onsdag 30 december 2009

Music in the maki´n?

Damn, dropped by ChrilleChrippal yesterday, easy chittchatting with some coffee and shizzle...

He borrowed me an epic mic to plug in to my Mac and scream my hear out!

no jinx... but if i manage to sound a little bit screamy and evil with some awesome back beats i will drop it for shure haha!!

stay tuned dudes and shedudes


tisdag 29 december 2009

The "Gun" Family mini shred park is finnished!

"The pole jam and box"

"the bonk shizzle"

I tried the Gun family Mayhem park out yeaterday!
It was hell alot of fun, sick shit for shure, haha

After some tuning on the wackoattacko drop in ramp it was awesome...

Now im back in Umeå for some chilling during the days before newyears.
Going back to my parets place later for shure...

After that the real MAYHEM starts!!!

måndag 28 december 2009

The most awesome CV ever!


I have to make one...

The "Gun" Family mini shred!

"big daddy and Emma diggi´n the first obstacle"

"Bigg daddy lookin Twilightisch"

"the box and one part of the drop in"
Hellz Yeah!

Me, Emma, my awesome Dad and little sister have been building a small Mini shred park at during the last 2days, the mini shred includes one Flat wooden box, one polejam corner,one mini corner, one stall/bonk...

This evening i will session it for shure!!

X-mas is done...


"More snooooowwww"
X-mas is over... soon the most over rated "event" of the year, newyears! haha

I will stick to my guns and put on the Barney Stinson "GET PSYCHED MIX!!"

"If you're having trouble getting psyched, or you need to get a Bro psyched, you can always make yourself a Get Psyched" mix...

Here is the Barney Stinson Get psyched Mix playlist:
01 You give love a bad name Bon Jovi
02 I Wanna Rock Twisted Sister
03 The Humpty Dance Digital Underground
04 Don't Stop Believin' Journey
05 You're The Best Around Joe Esposito
06 Lick It Up Kiss
07 Paradise City Guns N' Roses
08 Tom Sawyer Rush
09 The Transformers Theme Vince Dicola & Stan Bush
10 Dancing With Myself Billy Idol
11 Rock You Like A Hurricane Scorpions
12 Come Sail Away Styx
13 Free Brid Lynyrd Skynyrd
14 Panama Van Halen
15 Talk Dirty To Me Poison
16 Thunderstruck ACDC
17 High Enough Damn Yankees
17Hip Hop Hooray Naughty By Nature
18Dr. Feelgood Mötley Crue
19Round and Round Ratt

Ill spend it with my lady, sippi´n on some Santana Champ!

OOOH, check these pix for the snow conditions here in my hometown, damn!!

torsdag 24 december 2009


Just wanted to take one second to post this before santa is nocki´n on the door...
Thanx to everybody that ´s been supporting this blog, i love it!

I know that 2010 will be legen...wait for it...DARY!!!

MERRY X-MAS to all of you

Rock on

//Anton Gun

söndag 20 december 2009

The Party Änimal cap is here!

After the success of Flat Fitty’s first cap with Swedish snowboarder Anton Gunnarsson, we decided to do another. The Gunn once again gives a signature design to a Flat Fitty Snappy. Complete with an embroidered brim and silk screened unberbrim, Anton will be wearing this as he shreds up mountains, parks, and any other terrain he can run his plank across. Want some proof of this? Why not check out one of the many featured photos of Anton in the January 2010 issue of Snowboard. Cheers to a great season so far. Stay connected to our site to see who’s rocking Flat Fitty this month.


My buddys at Frontflip killi´n it!

By the way nice goggle tan...

lördag 19 december 2009

Ruka, what have been going down NR.4 (Today)

"snow post it"

"bonk spot"

"norrman with the next level nuclear accident helmet"


Today we took our time in the morning, sleeping a bit longer and checking some shit...
We where about to build a kicker in the Ruka BC but soon things got complicated. The car had no fuel and the creditcard thingy fucked up so 2H went in about 2sec!
When checking one spot the dudes built up the eve. before we realized that some fucking skiers had been fucking iup the whole thing. And on top of that, without even riding the shit! so, they pertty much fucked it up , just for the hell of it! damn , that was nooot cool beans!
The plan got changed 1million times and after a while me, lolli,Norrman and poone hit one spot that i wanted to do since we came here... Some next level bonk-gap-flatdown rail combo...
Anyways. now im done for today and will have some strong liquid in my body so i can relax and maby when the others are done with a roof gap we will hopefully do some finnish clubi´n and knife fighting!
Hellz yeah ruka is the friggin shizzle on the sandwich!

Laters bros and shebros

fredag 18 december 2009

Ruka, what have been going down NR.3 (Today)

"This evenings secret spot, gnar bangers!"

"Filmer Norrman, keepin it real"

"Smolla, claims the spot"


The weather is getting warmer -8C today and some funny shredding on the roof (as on the pix)

And then of to a killer sesch with the finnish buddys!
Some gnar shit went down and now im havin some deserved beers damn!

JUNK.TV short RUKA update

Ruka, what have been going down NR.2

"The crazy trees in Ruka" photo: Lorenz Holder

"freezin cold dog shred"

"the reindeer dudes"

Sooo cold, but sooo sick!

In one day we had, reindeer sledding, dog sledding, snowmobiles and one epic spot! Boom that did happen!
the -C was around 25-30...
I froze my nose , and now i got pain and it looks sunburnd Fuck!
Anyways, this trip is one of the sickest trips to Ruka so far... Alot of good photos and some new shizzle have been going down on video...


torsdag 17 december 2009

The shooting has started! (for the other dudes aswell)

The shooting has started from Magnus Törnkvist on Vimeo.

"Anton nr.2 shoots Matte in the head"


I love this

This is legend...wait for it...DARY!!!

Ruka, what have been going down"

"Beeeeeer, the key to success"

"Santa claus place"

"Lolli and poooone checking out the new bangers"

"Huuuge kicker outside the apartment we are staying at"

"One of the new Ruka spots, damn!"

Junkyard.se wrap up

"Nicky busting a nextlevel bs air!"

"Patrik Lundin at frontflip dist/nitro swe, lookin awesome"

"Party crew, Nicky,Anders,Me,Gidlund and kareem bad asses!"

"A part of the swe Nitro gang at the premiere in Åre"

Junkyard.se team / Åre Monster energy house

This was the place me and the Junkyard.se team stayed at in Åre, during the team trip. This house/cabin was awesome!
The dude at Monster energy drink built it, and yes... they got money!

Thanx dudes!!!

onsdag 16 december 2009

like i said, when i get my shit together i will post the pictures (if this fucks up again..)

RUKA (plus small update on WTF is going on)


Updating this blog, with a minor fault...

This is my trip so far:

Umea-Are-Umea-Ruka (finland)

The update on the Junkyard.se trip will follow shortly after this since i have got some major computer problems n shit like that... just wait ´n see what will come and what will be told abot that trip... haha


now im in Ruka , it´s 23- C outside and we have been finding ourselves on the shred all day and night!
I took the Nitro Fiat along with Mikael Norrman (filmer) all the way from my place in umea. The friggin GPS ricked us on to the wrong track and about 04:30 finnish time we arrived. The first day was cool, just checking some spots and meeting up with the crew involving Me,norrman,Lolli,marco smolla,tobi straussenschnaussen, danger and pooone!
Awesome crew!

The non-swedish dudes did some jumping over epic trees the first day while me and norrman spot checked the place next to our killer cabbin. We found a cool spot to hit and i did it with c.r.e.a.m , first good shot of the season! wu tang clan

Today, we hit these spots (as on the pictures that lolli took, thanx lolli. I know you are sleeping right now so i took the oppertunity to take ém from your secret file storage mohohoaoaoa! i hope you don´t mind tough...)
so check www.lorenzholder.com for more info!

New trick in the book of joy and some more happy faces that seemed to be bad faces cause of the fuckin cold weather...

Ill drop some more legendary or not legendary posts tomorrow cause im back and im the dude, double true!

Sorry for keeping this shit lame


looong time no blog

Damn, im getting bad at this shit!

tisdag 8 december 2009

Austrian Death Machine

Awe..wait for it..SOME!

Austrian death machine

The band with songs only done with quotes from Arnold Schwarzenegger movies!
Could it be better?!

Check ém at http://www.myspace.com/austriandeathmachine

måndag 7 december 2009

Rubic´s cube next level gangsta shit!

I saw this Rubic´s cube ad in a shop a couple of days ago...
The text to it was something like:

-Rubic´s cube will get you ready for the streets!

Damn homeboy!

Ice cube baby!

"Say whaaat"

This could also happen in the Snowboard biz...
Badass Gees turing in to fisherturds!

Maby "cheesy" is the new "talltee" hahah

adios suckers!

söndag 6 december 2009

Awesome email and meetalh

"heaven shall burn"


Yo wuuuz crackin!

I got this awesome email from this dude Arne, living in innsbrooklyn. He hooked me up with some cool circle pit/wall of death vids of some German meeeetalh bands.
Heaven shall burn and Neaera. Pretty awe...wait for it...some!

Thanx man , a appreciate the email!
So, learn from the dude and don´t be affraid to hit me back with stuff!

rock on

Sneeky peeky!My New FLATFITTY Snap back design

"Front, Party Änimal Puking"

"Undervisor, bottle Logo"

This just in...
The new Anton Gun Pro model/signature Design Snap Back cap for FLATFITTY.
I call it "the Party Änimal"!
The release will include a "Party Änimal" signature beanie design aswell. Im wating for the samples to drop and i know that it will be off the hezzzay!

More Pictures and details about it laters...
Hope you like it!


Nitro Team appartment

Hellz yeah!

Nitro hooked our team up with an awesome appartment in Montafon!

Filmer Pirmin and rider Thomas got the place next door and i know we will hit it with some funny times at that place...

Lookin forward to hang out in Montafon, i like it there!


LOOONG time no...

Hey bros n shebros!

No bloggin in a while... hurting my foot doing shit wasn´t too cool...

Now im feeling better and this shit will continue in a retarded ´n epic way!

Im back....