lördag 31 mars 2012

FLAT FITTY / Design meeting

During my stay in CA , I had a design meeting with my good friends @ FLAT FITTY headwear .
Super good people with good visions!

I spent around 5 hours hammering out new designs with the development team for their upcoming Fall w/ line.
And I can tell you that we got some good stuff coming up!

Thanx guys!

CALIFORNIA (In pictures)

Tourists trashing Big Bear

Botner / fagskate 

Biking really fast @ the beach (One hand steering , that´s TECH!) 

Motel (I hate Pit - Bull)

First day in Long Beach / Bike madness (Thanx Per Hampus)

Long Beach CA , random

Knut - Rider , funny man , forehead , team baows, tricks and MAN!

Angels & Airwaves studio , Carlsbad CA

Per Hampus and Erik Botner / Artsy fartsy 2.0

"Todays outfit" .... Fucking fuck face! haha

BIG BEAR / Awesome resort to shred the gnar!

Tom Delonge / Angels & Airwaves / Secret room @ Macbeth footwear  office and studio

Long Beach , CA / Eyegazm!

The Scands @ Big Bear / Greatest of times!!

A little BBQ @ Per Hampus house in Long Beach CA

Carlsbad , CA / Lunch with the MACBETH footwear crew! Good luck with your new job Tom!

fredag 30 mars 2012

Ron Burgundy's "Anchorman 2" Announcement

YES Im sooooo stoked on this!!!!
Ron Burgundy swung by Conan to make his "Anchorman 2" Announcement.



GROEZROCK 2012 ! (Are u down?!)

GROEZROCK 2012 will for shure be "one moment in life" to remember!

Me and my buddy Laurens Troost from the band Destine will trash shit up at the festival area this year! Filming the MACBETH FOOTWEAR STAGE (Battle of the bands) + other amazing randomness! Don´t miss us!

(More info about the Macbeth stage will follow...)

FRONT MAGAZINE will be taking over and running riot on the first evening, Friday 27 April, with their very own pre-festival party. Starting at 7pm they are bringing over their very own staff to party hard, as well as killer DJs Christian Stevenson and Karistocat to get everyone pumping. It will be an insane start of the festival!

Again we're serving ice cold beers and other refreshments for only 1,66 Euro.
Drop by the JÄGERMEISTER bar and drink some black gold!

GROEZROCK, DAY 1: Saturday 28 April:
Rancid (first show in Europe), Lagwagon, Face To Face (only show this time), Yellowcard, Heideroosjes, Bouncing Souls, Reel Big Fish (only show this time), Belvedere, None More Black (exclusive), The Menzingers, Authority Zero, Chixdiggit, Parkway Drive, Heaven Shall Burn, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Evergreen Terrace (only show this time), The Ghost Inside, Miss May I, For Today, Royal Republic, We Are The In Crowd, The Copyrights, Paceshifters, Gallows, Hazen Street, Lifetime (exclusive european show), Verse (first european reunion show), Set Your Goals, The Wonder Years, Off With Their Heads, I Am The Avalanche, Confession, B.E.A.R., Counterpunch, Banquets, Garrett Klahn (acoustic), Face Tomorrow (acoustic), Hostage Calm (acoustic), Vienna (acoustic), We Are The Ocean, Midnight Souls, Now Voyager, Until The Last, The Charm The Fury, Envy the Fallen, Versus You.

GROEZROCK, DAY 2: Sunday 29 April:
Refused, Simple Plan, Thrice (Final ever European festival), Good Riddance (first european reunion show), Alkaline Trio, Hot Ware Music, Motion City Soundtrack, MxPx All Stars, Zebrahead, Billy The Kill, Versus The World, Unearth, Terror, Anti-flag, Architects, Your Demise, The Old Firm Casuals, The Dangerous Summer, Make Do & Mand, Wolves Like Us, Gorilla Biscuits, 7Seconds, Slapshot, DYS, Such Gold, Cobra Skulls, Trigger Effect, Sunpower, Red City Radio, Junius, The Swellers, We Butter the Bread with butter, The Amsterdam Red-Light District, If I Die Today, John Coffey, As Enemies Arise, Barroom Heroes.

Friday : 70 euro / Entrance : 80 euro
Saturday : 70 euro / Entrance : 80 euro
Combi : 110 euro / Entrance : 125 euro
Camping : 15 euro (camping tickets are not sold separately)

See YOU there?!?!

More info @
Groezrock 2012

tisdag 27 mars 2012

DROP DEAD clothing - End of Line Sale!!

DROP DEAD clothing is now throwing a end of Line Sale!!
Don’t forget once our end of line items are gone, they’re gone forever.
Make sure you snap up their sale items before it’s too late! Available in-store and online now.

So what are you waiting for?!?!

Go get some cool ass fuckin clothes by one of the radest brands there is!!!


Go green with Keep-A-Breast in March!

Support the fight against breast cancer with swag!

Hit the jump for info and stuff!


ShredOn mag - Introducing Grimjob with Antongun

ShredOn mag just had a little chat with me about GRIMJOB. Check the interview and get a little insight on the brand and what the fuzz is all about!

Read the full story HERE!

Anchorage , ALASKA (L1 / Nitro)

A while ago I had to fly out to Anchorage AK to meet up with Jon Kooley , Per Hampus , Justin Meyer , Justin Bennee , Bob Plumb and a lot of other ace dudes from the Videograss crew!

First time in Alaska ... WHat would happen!?

When I came there it actually felt like my hometown Umeå , a lot of snow and nice people...

We all stayed at Kooleys buddy "Manchild" , which was true baowsin!

Had some good food , beers and slayed street spots like there was no tomorrow!

Thanx to everybody that made the AK trip awsm!!!

New FRONT MAG! Interview with ME!!!


New FRONT mag is out and I got a bad ass interview in it!
Check the cover , BLACK METAL SNOWBOARDING! haha , Im psyched!!

The return of Beavis and Butt-head, The dark side of your childhood heroes ,Cypress Hill member talking about when he got high with Bruce Willis , party tips,Doughnuts tested and rated ,A mixtape compiled by the dude from Behemoth , Jona from Bring Me The Horizon and his tattoos and an amazing heart opening interview with ME (Black metal Snowboarding)

What are you waiting for , go get the issue NOW (Mag or digital)!!!!

Find it HERE

Architects - These Colours Don't Run (NEW!)

New in from U.K band Architects!
Sounds good lads!!

torsdag 15 mars 2012

YOUR DEMISE - These Lights

Your Demise are throwing out killer tunes from their new album...

2nd single taken from Your Demise's new album 'The Golden Age' out 26th March 2012 via Visible Noise.

I can´t wait man!

Got some footy with Jonas Carlson and Mårten G-dawg!

A while back Jonas Carlson and Mårten came up to Umeå for a few days of filming. It totaly went down!
Good times and bangers!