tisdag 31 mars 2009

Next issue of PLAYGIRL magazine

Marc Swoboda as the next months PLAYGIRL coverboy
Behind the scenes of the cover shoot

Last days... (pics)

Bc Kicker in St. Elmo
The St. Elmo happy bunch
Too much metal for one powder run
Me and Tobbi Strauss going Human canonball style
Eeeeeeeh , teleföööön retard

St.Elmo fuckin rocks!!

I have not been able to post a blogg since day 6. As you know me and the crew got snowed in, after that day the weather got a little better so we decided to hit the road to St.Elmo. (super old ghost town in the middle of nowhere)

We checked the town, and what spots that could be possible. Suddenly this woman came walking down the road... We asked her where she came from and she told me that she and her husband owned and lived in a bed `n breakfast near by. Me and Marc Swoboda asked her if we could check it out and if we could get something to eat. Super friendly as she was, we got invited for Tea,peanut cookies, apples and strawberrys. (but was something wrong? I felt a bit like "Hans und Greta" was she realy going to feed us and kill us?)
Puh! We didn`t have to worry!
We actually booked rooms at the Ghost town bead `n breakfast.

But first of we made a deal with a snowmobile renatl place at the Monarch pass,that was 1H away...So, friggin fun to sled again!

Powder and bluebird, we hit some pow features that looked pretty good. Jibbed a "Keep away, private property" sign and after that Tobbi Strauss had been building a kicker next to the other spots. When he hit the kicker he fucked it up and landed on his head, rolled over and started a small avalanche. He got stuck up to his chest, it was safe so we could all laugh about it! Looked awsome funny!!

On the next day we went back to St.Elmo.
We built a big kicker up on the mountain, just next to a old mine. It turned out to be pretty sick!
Double flips, spins, tweaks, rodeos and for last Christ Air! Booom that just happened! haha

The family who lives here is too friendly to be true!
3 course brakfast! Lunch (up on the mountain) 2 course dinner! And snowmobiles!
Soooo sick!

Big ups for Sharon, Chuck, Josh and Isabella!!!
(Mom,Dad,Daughter and Boyfriend)



torsdag 26 mars 2009

Some pictures from the last days

The Morgue and the Coffin maker place in South Park

Next years drop in ramp

The anger management rail

Building a bc kicker next to a realy old and shitty mine

Day. 6 Snow strom

Today when i woke up i put on the Tv, on the news they put out a big snow storm warning!

We were actually supposed to hit another town named St.Elmo (realy old ghost town) and then of to Creedy. We packed our bags, and checked out of the hotell...

We looked out of the window and you couldn`t even see the house next door, sketchy!!

So, now we are officially snowed in!

Fuck tha police

Here you go, my first picture of the trip! Epic!!

Me and Marc posing the Euro way... Super bad asses!

onsdag 25 mars 2009

Shooting day Nr.4

Yesterday sucked ass!

Me and filmer Pirmin went to shoot this kinked rail (flat rail-80degree kink-flat rail)
Pretty har one...

It was windy and snowing, i made it 8 times but realy scetchy since the landning sucked... 
Then the lights was too bad for the shot, gaaaaah! Anger management 4life!

So... today we went to this epic mine and got some good photos done! (i also managed to nearly fall down a hole and kill myself, GNAR!!)
After that me and Pirmin went back to the rail, and killed it... Boom that just happened!

I love this redneck town, it is realy cool!
In 4 days i have seen the cops pull over more cars than, yeah... in my whole life!

Aaaah , they also got a killer radio channel here, with only 80s Hair metal!


söndag 22 mars 2009


Me and the crew arrived at Denver airport on the 20th. I made it in to the country!
But to tell you the truth i almost fucked it up...
The woman in the passport/visa controll asked me if i went to the U.S for working. And smooth as i was i told her NO, after thet she asked what i was doing/working with back home in sweden. And once again i smooth talked  my way to fame and glory! NOT!
I told her that i was doing nothing, just chilling around... Not that smooth!

Then she asked me how i could afford a trip like this?
And my answer: Nothing, i was quiet just tilting my shoulders. Looking lost....

But then i got back in the game and made it!

Anyways, now me and the crew got our 2nd day of shooting. Yesterday we hit one of the old mines here in Fairplay, pretty epic!

This town is sooo, yeah redneck 4 life! Big ass trucks, scetchy gas stations, unhealthy food and oversized everything!

We got bluebird aswell, got burn in my face looking like a real hillbilly!

Now we are of.....
(posting some pics later)

Too much metal for one hand!!

torsdag 19 mars 2009

onsdag 18 mars 2009

Ghost towns

On friday i am traveling to the land where you can make your dreams come true,

The U.S and A...

I can get fat, eat XXXL food, buy megasized everything, and see what the real freedom of speach is all about (maby i will sue somebody while im on the roll)

I will walk proud with my middlefinger in the air and just feel... yeah, i will feel the freedom!

I am realy stoked on this trip to Denver/Colorado. Me and the crew will hit all the old "ghost towns" around the area. If you watch old western movies you will se what i`m talking about. We will be crusing on the "Million dollar highway", where alot of people where digging their asses of for the sweet sweet gold back in the days.
I love goooold heeee! (and when the red water comes out, geehzzh)

Isenseven - Lets go get lost Teaser 2009

tisdag 17 mars 2009

Dooms day

I never tought that this day of doom would come... You heard me, im fucking blogging!

A new cirkus is in town...
With cartwheeling midgets, snowboarding and things that will make you smile!

(if you don`t , i will make you... The chelsea way)