lördag 27 februari 2010

"Nitro dudes" day (3)

"Propper breakfast for once...."

Damn fool , pimp my ride"

"Tobbi found this awesome bike, he will take it on the airplane back home"

"This is one of the banger shots that Lolli took today! Im psyched!"

Straussen schnaussen found this cool spot yesterday, we hit it today ... fuck yeah, we hit it hard!

Party tonight aaaaight


Close up , signature patch on the "Party Änimal bottle beanie"


"Nitro dudes" day (2 1/2)

"This is a spot , ok!"

"Boards ´n breewzkie"

"Crazy eyes strauss"

"Action , fog, unsharp, beer , awesome"

Yesterday we hit two spots... turned out pretty good!
Snowing as hell... but that is better than -27 and wind , puh

Now im chilling , waiting for the German bratwursts...

What is that smell?? ooh , i smell a party tonight!

66 to that 6

fredag 26 februari 2010

"Nitro dudes" day (2)

Boom, that´s whats up!

Quick bullshit diner at the gas station and of we go...!
Mission nr.2 today...

Stay tuned and enjoy the weekend bras and shebros


"Nitro dudes" day (1)

"Basti beeing that ugly car model chick u never wanted..."

"Santas new qp"

"Straussen scnaussen beeing radical and extreme at the same time"


"Korv med bröööd!"

"Strauss also eating varmkorv/hotdawgs"

"Strauss getting totaly pullingthat pimp leg of after eating a hotdawg yaaaow!"

"Then i got them some fresh accomodation at an old prison here in town, computer nerding = Snowboarder sickness"

"Oooh that rail that no one never did..."

Stay fresh! 666

daaaim jermans

onsdag 24 februari 2010

The saga continues... "Nitro Shoot" is on!

"Basti bro dude back in the game!"

"Picked up weirdo filmer Nico this eve"

"Lolli got Jizz on his pants so we had to clean his clothes today..."

The saga continues...

I picked the filmer Nico up today + Basti Rittig and Tobbi Straussen Schnaussen...
This week will be awesome!

I hope the weather get´s a little bit warmer tough...



Check this new blog post from Shaun at Videograss... Schweden!


tisdag 23 februari 2010

Anton Gun/Flat Fitty signature stuff

"The Party Änimal bottle beanie"

"The Party Änimal snap back cap"

"The Hellz yeah snap back cap"

"Bling bling money ain´t a thing , signature design money clip"

In stores soon...


Irezumi tattoo Time lapse

Photo: lorenzholder.com

Yesterday i went to Matti "Horimatsu" Sedholm to get some more balance on my Irezumi tattoo´s ... Im getting the story about the 47 Ronin , the piece i did on this vid is the evil lord Kira´s chopped of head... Pretty damn awesome!

check more Irezumi tattoo´s and photos at:


måndag 22 februari 2010

L1 shoot finnished

This is a wrap up of the last days at our L1 shoot... The dudes left early this morning back to the U.S and ...A!

Thanx bros for a good time

c ya soon

"The typical Swedish gift..."

"Black Mike and VG filmer Shaun in the alco fog"

"Black Mike playi´n it Mexican style"

"Allstar bar fo life do or die"

"Lolli got buck man, buuuck"

"Pre-party at our place, celebrate Jon´s B day"

"once again, the man with the attitude... black mike!!"

"Lolli´s new gangstah steezzzzz"

"Jon´s bowling stance..."

"Bowling our hearts out"




lördag 20 februari 2010

L1 shoot day 6

"Black Mike represent!"

"Porn is good for you"

"Black Mike , pulling it of"

Boom that just happened!!

2 spots done , i got frost bite on my fucking nose... darn it!