lördag 13 februari 2010


"Yeah! it´s a road..."

"This is how German people fills up the car with gasoline...??"

"Lollis new fast eyewear , plus the eurogap 3000"

"Lolli got super drunk in the car and passed out (1 beer haha)

"This is not legit at all... it looks like im reading books realy fast!"

Went down to ISPO in munich straight from the XXX shooting with Norb. Fucking hectic trip , down to Stockholm and then straight of to Zurich... I had to re - book the flight so i ended up on a train for 4H to Munich. And then of to the ISPO Mayhem!!
Anyways. the ISPO update will come in a fev days.... (alot of shizz to post about that damn ISPO madness hah!)


Now im sitting back home in Umeå. Me and Lolli took one of the Nitro Fiats and drove the realy awesome way Munich-Umeå ... Only one million bazillion miles! Gaah , second tome im doing that route in 3months...

We made it!

Tomorrow the U.S dudes are dropping in...
Some gnaaarh stuff will go down!

stay tuned homies and homegirls , bros and what not


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