.

Sooo... last post of 2010 huh!
I want to throw out a special thanx to all my followers , I appreciate it!
This year was awesome!
2011 will be even better and more mayhem will be posted , it´s a promise! and Mayhem Music Project presents:

"Mayhambulance" the official music video!

Tune: "Mayhambulance" by Mayhem Music Project .
(Anton Gun & Cris Sparkle)

Edit: Anton Gun
Brainstorm: Anton Gun and Chris Sparkle

One day, one tune, one music video , BOOM! You know that just happened!

Watch it! Why? Cuz it´s awesome!

Listen or Download the tune here:

torsdag 30 december 2010

Asking Alexandria - A Prophecy (NEW Music video)

Asking Alexandria "A Prophecy" Music Video | Director: Robby Starbuck from Robby Starbuck on Vimeo.

"Asking Alexandria - A prophecy"

I have been waiting for this video to drop...But now I found it! yay
A Prophecy is their second music video made by awesome director Robby Starbuck. FUCKING KILLING IT!

Director: Robby Starbuck
Editor(s): Robby Starbuck & Greg Ephraim
Coloris: Greg Ephraim
DP: Greg Ephraim
Producer: Robby Starbuck
Prod Co:

Turn On Tune Out Drop In - Eero Ettala (Full part)

Nitro Snowboards - Eero Ettala Full Part 2010 from Nitro Snowboards on Vimeo.

Booom! That just happened! My finnish dawg Eero throws down some serious trickery!


Turn On Tune Out Drop In - Jon Kooley and Ben Bilocq (Full parts)

NITRO SNOWBOARDS - Ben Bilocq and Jon Kooley Full Part from Nitro Snowboards on Vimeo.

My homies are killing it!

Nuff said

Drop Dead + Skateboards = TRUE

2011 will be huge!
Drop Dead skates and all that , damn! My fam. over at DD are working hard and it shows...


onsdag 29 december 2010

Dolph Lundgren VS Unicorn

You know what they say about Unicorns... They suck!

How to be a pro photographer 101

"Photographer Lolli shows how to get things done"

Step one: Find an artsy fartsy angle

Step two: Smoke a Ziggy and drink minimum one beer while the riders are working their asses of to get their shit done...

Step three: Push one button to get the banger

Step four: Claim all that cash money!

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Parkway Drive - The Dvd

Trailer - Parkway Drive, the DVD from Hannes Van de Velde on Vimeo.

Awesome metal/hardcoreBand PARKWAY DRIVE released their DVD a while back.

Formed in Byron Bay, NSW, 2003 they for shure got some storys to tell. Check the DVD trailer and eat the whole cake over at YouTube:

måndag 27 december 2010

Anton Gun - A Milli Remix!

And...A new short ass tune over at myspace , AntonGunMoney!

I did it fast and furious during a boring eve in RUKA (Fin) all for the fun of it!

Check it , haha:

COVER! Act Snowboarding


Landed my first cover of the season. It´s on the new issue of (french) ACT Snowboarding.

Photo made by Lorenz Holder during a roof session in my hometown Umeå...

Thanx Lolli for keeping your photo eyes open!

fredag 24 december 2010

Merry X-Mas everybody!

Cheesy steezy but true, have a sweet X-Mas people! take it easy on the treats... haha! one love
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tisdag 21 december 2010

måndag 20 december 2010

RUKA day . 5 - 6

"Double kink , sooo many tricks in my mind...took a weird turn and I got another shot! boom"
" car...yes!"
"Basti came home to get some water for the Wu-tang stal , he got this..."
"Toxic waste water on the wu-tang...could it be better?"
"Then I met this dude..."
"And these two dudes..."
"And even two more dudes..."
"Hustli´ money!"

The last tays trough photos...

Drop Dead clothing presents....

Drop Dead presents While She Sleeps vs. Bury Tomorrow from Thomas Welsh on Vimeo.

Drop Dead presents the While she sleeps VS Bury Tomorrow show!

Ace bands from the family Im in...

söndag 19 december 2010

World Snowboarding Day (By Kuske and K-Nut)

World Snowboarding Day from Kristofer Fahlgren on Vimeo.

Today when I was still in bed , Kuske and Knut went for some laps in the park celebrating the World/Go Snowboarding Day!

Knut is a funny ass mofo , I was laughing so much watching this edit!

Good stuff Kuske , good stuff!!

"Pro Snowboarding Day" (Go Snowboarding Day - Ruka)

"Pro Snowboarding Day" (Go snowboarding day) from Anton Gunnarsson on Vimeo.

(or the other way arround...)

In RUKA Finland.

Boom! That just happened!

lördag 18 december 2010


Just wanted to let you know that this is RUKA , northern part of Finland!

Double D´s , hot chicks , nice ass , campagne and cocaine , rad ass dudes...

Don´t know if there is some kind of marketing trickery.. or do I?

RUKA day . 3

Set up , no kicker , gap , caught my edge , lost my breath , yelling SHIT! , spitting blood , pain in my body , "Old man slide" = DONE DEAL!


"Gnarley Video Mayhem" (Part .2) "The Bone Zone"

"Gnarley Video Mayhem" (Part.2) "The Bone Zone" from Anton Gunnarsson on Vimeo.

Part .2 of my trip to Salt Lake City...

Me and my dawg Jonas Carlsson went on a gnarley trip with Brewster and Mr. Miller ... straight to the infamous "Bone Zone".

Shit was epic fucking awesome!!!


Rail Garden - UMEÅ!!!

"Rail Garden in central Umeå"

My homie Jonas Gustafsson have been working hard to get this shit done, he and the "Brälappen" crew are throwing down a opening TODAY including a best trick comp at the 2kink rail , BOOM! 5000SEK to the winner aaaight!

Good job dudes , I will shred that rail garden like there was no tomorrow when I get back home from Ruka...

stay gnar gnar

torsdag 16 december 2010

RUKA day .2

"Keeping it real..."
"Only happy gaylord weather today... blaah!"
"And this ... ehrm , what?! I don´t know who took this picture... Prob. Lolli , cuz he is a photographer!"

Day . 2 in RUKA (fin)
Nothing much today... wind and more wind! Lost the others when the lift got closed and then I went for a 2H spot check , pretty sweet stuff!

Nothing more people, keep it real!

nom nom

Some handy work...