fredag 29 oktober 2010

Tobbe Karlsson

"Here you got an old clip from Tobbe (2007) throwing down some trickery! boya! I remember that frontflip hand slap thingy in Norway , it was soooo sick man!"

Tobbe Dampe Karlsson

Just got a phone call from my broh Tobbe Karlsson. He was down in Gothenburg for the RipCurl Rail Battle that will go down tomorrow. (Im missing it...damn shit fuck)
Anyways, during the years we have been traveling/shooting together alot. He had some serious injuries on his collarbone (broke it 3 times in a row) and after that he blew his knee out bad as hell...
He have been wobbling back and fourth in the decition of "not be a pro snowboarder anymore" , and he is still doing rehab for his injuries. But talking with him on the phone made me smile , cuz he sounded amped and happy with his steps forward on the rehab and also psyched on beeing down in gothenburg with all the "old" Team buddys. He is going to be a judge in tomorrows rail event , beeing corrupt taking half of the riders cash money!

So if you are down in Gothenburg this weekend, make sure to check the comp and the SWEDISH NITRO SNOWBOARDS VIDEO PREMIERE "enough said" !!!! going to be of the heezzay!

Good luck Tobbe and lets hang soon!

MISS MAY I - Run This Town (Jay-z cover)

Motherfucking moshing band MISS MAY I , have done a tune for the usual "Pop goes Punk" albums that is getting released now and then...

This tune is a cover for Jay-Z´s tune Run This Town and it is pretty cool beans.

onsdag 27 oktober 2010

Drop Dead Winter 2010 Coming soon!


"MAYHEEEM" Music video

"MAYHEEEM" from Anton Gunnarsson on Vimeo.

This is a new mayhem music project created by Me and my dawg Chrille!
The first tune is fucking freestyled out to the fullest and it´s named "Mayheeem" .

It is fucking awesome, we don´t care , nuff said!

Keep it crooked to the cork! - Flat Fitty Interview

"Elizabeth Miller athlete/promotions coordinator at Flat Fitty"

"Some of the dudes at the Carlsbad office"

"My signature snap back cap yyyaohw!"

Huumkay! recently hooked up with my team baaaoous at awesome Flat Fitty headwear , all for an update/interview! They also talked good about Me and my signature cap , that feels good!

Thanx Elizabeth , I appreciate that!!

Here is a small out take from the interview:


Elizabeth - Quality is key for any brand trying to distinguish itself today. We explain how many headwear manufacturers blindly trust factories to attempt quality levels with no oversight or on-sight quality control methods. Flat Fitty allows established and upcoming brands alike to stand out, quality wise, in a very crowded and competitive marketplace. Flat Fitty has two offices in two continents; both American staffed and managed, one in Asia and the other in Carlsbad, California. The Asia office acts as the directional hub, the watchdog that makes sure clients get their design achieved to their exact vision the first time. Our Cali offices acts as the sales and marketing hub, with our primary focus being meeting clients and showing them how high our quality is compared to other manufacturers out there.


Elizabeth - Yeah, Anton Gun (Gunnarsson) is simply Awesome. This guy not only kills it as a Snowboarder, he has an artistic expression and a personality that keeps people talkin'. When I first saw his 80's-inspired monster-man with old-school headband barfing I was like WTF - haha! The method used on this graphic (logo) was simply a flat embroidery. The challenge with any graphics overflowing to the top brim is that each portion of the hat (panels and brim) is custom manufactured separately. With this much detail it has to be ensured that it is matched up and joined just right, too much or too little and you'll loose the detail that Anton worked so hard to achieve. Attention to detail, quality and a solidly designed piece is what makes this design so successful. Gotta love the mystery behind what inspired this one!

(for the rest of the interview and a look at some other colabs)

måndag 25 oktober 2010


Yesterday me and my homie Chrille started our new music project... Got no real name on it yet so i´ll call it "?" , we made a Nintendocore metal"isch" tune named "Mayhem" , all freestyled out to the fullest!

Stay tuned for more...


Speaking of...

Speaking of Drop Dead clothing...

Founder Oliver Sykes and his band "Bring Me The Horizon" just placed nr.1 on the Australian Album charts!


Chck their new album here:

Drop Dead flagship store

Here is a trip trough Drop Dead clothings flagship store in London. If you are there , you should def. pay them a visit!


lördag 23 oktober 2010

Peter Posh as company for one eve...

Yesterday I got a pretty posh visit. Peter Lundström came to town and we had a great time getting a little tipsy on champagne and cocaine. (I know who is making cash money nowdays) haha! It was chill, awesome to hang for once and get that crazy ideas on the roll... nothing jinxed! enjoy the saturday peeps!
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A day in life: Nima Jalali

Here is a day in life clip with my team homie Nima Jalali (made by Thirtytwo).
Now you know wuz up in L.A!

Prob. meeting up with him and the other dudes at L1 outerwear in about 2weeks. Going to Salt Lake City for the L1 catalog shoot! going to be ace

happy saturday zuuup

fredag 22 oktober 2010

Peter Lundström Making of: Courtrai Apparel Photoshoot

Making of: Courtrai Apparel Photoshoot from Peter Lundstrom Photography on Vimeo.

Photo wizard Peter Lundström just dropped this "making of video" .
All from the Courtrai Apparel Photoshoot , and it looks sick!

Youvé been getting skillz young grasshopper!

More wizard stuff:

Matte at "Systembolaget"

"This is what you should struggle for during the pre-party"

Matte at "Systembolaget" from Anton Gunnarsson on Vimeo.

Shot from early season during the tour.
This was filmed with my shitty phone during the stop in Åre (Swe) and we were doing some shopping for sum late night adventures...

This is what you should buy to get the party started!
(all according to Mattias...)


(Systembolaget = Swedish Liquor store)

Yes , Friday! erhm...

Finaly Friday!

It´s 09:23 here in Umeå and this picture just destroyed my youth...

Teenage Mutant Ninja Cock Turtles!


torsdag 21 oktober 2010


The "BACK-HEAD-BANG" from Anton Gunnarsson on Vimeo.

Here is a shot filmed by Sean Mccormick from Videograss during a cold session upnorth in Sweden last season.
We did this spot during the L1 outerwear shoot , and I got this bad ass move on tape...
The "BACK-HEAD-BANG" is some next level shit!


Tune: asking alexandria - Alerion

This just in... Marc Swoboda the new Dodgeball champion

"Photo: Lolli"

My buddy and Nitro shredder Marc Swoboda is right now in California , attending the try-outs for next years "Dodgeball World championship".

Looks like he is getting some skillz...

I hold my thumbs buddy , I know you will make it!

Will Ferrell & Adam McKay

Will Ferrell & Adam McKay have a small chatt about movies and the film making process... Pretty fun clip!

Will Ferrell will forever be one of the best actors! period

onsdag 20 oktober 2010

Lowlife of London - NEW WEBSITE!

Lowlife just launched thier new website!
It looks realy good, there you can find my Anton VS Lowlife belts and tees + some more features like a fresh from the oven profile and more...

Jump in and take a look!
All fresh and clean

Lizard King on Snowboarding

Lizard on Snow from updown magazine on Vimeo.

So, good!

tisdag 19 oktober 2010

This months tourettes!

Flat Fitty VS Hydro74

A while back my people over at Flat Fitty hooked up with awesome designer/illustrator Hydro74.
He did a couple of tees and some caps that are fucking ace!

Hope to get some in my mailbox soon , Elizabeth... haha

Here you go!


The Thought Process:
Hydro74 is a Orlando based designer, otherwise known as Joshua M. Smith. The soul purpose of my career is to push the boundries in doing what I feel is relevant to the market as well as extract various elements and trends to be able to offer them up in my own personal work. But let’s be honest. I do what I love because I love it. Not because I have to do it, nor am forced to do it, but rather passionate about doing what I do. I firmly believe in having set style tones, yet a sense of diversity to make any various project unique to the demands that are set forth.


Type Treaments & Branding
Typography is far more than just a simple addition to a product or brand, it is what sets the tone for the entire piece. Each letter has a way of reacting and uniting to form meaningful, powerful words that embrace a sense of emotion or power. With that knowledge, producing pieces that best represent the needs is what Hydro74 prides itself on to help other brands find their identity and voice, philosophically and aesthetically.

Apparel Development
Apparel is a amazing medium that is widely embraced by masses to best symbolize one’s individuality while conforming to various cliques. This is something I fully understand and appreciate. Even to the point that a close friend & I put on a T-Shirt Gallery Show that grows in attendence and online with each new version that is produced. Apparel is everything that is meaningful in design because it is a common bond everyone shares and voices our most inner feelings without having to openly state it each and every time we speak. It is the true cog in the wheel of conformity that allows us the illusion of individuality and our own personal choice to be unique in this very common world.

Complexity and a fluid organic approach is what is highly valued in each and every piece. A Illustration to me is something that tells a story with out words needed. It builds a bond with the viewer who will either get it, or find it horrible, yet, the interaction is what is desired when doing a piece. Some Illustrations are trend based iconic structures meant to embrace the masses to encourage sales, while others are explorations turned to symbolic ideas on paper or fabric. Illustration is something I find deep meaning in.

Other Services & Development
It is not always what you might expect. Over the years of my career in design, I’ve been active in various other aspects of design that has helped create, develop and direct various pieces to become successful in their usage.

Magazine Layouts, Book Design, Fashion & Line Development, Creative Direction & Art Direction, Packaging & Poster Design.

måndag 18 oktober 2010

The NITRO camber range

So , people!

Here is an introduction of Nitro Snowboards different cambers. From Gullwing to Standard camber...
Makes it easy for you to choose board before the season realy kicks in!

The videos I picked out are reviews with boards that got the different cambers.

I mostly ride the ZERO camber , that is my favourite... feels good and it works on everything from kickers to rails to creative street riding.


söndag 17 oktober 2010

August Burns Red - Meddler (Live at Backstage in Munich)

August Burns Red - Meddler (Live at Backstage in Munich) from Anton Gunnarsson on Vimeo.

This video is shot with my Sony Ericsson Experia mini pro. (as you can judge by the quality) But I don´t give a shit cuz this is an awesome band and a killer tune!


Big ups to Lenneke at Macbeth Europe , she hooked me up with this show V.I.P... boom that just happened!


Yupp, you heard me!

fredag 15 oktober 2010

The "MACBETH TOUR" mega post!

The "Macbeth Tour" from Anton Gunnarsson on Vimeo.

"Awesome shoes, the best there is"
"Kit´s shoes after the thunder storm ,shiiiat"
"My crew, my dawgs!"
"Kit and his MACBULL"
"This dude showed up with an uber rip off t-shirt ,this is a Macbeth design fool!"
"The proper way to hang out, at Macbeth footwear!"
"A small backstage area for some chilling and drinks"

(This comes a bit late but lets ride this lightning!)

Macbeth Tour

This is what the hell I did at the end of this summer…

I got invited by Macbeth Europe on 3 stops of the Blink182 Euro tour. It´s was insane!

First day we hit the Area4 festival in Ludinghausen , a lot of drunk and crazy german people where there… ooh shit!

I saw two monkeys with beer helmets, people sleeping in middle of the streets during concerts and a whole lot of other X rated shit… im psyched on how people where getting so crazy down there!

I met up with Lenneke Knape , Kit Carrera, Selma Keceli the people working behind the curtain of the scene!

I was standing in the Macbeth booth , selling shoes and tees to random fucked up people… Hellz yeah
Drinking some beers , and then of to redbull and coffee straight edge style...
The reason?!
Driving after the blink show 01:00 isch in the morning to Liepzig for the other festival…
I drove the first part, super tired...then of for sleep in the Van for the rest of the Hours we had on the road.

I woke up totaly fucked in my body with a burning sun in my face, ouch!
Ship shape in the face and of to some "work" .

During the eve , it started to rain cats ´n dogs FUCK! The booth almost blew away so we called it... threw in the towel and went to the lobby bar drinking some 15year old whiskey...mmm

The day after Kit and Selma had to leave back to Holland... So me and Lenneke drove the whole way to Hamburg wich was the last stop for me.

There we had a great time! awesome show from blink , redlight hangouts and alot more....

Thanx to everybody involved!!!!

(Better live footy from the blink 182 show will follow.... huumkay)

Day In The Life With Ben Bilocq

Day in the life with my Team homie at Nitro and L1 Ben Bilocq shredding it up at Mt Hood staying in Government Camp, riding HCSC...and alot more!

Big ups!

torsdag 14 oktober 2010

Drop Dead A/W 10 Shoot Day II

Let´s see what the bros over at Drop Dead have been up to during those days of shooting for the A/W 10 range...


Horizon death cult

For all you fans of BMTH , here is a treat!

Oli and the dudes from Bring Me The Horizon just dropped their new "fan site" , The Horizon death cult...

If you´ll get a memebership you got this in the bag :

For only $29 plus shipping & handling you will receive these membership items that you can’t get ANYWHERE ELSE!:

* One year membership in Horizon Death Cult featuring a Fan Club Welcome Package including:
* Horizon Death Cult Exclusive T-shirt
* Horizon Death Cult Exclusive Sticker
* “Back Stage Pass” Laminate
* Fan Club-Only Pin Pack

These items are ONLY available to Horizon Death Cult members! huumkay

So if you are a hardcore fan of the band , check it out: