tisdag 28 juli 2009

still searching gaah...

Fuck, i am still in search for some cool tunes for my Isenseven video part... Hard to choose, alot of good bands out there!

If somebody knows a good band, hit me back in the comments or whatever!


My homie Snoop!

Fo shizzle my nizzle!


måndag 27 juli 2009

"Shitfaced mondays" Lesson Nr.7

"The vampire MJ"

Tech level: 8

Drinking level: A cool pre party with good friends , walking to the real deal!

People involved: dance trance baby

This instruction vid is how not to bust the move (chicken out!)
And how to pull it off! haha

The secret is to pull the vampire, look mean and angry!
Then next level shit, the MJ stuff... If u got it you are pure talent, if not... Do it anyways!
The secret is to learn how to drink and dance with style, not! Just let the brain music beat and sweep your feet!
Important, u have to learn the vampire move first...

(thanx babe for the video)

Inlandet represent
Blaha blaha blaha blaha!

lördag 25 juli 2009


Went out partying with my buddys dave and Gurra from "Supercharged pitbulls".
It was fun as hell!

Later we hooked up with my missus and her friend at the new club/bar in Umeå...
There i met an old friend who gave me some ideas for rail spots, yaaaay

Check em out at www.myspace.com/superchargedpitbulls

fredag 24 juli 2009

Cradle of filth

I have been kickin it back with some good òl Cradle of filth in my skullcandys today.
Long time ago... But they still got some killer tracks!

So, ill post post one of my fav videos of them "from the cradle to enslave"


I like guns, they make me think happy times!


Here is some funny clips, one of my buddys at Junkyard.se Björn "Bjerten" Holmenäs
in action!

SWEET skateboards represent

onsdag 22 juli 2009

Camp Of Champions Session C Recap | Transworld Snowboarding

Camp Of Champions Session C Recap | Transworld Snowboarding

Shared via AddThis

Check my Nitro buddys shred it to pieces at "Camp of Champions" session C


"Shitfaced mondays" Lesson Nr.6


Here it is "the shitface pary posing, with a serial killer in the background"

Tech level: 0 - 10

Drinking level: no matter what, be shitfaced... and run fool!!

People involved: depends if the killer is in to that "teen slashing" stuff.

This is creepy! psycho serial killer, about to slit your trouth and eat you for dinner with some hot sauce... maby BBQ... Recomended beer for grilled human flesh, swedish Norrlands guld!
EPIC schwhaaat

Im not the killer...

måndag 20 juli 2009

Worlds oldest man, he rocks!

A reporter from the News asked this question to the Oldest man alive:

What is the secret, how did u get so old?!

The 113 Year old man answerd.

- Cigarettes, Whiskey, wild girls and... and a sence of humor!

Okay rock n roll grandpa!

We salute you

onsdag 15 juli 2009


Junkfest 29th of August in Trollhättan (Sweden) , be there or be square!

Snowboard rail jam 25,000SEK price money

Skate Jam 25,000SEK price money

MILLENCOLIN Live on stage!

More info, check: www.junkyard.se



with nothing else to post right now... Enjoy Dropdead owner Oli and BMTHs new vid!

måndag 13 juli 2009

"Shitfaced mondays" Lesson Nr.5

"The Hook up/The Shitfaced kiss of ANGST"

Tech level: 0-10

Drinking level: It depends... If you got a girlfriend/boyfriend or not, its all in the eyes. Just watch my buddy Mattias on these instruction pictures!

People involved: Make out with your armpit, do it with your love or just with your average hook up!

Just look at these pictures and learn from the best!
Crazy shitfaced eyes all in the mix... boom!

lördag 11 juli 2009

Lorenz "Lolli" holder Birthday booooyyya!

Just posting this congrats to my photographer buddy Lolli!

You are turning old dude, but judgeing by your looks you are eating unicorn meat...

Happy B-day (after your B-day)

Rock on

fredag 10 juli 2009


My buddy party pete sent me this clip, it`s awsome!
So i had to post it... Psycho Alien Trippin!

onsdag 8 juli 2009


Check this or eat poop, or whatever...


Adios amigos!


Be shure to check out lowlife.com , for some awsome belts n stuff!

their spring range is sick.

Thanx buddys!

måndag 6 juli 2009

"Shitfaced mondays" Lesson Nr.4

"The hold your puke, with Jack Sparrow sneeking in the background" / "Almost throw that shit up"

Jack Sparrow, partying like a gasta!

Tech level: 1-5 (depends if you got skillz on your puke nervs)

Drinking level: Party til you puke, and hold it in your mouth for a while!!

People involved: you or your puke fetisch friends (for multiple rainbow style puking)

So... Puke, and then lock down your jaws so the puke is laing inside your mouth for a while. Enough said! The hard part is to have a Jhonny Depp "Jack Sparrow" copy behind you... Steal one from Madame Tussaud`s or just kidnap the real Depp!

Easy peasy!


Nazi street art

Say whaaat!?

What is incorrect with this Smiley sticker that i found on a street sign?

Killer mustach doh!!

söndag 5 juli 2009

Nitro Road warriors "End of season clip"

Here is the second edit of the Nitro shoot in Tandådalen SWE.

Thanx for this one Niko,great!

Nitro Road warriors Rollin New CARS!


Nitro Roadwarrior Crew , just got hooked up with Fiat Cars!
Looking realy good for this season...

The cooperation with the FIAT Freestyle Team will kick off in summer 2009. From then on, the media presence and message of both teams will be closely linked, and they will promote one another. In addition to this, FIAT will provide the crew with a fleet of FIAT Qubo for their trips n stuff.

Up-to-date pictures and videos of the trips will be accessible online at:

By the way, the footage collected by the Road warrior crew during the past season will be available as a free-of-charge download movie by September 2009.

For more info about the FIAT Freestyle Team go to www.fiatfreestyleteam.com.

Check em out fool!

fredag 3 juli 2009

Skatopia trailer

Have you heard about this place?

Damn, mayhem 3000!

Here is the trailer for the Skatopia documentary....

"Shitfaced mondays" Leson Nr.3

"The Pee in my pantz"

Tech level: 1 (just release the preassure)

Drinking level: Pissfaced!

People involved: Lets say, you choose!

This move is old, everybody have done it in their early years as a little chripp baby. The move to pee your pantz and still party on strong is a thing made for party heros (or people amped on mountain dew or LSD).
Just get drunk as fuck, hold your urine as long as you can... And when you hear your favourite tune playing inside your head or trough the speakers at the party.
For extra points, wear bright pants. They will make the effect even better!
Feel the warm, feel free, pee is the key!

See you next monday shitfaces!

This months Tourettes (July)