Name: Anton "Gun" Gunnarsson
Age: 25
Nationality: Swedish
Place of Birth: Northern part of Sweden
Home mountain: None

Drink of choice: JÄGERMEISTER

Nitro Snowboards
Raiden Bindnings
L1 Outerwear
Drop Dead clothing
Macbeth Footwear
Lowlife of London
FlatFitty headwear
Lesra Umeå Hardcore

Turn on tune out drop in (2010)
Enough Said (2010)
Isenseven "Let´s go get lost" (2009)
Swedish Smorgasboard (2009)

Since these last years I have put all my energy on to my job... I am (what people call it) a Pro snowboarder,the best fucking job in the world!

Filming for International video parts for various film crews and alot of hard work and effort goes into photo shoots. Those photos will later on cover stories/gallery shots/interviews for various magazines and websites.

I am not the "typical" snowboarder , Im rocking it in other directions. In style and with my connection with the Metal and Hardcore music scene. Plus trough those "None Snow" related brands that are focusing on artists and bands like Drop Dead clothing , Macbeth footwear and Lowlife of London... Just sayi´n , haha

You could say that Im the only one in my genre… And Im fucking psyched about that!

Follow me trough life and mayhem , this is my blog...

5 kommentarer:

  1. Hey man, u have style!
    I came here looking for the Jagermeister logo and found an interesting view in your personal life.
    Best wishes from argentina Gun!

    What metal/hardcore bands do you recomend me?
    I´m studying to be a musical producer.

    Jose Luis "Rotten"

    1. Hey man!

      Thanx a lot , I appreciate your kind words!
      haha , yeah...Jägermeister is pure black gold:)

      Oooh , What metal/hardcore bands I can recommend to you...

      While she sleeps
      Resist the tought
      Parkway drive
      Asking Alexandria
      Your demise
      Bring me the horizon
      The ghost inside
      Bury tomorrow
      Betraying the martyrs
      The black dahlia murder
      All shall perish
      August burns red
      Bleed from within
      Suicide silence
      Conducting from the grave
      Memphis may fire
      Motionless in white
      Miss may i
      and so on.........

      Some cool sleaze/Street metal bands (All Swedish bands)
      Hardcore superstar
      Crash diet

      Good luck with your future career man

      //Anton Gun

  2. nice choice of a drink man! xD must be fucking awesome to have a job like that!!! sadly i dont have a job cuz i have school to deal with right now. but also nice choice in bands too! what other bands do you like?

  3. Nice Anton fyfan va skön du verkar vara!
    Skrattade nåt DJÄVULSKT på videon när ni drar på sonisphere ;D

    Jävligt bra kombination Snowboarding + Metalcore, precis som jag bara att jag inte är något snowboard proffs precis :P

    haru träffat Bring me the horizon nön göng? :)

    PEACE från götet!

    1. Tack som fan!
      Roligt att få lite nice feedback på det man gör och att se att det uppskattas! YAY!

      Kommer fler liknande videor snart , från Sweden rock och något mer... Stay tuned

      Och yes! Bräda och ösigt bra musik är det bästa!!
      Keep it up!!!

      Jag va nere och hängde med dudesen när dom öppnade den nya drop dead butiken i London . Samt efter då de hade turne med parkway drive , architects och the devil wears prada ... Fett sjöna dudes!

      Jag är sjukt tacksam att vara på Drop Dead , macbeth footwear (Och alla andra sponsorer såklart!!)

      Det ger mig mycket då jag har det musik intresset m.m...


      //Anton Gun