lördag 24 april 2010

Ramundberget #2

"Cars owning out , crazy fingers"

"Here is last night... cock party?"

"Hangin out with the dudes, before the awesoeme hotdawg grillz"

"Jerk of 3000 , i hate this guy (Sorry) but he had the worst tribal tattoo on his neck"

"Pole jam spot of today , sick"

"Anton Cars had about 7 shit´s on this toilet today cuz he was sick (Hangover)

"Mr. bad luck , he got a small avalanche problem on his new volvo"

Today we got up at about 11.. Ramundberget still got -C and it sucks!
We went for some spot check´s and after that we had an awesome BBQ , even Mats owe af alf nybrecktckt joined in... (join fan club "Matz uwe" on facebook , NOW!)
After that we drove away to hit this cool bean pole jam spot. It turned out pretty good!

stay fresh bitches

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