fredag 19 februari 2010

L1 shoot day 5

"Nima and the fucked up chatt roulette"

"Dudes getting psyched"

"Lolli and his new Swedish girlfriend, (this is a date...he paid for the food)"

"Not working"

" that a kids shovel?"

"Lolli playi´n it cool"

Today we had an epic faliure... The bungee rope did not work in -18 and the winch ran out of oil, fuck!
Freezing for some hours without getting anything done sucks balls!

Later that eve we where about to hit this rail but the dudes called in sick and drank some beers , playi´n "chatt roulette"... That is some fucked up shit man!
It works like this, chatt room madness with some random people popping up at our screen (60% dude with his dick in his hand) blaah

Nima is a drunk and funny crazy bastard, hands down!

Get psyched

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