måndag 14 maj 2012

Random Bastards “Blue Balls” (teaser)

Umeå based crew Random Bastards just released the teaser for their new flick named “Blue Balls”.

And I just have to say that it looks hella good boyz!!!! Fuck yeah

Free stream and download , later this fall...

STARRING: Hans Åhlund, Brandon Hobush, Erik Karlsson, Toni Kerkelä, Viktor Wiberg, Ludde Lejkner, Jonte Linde, Dylan Alito, Jocke Rasmussen, Philip Grund, Zebbe Landmark, Zach Rawles, Nejc Ferjan, Eric Johansson, Klas Beyer, Clemens Schattschneider, Kalle Ohlson & more…

PRESENTED BY: Junkyard.com

DIRECTED BY: Kristofer “Kuske” Fahlgren
PRODUCED BY: Eric Hörstedt & Hans Åhlund
ART DIRECTION: Marc Strömberg

The Ghost Inside "faith or forgiveness" LIVE (Special appearance by Ed McRae , Your Demise)

GROEZROCK TwentyTwelve

The Ghost Inside "faith or forgiveness" with a Special appearance by Ed McRae , Your Demise!

I was filming and they killed it!

Shot with a Canon7d and 10mm fisheye

Superpark 16: Day 4

More good stuff from the boyz over at Superpark 16!

My dawgs Nils and Johnny B!! Yeah duuudes!!

"SKRILLEX kit" for kids

fredag 11 maj 2012

"All Seeing Eye" by UKcustomplugs

Im rocking the "All Seeing Eye" by the sickest plug company out there , UKCUSTOMPLUGS! Check ém out and support

Superpark 16: Day 2 and 3

SUPERPARK is going down right now!

Did I just see 1000 double corks , fun runs , shred, gnar, hippies , Terje doing doubles?! , a double backflip to frontflip .... Omg! Gnar

Monster Energy's view on Groezrock 2012

This is why GROEZROCK is one of the best festivals on the planet!


onsdag 9 maj 2012

The Ghost Inside 'Get What You Give' Out soon!!!

The Ghost Inside's new album 'Get What You Give' is released in June! And I can´t wait!
I saw them on Greozrock and they killed it!

Pre-order at EPITAPH STORE

Release dates :
Australia: June 15th
Europe: June 18th
Japan: June 20th

Superpark 16 : Day 1 ("Warm up day")

This is how the peeps are warming up at SUPERPARK 16 ... Just sayin

Wish I was there shredding

Yesterday was my BIRTHDAY!

Morning B-day gift from the missus! NINTENDO!! Love u

My B-day was pretty chill (Party going down this weekend!) I got awesome gifts , had a good meal and some beer , my parents came over with some good bakery and so on...

Thanx to the family , friends and others that sent me some kind of B.day wish!

ONE LOVE Ya´ll!!

tisdag 8 maj 2012

While She Sleeps - This Is The Six (NEW!)

I love WSS , they realy stepped their game up . I can´t wait for their new album to drop!!


måndag 7 maj 2012

Keep - a - Breast foundation / Imagine if...Campaign @ GROEZROCK 2012

Photo of me taken by Keep-A-Breast Foundation at GROEZROCK 2012 .

"The Imagine If...campaign, is an interactive campaign that challenges and inspires people to imagine a better world. People shared their feelings on what it would mean personally to them if… there was no cancer in the world."

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fredag 4 maj 2012

Macbeth Footwear presents GROEZROCK TwentyTwelve day 2 (SCREAM FOR ME GROEZROCK!)


Day 2 GROEZROCK festival might even have been a little bit better than the day before!
Here is a little video I edited during the day , enjoy!

(A compilation form the Macbeth stage will drop soon...)

Edit: ME /AntonGun.com


torsdag 3 maj 2012

Amongst Carrion - We That Should Not Be (Music Video)

I like to find awesome new bands!

Amongst Carrion is a British Metal band from Newport, South Wales, formed in late 2010.
November 21st the band released their debut EP titled "We That Should Not Be" and along with it this Music Video!

Now , go LIKE their Facebook page!

And buy their EP "We That Should Not Be" @ iTunes


Macbeth Footwear presents GROEZROCK TwentyTwelve day 1

Day 1 of world famous GROEZROCK festival went town with a fuckin blast!!
Here is a little video I edited during the day , enjoy!

Tune: The Charm The Fury - Family Values
Edit: ME /AntonGun.com


GROEZROCK 2012 / Some pictures

Umeå - Amsterdam - Belgium / GROEZfuckinROCK!
Chilling at the airport , Macbeth shoes for lyfe!
BEST setup ever @ Macbeth / Keep-a-Breast Backstage!
I was quite a tired hero...
Pimp walkin @ the Macbeth booth
Side stage / REFUSED is NOT fuckin dead!!

GROEZROCK 2012 , was a fuckin blast!
Thanx to all the great people working & hanging getting their drink on!

I was filming a bit for my great sponsors Macbeth footwear , videos will be posted soon!!

One love

Asking Alexandria: Through Sin + Self-Destruction - Short Film Trailer

Okay ,

Asking Alexandria just released the trailer for their music video trilogy , and it looks dope!

Drinking , pornstars , legendary Sebastian Bach , partying and more... Can´t wait!

Trailer for "Asking Alexandria: Through Sin + Self-Destruction"
Music played during trailer is from "Stepped Up And Scratched"

Be sure to watch the full release to the very end and see all the out takes/behind the scenes!
Soundtrack: Reckless & Relentless, To The Stage, Dear Insanity


onsdag 2 maj 2012

Nitro Snowboards / PRO WEEK (With yours truly!)

Hellz yeah!
My lovely sponsors Nitro Snowboards just launched their PRO WEEK with... ME!!
Jump in to their website and check some of my fav video parts and a lot more!!


One love and horns up!