fredag 30 april 2010

Shoveling snow ´n shiiiit!

Clip Of The Week - Shoveling Snow from Kristofer Fahlgren on Vimeo.

Another ace clip from Kuske!

pretty funny clip from our shoot in Sundsvall (Swe) , Me and Matte shoveling snow and almost getting kicked out from the spot...

But we where playin it gangstah , so we are all good man!

Stay gangstah

torsdag 29 april 2010

onsdag 28 april 2010

Macbeth - the old man

Ramundberget #4

"This awesome dude wuz hangi´n out here in Ramundberget aswell... pretty cool dude , he will for shure be 1st in the competition on friday"

Party yesterday , new appartment , free booze , thats wuz up!


Just chilling right now , waiting for the Sonic Syndicate show...
Yesterday the weather was bad , but we had the time to do this grass roof spot that turned out realy good , blunt slides n shizz...


måndag 26 april 2010

Ramundberget #3

"The only Pic for now... Bears and random wild animals hangi´n"

No Internet...

No blogging...

Back on track!

Two days ago we hit that polejam spot that turned out pretty cool beans.
The day after we did not do shit , only shredding fun laps in the park high 5ing smiles and happy times. Then we had some beers with Nitro team manager Andi GoldHammer , shiiiith!

Today we woke up to greybird, went up to the park with Basti shooting some funny slush laps and funny slams...

Then we went back and dug up a spot for tomorrow , yay

Peace n cheese

lördag 24 april 2010

Halldor´s New Tatt...

Finger Bang Tattoo from on Vimeo.

Hahaha Halldor, what should I say?!

Hands fucking down for this!!


Ramundberget #2

"Cars owning out , crazy fingers"

"Here is last night... cock party?"

"Hangin out with the dudes, before the awesoeme hotdawg grillz"

"Jerk of 3000 , i hate this guy (Sorry) but he had the worst tribal tattoo on his neck"

"Pole jam spot of today , sick"

"Anton Cars had about 7 shit´s on this toilet today cuz he was sick (Hangover)

"Mr. bad luck , he got a small avalanche problem on his new volvo"

Today we got up at about 11.. Ramundberget still got -C and it sucks!
We went for some spot check´s and after that we had an awesome BBQ , even Mats owe af alf nybrecktckt joined in... (join fan club "Matz uwe" on facebook , NOW!)
After that we drove away to hit this cool bean pole jam spot. It turned out pretty good!

stay fresh bitches

fredag 23 april 2010

Ramundberget #1

"Came to LAN 3000"

Drove from Umeå - Ramundberget today... Awesome drive... Not!
Im a bit sick of driving car now... puh

Anyways, met up with the dudes cool beans

More updates laterz

tisdag 20 april 2010

NEW Cover!

I don´t think that I posted this...


I got the front cover on this gnarly mag!

boom that just happened (some weeks ago, hah)

Heavy Metal Thunder

I got this book from Edition Olms Ag (Zurich based) at ISPO .


Like you see on the front picture, it´s all about Album covers that rocked the world!

go and get it, pretty awesome book...

måndag 19 april 2010


This video is pretty sick! (found it at Kuske´s site)

New York invasion by 8-bits creatures ...

PIXELS is Patrick Jean' latest short film, shot on location in New York.

Shitfaced Mondays are back!

"The fall asleep at the table" move.

Tech level: 0-5

Drinking level: pretty boozed or crooked on the cork

People involved: It pretty much depends on what party youré at..

My buddy Basti , is showing a good example on how this move should be pulled of!
Looking at the pictures you will see that x-ing your arms in a smooth position , leaning your head on to them ... yeah , that is a propper way to do it!

Passing out , fainting away in to the alco fog or just beeing a fucking looser... That is how it´´s done!

Tik tok on the clock

lördag 17 april 2010

Good music , good party!

"Bring me the horizon - Chelsea smile"

"Modern day escape - Maby holding hands wasn´t such a good idea"

"Beastie boys - U gotta fight for your right to party"

"Austrian death machine - I need your clothes , your boots and your motorcykle"

Some good tunes mixed up with their awesome party videos!

I love it!


Have a happy weekend!


fredag 16 april 2010

Episode "Owning out" at ISPO!

Yeah, you heard me!

This is Me, Matte ,Nils and Anton Cars (Swedish Nitro crew), hanging out at this years ISPO tradeshow in Munich (Germany)...

Straight out "Owning out" man!

Nothing more to say....

The Cops Episode

Got busted yesterday...

Too bad it was a realy good day , high fives and blue skies. I was setting up my pocked HD cam for a little nerdy timelapse driving in the city (this was only in the beginning of the clip , if you see the bad focus trough the window) Anyways...

Don´t fiddle with other stuff driving car in the city... I got shot with the mean laser gun and had to pay up with 280€ , fuck!

The cop where legit tough... i told him that he was prob . putting those 280€ into his own pocket ... haha

Stay steezy

torsdag 15 april 2010

Macbeth shoe preview...

"The Brighton"

The Brighton is Macbeth’s newest and most comfortable shoe! In 1964 hundreds of Mods and Rockers took to the streets in the English town of Brighton clashing and rioting and running through the streets to get away from the police...You should check out the movie Quadrophenia for a better idea about the event that inspired the shoe. With all that running from the cops, we were inspired to design a modern update to a classic t-toe jogger featuring a completely new outsole with medial arch wrap as well as an exposed molded eva midsole. Hidden within the heel of the eva midsole is an additional soft cushion pocket for added heel impact reduction. “Zero Seam” lining construction with a small amount of padding allows the upper form to your foot like the shoe was custom made to fit your foot!


€ 80.00



Im lucky, it´s like having x-mas all year arround!

Lenneke over at Macbeth Shoes threw together a huge package with stuff that dropped down at my front door today...
And like i use to say, Lenneke you tha boss!

Im psyched!

The Summer collection is out NOW!

so for fuck sake, jump in at:

and check the latest news , products ,bands and coverage...


and buy yourself a pair of shoes that you will be stoked on for life!

Today´s AWESOME Haicut

Not even a question mark on this hair duuuubie...

Probably this guy got alot of ass!

onsdag 14 april 2010


This sweet package of DropDead stuff droped down in my mailbox today. Thanx Lindsey U tha boss!

The family over at DropDead , is the dogs balls man! They awesome!

The rumours are also out...
DropDead´s first store are opening in London at the 1st of May!

INFO about the madness:

Bring Me The Horizon’s front man, Oli Sykes will be opening his first Drop Dead flagship store in Brick Lane, London on May 1st 2010.

Oli, who started the alternative street wear brand in 2005 with just several t-shirt designs, said, “I never imagined when I created those first few tee shirts that I would one day be opening a shop in London. I’ve been in Sweden for 6 weeks recording our 3rd album and fly back in London on the morning of the opening. How the shop looks in the flesh is going to be as much a surprise to me as it is to everyone turning up on the day – but it’s really exciting and I’m really looking forward to it ”

To celebrate the opening there will be lots of free gifts for everyone including keychains, pendants, cushions, and stickers. The first 100 customers who make a purchase in the store will also receive a free t-shirt.

Visit for the latest information and info on how to win tickets to the private launch party in central London on the opening day.

Store will be open at 12.30-8pm.

So fucking be there or be square!!


Fucking goosebumps over this band man!!

Their name is CHTHONIC [thon-ick] , a Melodic black metal band from Taipei Taiwan .

The band started in 1995 , so the have been arround for a while gaining popularity all over the globe.

Their lyrics are mostly about ghosts , demons , myths ,legends and Nationalism.

Besides the normal instruments they use an Oriental 2 string violine named Erhu , that in my eyes makes the music a little bit more special comepared to other black metal bands.

Some random info!

Among Taiwanese and Chinese people they're known as 閃靈 pronounced: Shan Ling.

ChthoniC call their makeup "ghostpaint" instead of "corpsepaint" and base it on the 8 Generals of Hell in Taoist lore.

Current line up:

Freddy Lim (Left Face of Maradou) - Vocals , Erhu
Jesse Liu (The Infernal) - Guitar
Doris Yeh (Thunder Tears) - Bass, Backing Vocals
CJ Kao (Dispersed Fingers) - Keyboards, Piano
Dani Wang (Azathothian Hands) - Drums

I will also put out some credit to the girl Doris "Thunder tears" . Judging by her looks she doesn´t seem to have that much "evil" in her voice , but listen to the back up vocals/growls or check out the video.... That is fucking gnarly!

ChthoniC , I salute you!

Check their Myspace:

tisdag 13 april 2010

Chris Ray - top 10 shots

"5 shots out of 10"

The filmer Chris Ray is counting down his top 10 filmed skateboarding tricks in this video from Transworld.
He tells alot of stories behind the shots , almost getting busted by cops , his first shot he got payed for etc. etc.

I would love to see the same type of clip on Snowboarding filmers...
Would be awesome!

måndag 12 april 2010

Episode "EMO Riding"

Sort of a short "day in life" clip...

That just happened!



This just in....

My Crew over at Flat Fitty are finaly starting to advertise my signature FF Designs!

The "Party Änimal" Snap back cap to the right. It Comes with a signature designed Money clip + the "Beer bottle" Sticker...

That´s wuz up!

Macbeth / contest

My bros over at Macbeth are throwing down a contest with .

(Read the text)

or jump in:


fredag 9 april 2010


Clip Of The Week - Dog Attack! from Kristofer Fahlgren on Vimeo.

My buddy Kuske are throwing down some awesome "clip of the week" edits on his blog.

This week i made it in to the mix!
With my epic "If you gat attacked by a dog 1 0n 1" instruction video...

Watch and learn!

Thanx Kuske , u da man!

Awesome Movie Death scene


B-movies are the bomb diggity sometimes...

This death scene is rad and pretty damn epic

80s flat land skate + blow up doll + bazooka = AWESOME


Free Weezy

So... this awesome design dude DROP , he realy got this!

Now when lil wayne is rapping in the slammer, blogger Truth of a Liar decided to show him a little love. The “FREEZY” is a very limited t-shirt release.

He was taking pre-orders on this baby , and it is most likely sold out.
They made about 50 tees and thats it.

But maby they could make some more tees if they got more requests...


Check DROP at:

And also awesome blog TRUTH OF A LIAR:

torsdag 8 april 2010

Bräntis Jibbatronic

"Bräntis jibbatronic"

Im also feeling a bit better after a looong while of sickness...

I got my shizz together and drove to Umeå´s city hill , Bräntis!
They had some small jumps , jibbs and rails put up...

So i did some small jibbing by myself (emo lonely wolf 3000)

It was pretty fun to slide some steel in the slush plus that is was kind of the second time outside in the "Nature" since over 10 days... blah in a good way!

Pedal to the metal

Walk of shame...

"Yeah , read it... walk of shame"

"This is how i looked when the shame came over me"

Damn it!

Some day ago i was strollin my way in to the city with the missus. Suddenly i saw this red carpet laying around minding it´s own biz...
Fuck yeah! i tought... Red carpet , feeling like a king!

When i looked down , i felt realy bad...

It was the walk of shame!

JoJo tricks - with Mattias Nyberg

Watch and learn some mad ass skillz by the best!

he got this!

onsdag 7 april 2010


One of my fav/best movies ever and ever and ever!


Some of my best scenes , ENJOY!

And if you are psyched or bored...

play some HOT ROD linerider!


I just made your day!

Sex ed , yeah it rocks!

"Smosh and I Set My Friends on Fire"

This is a way to sex ed yourself...

(Killling it pretty hard with the air guitar)

tisdag 6 april 2010

Blue Snowball Mic

"Blue Snowball mic"

"Studio time!" haha

I got this Snowball mic by Blue a couple of days ago!

Hellz yeah , it´s awesome...

3 fucked up tunes on the go go!

The Eightball tells me that it will be some gnar tunes during the upcomming spring shootings....


måndag 5 april 2010

Nothing to post... so...


yeah fool

wu-tang pizza ain´t nuthin tha fuck with!

lördag 3 april 2010

New Guitar , ANYONE!?

"Nitro/Hagström guitar"


My buddy and Nitro rider Jonas Hagström , got 2 pro models last year. This co-lab with legendary Hagström guitars and a board with the same graphics.

Now he is selling 2 guitars + Hardcase for a fucking good price!

Nitro/Hagström guitar 4500SEK + Hardcase 1200SEK

So, if somebody is intrested in one of these babys (Limited edition graphic 500x , hit him back at:

(Jonas is a real bum so he is in need for some cash, hah)

fredag 2 april 2010

Easter is here...

"Hot doggin"

Me and Emma went out small camping today. The air felt fresh in my lungs after a few shitty days locked in cause of my sickness. I built a fire cuz i´m such a man , and then we had a few Hotdawgs... It was nice!

Feeling a bit better now, tough

Happy Easter people

torsdag 1 april 2010


Skateboardanimation from Tilles Singer on Vimeo.

Im currently at home resting my body + beeing sick!

I hate beeing sick, feeling like a bag of shit... But with some Magic pills for 10 days , the Doc said i would feel much better... puh!

During this , i found this pretty cool clip...

The dude who made it must have been bored or like in my case sick...

cool tough

New Beer!

This shit is ill!

A new beer is in town , buy it at the Swedish liquor store "Systembolaget" .

good ol´ SAILOR BEER!

Sweet bottle design...

drink drank drunk