måndag 29 juni 2009

Bad luck short film

When you have nothing to do, you get creative. Here is my short film made in 5min, haha!
Cannes movie festival next!!

Super bad ass fool

söndag 28 juni 2009

"Six pack" Pleasure mag summer issue

For those who missed it...

Thanx to everybody that was involved with this interview!


lördag 27 juni 2009

The lonely island fuckin rocks!

(ill post some more awsome videos from these guys)

I need to run! Have to take some cold ones in the sun, watching the "wheels 2009" car cruise...

Smash n pazaz!

"Buddy quotes"

She had silicone boobs, and i was like STOKED!!
- Mattias Nyberg

My girl was totaly into Dregen (backyard babies) and Axel Rose (guns n roses).But when i sprayed my hair and put on my sleazy leopard tights, she tought i was ugly as hell!
I was like FUCK YOU!!
-Micke Lundmark

fredag 26 juni 2009

Michael Jackson is dead!

The man with a thousand noses and the best dance move ever, have passed away by a heart attack.
Damn, i pretty much have to put my hat of for him and say thanx, he brought alot of good times into my chrippal tjernobylchild dance leggs during all my years of partying, disco, clubs, children talent shows (back in the days) and... yeah, the whole nacho grande!

I will tribute with a moonwalk!

Sneeky peeky "Umeå concrete Skate park"

This is a cruise straight across the whole building area of the new concrete skate park in my hometown Umeå.Pretty rough right now doh...

I know that this will be gnar!

torsdag 25 juni 2009

Nitro Roadwarriors - No Colorado Teaser

So... Here is the final Roadwarrior clip. Hmm
Marc Swoboda the mr.joke jokemaker, deleted all our footage from the U.S trip and recorded himself doing some awsome dancemoves instead.

full movie coming this fall !!!

Thanx and big up for Pirmin Juffinger, Magnus Törnkvist and Niko Jentsch for all the great edits and great filming (not only the timelaps) haha

boom oklahoma!

i am melting...

Gaaah! i realy like this summer thing that is going on right now. Skateboarding, BBQ, Beer, sun, hanging out and all that stuff.

But today it is tooo warm! my head is about to explode like Charles Mansons...

Gaaaahhhwwwrrr!!! help...

Still searching...

I am still searching for some awsome music for my video part in Isensevens "Lets go get lost".

Thanx for the help that i already got frome some dudes! I appreciate that!

So, hit me back!

In the comments feild...

Or by email, antoneup@hotmail.com

Scuuuba steve!

tisdag 23 juni 2009

More coverage in the new Free mag Cz!!

Today I posted some coverage from last issue of Free mag (issue 68)

Peter Lundström (http://lundstrom.featured.se) The bird, the plane, the superman have done it again, thanx!

Check this brand new covearge of me in the latest issue of Free mag Cz.
The "versus" article with the waterslide pic and one pic that is screaming SPORTS!!!

Im still on the roll!

Metaltown 2009

Be shure to check out Metaltown festival in Gothenburg 26-27 June!
Owner/founder of Drop Dead, Oli Sykes is playing there with his band Bring me the horizon.

And i am shure the will play untill your ears are bleeding!

I am not shure that i got the time to go there myself, but i am shure that it would be a blast... Damn!

Hunting music for my video part!

Hey there boys `n girlz!

At the moment i am searching for some awsome music for my video part in Isensevens "Lets go get lost".

If you got something on your mind,rock n roll, punk, hardcore, metal, whatever... And NOT some techno blip blop music,im abit fed up on that shit!

Feel free to drop me the "Band-Song and myspace" in the comments!!

Ill check it out!


Rock on

Coverage Free mag issue 68

(Free mag issue 68)
I took this from my buddy Peter Lundström... I got some goodies in this one!

smash `n pazaz! Thanx Mr.Party

måndag 22 juni 2009

"Shitfaced mondays" Lesson Nr.2

"The Swedish traditional midsummer celebration moves"

Tech level: all the way from 1 - 10

Drinking level: get started as soon as you wake up!Drink, drank , drunk!(vodka,skåne akvavit)

People involved: 1 - ALOT! (invited and uninvited)

This moves was pretty much what was going down all around Sweden last friday.
There is too many crazy shitfaced moves to explain, so i will post this "Midsummer for dummies" instruction video... Enjoy!

lördag 20 juni 2009

Swedish tradition

This weekend we are celebrating the Swedish "midsommar".
It is the day with the the strongest sunlight 24/7, pretty sick!

And with our traditions almost everybody is dancing some weird dance, singing about frogs and to top that they are doing it around a big pole made of flowers `n shit, and that pole is a symbole representing a big COCK that is doing "it" with moder nature. Damn!

tisdag 16 juni 2009


Also, be shure to check out my buddy photographer Lorenz "Lolli" Holders new website/portfolio and blog at:


There you can find some goodies of my work/riding!


måndag 15 juni 2009

laughter!! Vice mag

Just one of the best covers i have seen in a long time...
Vice magazine

"Shitfaced Mondays" Lesson nr.1

Hi and welcome to Shit faced Mondays, this is how you learn the moves that have been going down during the weekend! Enjoy!

"The two person backspin/backslide"

Tech level: 6 of 10

Drinking level: A couple of beers + some drinks/shots in the club/bar

People involved: Yourself + 1 lady (or one random person who likes to tango)

How to: Get up close with the person that you are dancing with, bump `n grind some for the right warm up. When the dirty dancing have reached its peak, grab the persons hips and let her/him/it jump on to you with the leggs around your back.
Now for the hard part. Lean back as much as you can, and jump with a backward movement straight on to your back. And for some extra points , try to slide 1-2m on the floor or just tilt your shoulders to the left/right when you hit the ground, that will make you spin around in a circle.

Good luck and stay shitfaced!

//Anton Gun

Sugar and coffee - ADD

I remember watching this at my parents place...
Nickelodeon`s Sugar and coffee show! Damn, im getting ADD just watching it...
So, now im of for some coffee (no sugar)

And this is pretty much how you feel sometimes when you are hangin out with Photographer Peter Lundström. Respect!

check his artsy fartsyness at:


söndag 14 juni 2009

"The Hangover"Movie of the year!!

Me and my little nusse went to watch this movie yesterday.
I was laughing so hard , my heart exploded!

You have to watch it!

Do it! Do it!

fredag 12 juni 2009

What hides underneath the snow?

Sitting infront of the computer doing nothing but shit de la scheisse. Surfing my way into the darker parts of the webb i somehow stumbled over this picture of my team manager at Nitro/Raiden/L1...
The question is:
what the hell is he doing?


how the hell did i find that picture?

The picture is super funny dooh!

When the snow is melting, you always find weird things....


"Mikey Leblanc in Ride Rats"

I realy appreciate when people like my work....

Mikey Leblanc sent me this email after looking at the first page of my "six pack" in Pleasure magazine. His comment was short and exact:

- this is SICK!

So now i will post this rad video... Hats of!

tisdag 9 juni 2009

Tripod world record...

Hey dude! are u having the current world record in "Tallest camera tripod"
I think he does!
But what the hell was he shooting?!
Probably birds making out or some shit like that...

I think it was rad!

(thanx Emma for the "shoot from the hip" photo)

måndag 8 juni 2009

News `n stuff!!

Lowlife is getting their shit together after alot of hustle with "the wrong people buying the brand". Now the founders of Lowlife pretty much bought it back and everything is getting back to normal. Their new range of belts n stuff is looking of the heezay!
Big ups to Tom Ash and Tony Arthy!!

I also got a new Team manager on Bollè eyewear, Guillaume Dumas!
Looking forward to work with you dude!

Im also the first "non-band" member to get hooked up to the DropDead Family!
Big ups to Oli Sykes and Lindsey Bales!!

While im on it i want to say big up! to:
Andi Aurhammer, Sepp Ardelt and Tonino copene on NITRO snowboards, Raiden bindnings and L1 outerwear.

Putte Lundin and Gustav on Nitro snowboards and Skullcandy Sweden (fronflip dist)

Thomas Löfgren and Anders Claesson at Junkyard.se and Macbeth.


fredag 5 juni 2009

Vincent Locke

While im on fuckin awsome comic book drawers. Check out Vincent Locke, he have done alot of stuff for the band cannibal corpse.

zombie braaaiiinnnzzzzzh

Birthday girl

Today my angel Emma is having her birthday!

Hurray hurray!!

John Hicklenton

This morning i watched an awsome documentary about John Hicklenton. A comic book artist with the MS syndrome.

His paintings is kill that cat!!

onsdag 3 juni 2009

Pimp stick 3000

Got this for a while ago. The "pimp stick 3000" including 50cent ringtones, a bottle of Grandpas good old coffmedicine and the gold `n iced out pimp handle!
Now im walking around with my pimp hand in the air ready to deliver some bitch slaps,haha!

So,if you want to walk around in your town like a king, call:

P-i-m-p 00 666 00

Gupsy woman steeling cigarettes

For some months in a row, this weird bum gupsy lady have been walking around steeling the last zip of used cigarettes that is laying around our appartment.
She used to do that, early mornings. But now she is limping around mid day and evenings aswell... Looking for that preacious, preaciouuuuuuuuuuussssscchhh!
Gollum, schmeeeeagoul!

I took an ass shot of her, after she had been collecting her daily bread!

Im getting those "urban legend" stories in my head when i see her... Thinking that i will wake up one day and realize that she is living under my bed...


This months Tourettes (June)

måndag 1 juni 2009

DROP DEAD launches thier new website/collection!

My buddys at Drop dead clothing have launched their new website!

Including their new summer collection, check that mad shit out!