torsdag 29 oktober 2009


Just finnished up my artwork for my new signature feature for FlatFitty!
Sending the stuff out to the office so they can make the first samples...
Damn awesome!

onsdag 28 oktober 2009

FlatFitty Site launching soon!

Another sneeky peeky on the new FF website... lookin good!

Stay tuned and check

Rock on

tisdag 27 oktober 2009

A clockwork Gunnarsson

Photo:Peter Lundström

Went trough some pics that i did last season. Found this on the website from my old school!

We actually built the whole clock to do this picture! awesome times!

måndag 26 oktober 2009

Nitro - skullcandy

Just tought i should drop this... The Nitro/skullcandys!

Boom that just happened! so if u buy one of the Nitro boards, u will find out that some of the board graphics will fit to your nitro candys! booya


What the fuck!

Skanky skank barbwire Pam , snowboarding...hmm , uncool!
I don`t know what to say about this shit...


fredag 23 oktober 2009

BEEER mmmm!

Party til u puke!

aiaiaiaiai booom!


Just wanted to post this cuz i friggin like it!

One of my inspiration gadgets, Saladfingers (animated by David Firth)... He has been around for quite a while now.. But i still find him amusing to watch!

Iiii like it when wwheen the red water comes oouutt!


Friday and Happy!!

Bob Burndude FLIP extremely sorry

Bob is not my favourite skater, but still... this is pretty gnar!

FLIP extremely sorry

OOOPS! I got the pointer finger from the web sheriff!

I had to erase the clip... so, go and buy the vid instead!


torsdag 22 oktober 2009

Classic in replay "The day i got punched in the face by bad luck"

L1 Outerwear Avalible at!!

Steezi`n out!
The new inn at includes brand new L1 outerwear!

Do or die, tight is right!

Sneeky peeky

A sneeky peeky on a small part of the new FLATFITTY website... lookin good!

Stay tunded....

Nitro Sweden Premiere!

Filmpremiär & Halloweenfest
Nitro Sweden “Smorgasboard” &
Secondhands “Hands Up”
Lördagen 31 Okt, Göteborg

Everybody! Invitation to the Swedish Nitro Movie Premiere and Halloween Party!

Dj Dainja (Colors) and Supreme from (Looptroop) are makin music mayhem!
2 Dance floors to shake that, and Tjernobyl move it to the groove!

And since it is Halloween, they are throwing a maskerade party, in a true teen slasher movie theme. The best "outfit" wins a trip to Val Thorens in France over new years eve!! (from Rollin Snow). Sweet stuff from Nitro, 686 and Skullcandy will also go out to the peeps!

So what are you waiting for, go out and get your halloween game together NOW!

Nitro Sweden ”Smorgasboard”
Riders : Anton Gunnarsson,Tobbe Karlsson, Anton Bilare, Mattias Nyberg, Nils Arvidsson, Mikael Sandy, Jonas Hagström och Johannes Skottheim, Sven Thorgren, Martina Larsson
Where: Valand, Avenyn, Gbg
When: Lördagen 31 Oktober, “Halloween“
Happy Hour: 20-22.00
Film start: 22.00
Free Entry 20-22.00
Age: 18 år
Dj: Dj Dainja (Colors) + Supreme (Looptroop)

Red Bull
Nitro snowboards
Rollin Snow

media partners:

Riding digits/Onboardmag

PHOTO: Peter Lundström

So... If you missed this epic issue of Onboardmag (still out tough!) But, if you in some way missed it, go out and buy it and read the whole thingy about riding digits!
While reading you should download the Supermario bros soundtrack! Legendary!
This is my two riding pics in the article, stoked! My buddys Kalle and Halldor are in it aswell... so like i said, check it before you wreck it!

8Bit madness!

onsdag 21 oktober 2009

New skullcandy shizzle

Yay, picked up some new skullcandy shizzle yesterday! (thanx Gustav)

wait til you see me rocking my new blingbliiiiing (right corner)and my Rasta sweat bands! haha

That is my new steez, bling `n rasta metaaalh remix!


Junkyard meeting `n shoot wrap up

"Junk Team boss Anders, doin some biz getting pumped for my one of my shootings"

"tuning my bindnings, that is what he should do!"

"Im a fucking sell out! damn it!"

So... I had two busy days at headquarters in Trollhättan Swe. First day, meeting with the Boss Thomas, talkin some buisness and also planning the future. The meeting turned out pretty good! Always cool when people are motivated!
For the second day my schedule was all about shootings. Shooting product pix for L1 Outerwear and Lowlife.Plus slides for the same brands and Nitro snowboards , ending up naked...Fuck! Always getting into gnar shit, damn it! Anyways, the pic looked funny tough! Ending up the day with a Junk team Portrait and some pix for FlatFitty...Productive!
After that me and Anders took the car down to Gothenburg for a short visit at the Swe dist for Nitro,skullcandy. Meeting Gustav, picking up some fresh new Skullys!
Too bad the Petrik was not there, earlier that day he went to the hospital. Prob. cuz he is working waaay to much! I hope u get well soon buddy!

Two sweet days if u tell me, sweet

måndag 19 oktober 2009

Down at Junkyard

Right now im chilling at the office, having some meetings with my boss Thomas and Anders the Snow team dude. Cool to see how the new Junk palace is! pretty gnar!

More updates on this trip will come ,soon soon!

söndag 18 oktober 2009

Hotel Avenyn

My little Sunshine , surprised me yesterday with a night at the Hotel Avenyn here in Umeå. Pretty sick place to stay at!
That was fun, i loved it... Thanx baby!


Flying down to Trollhättan romorrow to meet up with the dudes at!
Doing some shizzle, photoshootings `n stuff like that...
Staying at the "junkmansion", more about it later!


fredag 16 oktober 2009


Be shure to check after the weekend for their new website!

Also started to design some new crazy shit for them, boom!
More Signature Anton Gun stuff comming soon....stay tuned!

Happy Friday, party til u puke!


Just dropped a package at my door. Some new stuff from Macbeth, awesome!
These signature shoes from Mat Hensley, yeah i know.. they are bangin!

Buy them at:
or just visit

The Nitro Team 2010 clip, is now up on Transworld snowboarding aswell.

Be shure to check it out!

Porn-movie title Generator

(Pic: Front)

Here it goes!
If you ever make a X-rated movie and get your brain on freeze mode , making up the title for the movie. Here is the Pron movie title generator!

Just pick 3 numbers from 1-20.

I choose: 13, 8 and 19

My Movie will get the name: " Hairy Lesbians Have fun with piss


torsdag 15 oktober 2009

NITRO team 2010

Here is a short clip on Me and the rest of the Nitro Team 2010!

Booom that just happened!

Artwork for Lowlife, done!

I just finnished my signature artwork for a comming feature from LOWLIFE.
After some chatts with the designer Niklas at the office in London, we found out the final solution. And it looks pretty sick!

But like always, i will not jinx tooo much before it is dropping huumkaay!


"The Nine Orders of Summoning, for those Who would Raise the Dead"

Searching trough some boxes while cleaning our appartment yesterday i found this booklet. Inside i found some intresting facts about...

So if you want to do that, here is the shit you have to collect:

"The Nine Orders of Summoning, for those Who would Raise the Dead"

Let the Adeptus gather Eight elements , that may be Bound together to Bring forth the Ninth.
Let the adeptus note that Nine is a Cardinal Number, signifying Completion.
Let these elements be of Lethel Aspect only comprising those Materials which Poison the Body and so put an end to Life.

(Element nr.1)Brimstone. Which is Black Sulpuhr, whose substance is formed in the Deeps of Hell.

(Element nr.2) Arsenic. The Medicament which Kills.

(Element nr.3) Cinnabar. The Blood Metal, which releases Quicksilver when put into fire.

(Element nr.4) Antimony. Perfidious compound , whose Brothers are Arsenic and Cinnabar.

(Element nr.5) Lead. The Metal of Saturn, whose Sign is Death.

(Element nr .6) Sulphur. Whose Fires unleash the Airs Infernal.

(Element nr.7) Potash. Whose Salt is called Cyanide.

(Element nr.8) Lime. The Caustic which Clothes the Buried Corpse.

Let them come together to Evoke the Ninth , the Teste Morte, which is the Skull, the Mask of Death Revealed.

Damn crazy huh!

Kick-ass hairdos!

(Pic: Front mag)

Ladies `n Gents, Boyz `n Girlz,Behold the future...
Animals with kick-ass hairdos!!

damn they are lookin fiiine, hahaha

onsdag 14 oktober 2009

New materials from FLATFITTY

As my buddys and crew members of FlatFitty wrote:
Green is the new black! Or so they say. To get into the spirit of giving back to our good friend and mentor, Mother Nature, Flat Fitty has come up with a line of fabrics, threads, materials, and embellishments that come from the rawest fibers on earth.


Speeking of the devil... BMTH new vid online

BRING ME THE HORIZON - The Sadness Will Never End


Continue - "47 Ronin"Irezumi Tattoo

(pretty shitty pics from the cam damn it!)

Went over to my tattoo artist Horimatsu (matti sedholm) yesterday, to continue my tattoo story about the 47 Ronin... It felt soo good to be back in the sadle again!
I started my second Samurai warrior last winter and since im busy during that time i didn´t have the time to finnish the right halfsleeve... But now it´s almost done!
Need to check my schedule so i can go back and do the final touch up and maby start some more projects on my body, that will (after some years prob. cover the whole 47 ronin story on my flesh haha)
Im stoked on the way Matti works, fast and no bullshit!

Check his web `n blog at:

BMTH `n shiiat

Hey there boyz n girlz!

Be shure to check out "Bring me the Horizon" on Friday in Stockholm and Saturday in Gothenburg.
I am prob. going to the show in Stockholm, meeting up with Oli (front man and owner of Dropdead) and his brother Tom.

I hope im not the typical busy T, so I miss it...

yeah, and check the "Suicide season" album and the new remix album "Suicide Season-cut up" release in November , pretty sick

Anyways. Kaaablammoo

tisdag 13 oktober 2009

L1 just launched their new website...
Jump in there and check that shit out! NOW!

måndag 12 oktober 2009

Nintendo article/ New coverage

"Gus and his wife helping us out on the first Mario picture"

"One of the setups on Me and Peters "Emo Mario pix"

Some new bangers on me from Peter Lundström is out in the mags right now!
All this was some happy times for shure!

Like working with you Peter! Always some gnar shit going down!

Some master pices "Nintendo 8bit snowboarding" and the still un-revealed "Emo Mario".
Stay tuned!

Lowlife yay!


Check it! and buy some killer belts!

"Shitfaced mondays" Lesson Nr.10

The SHITFACED mondays are back!
Watch this and learn...

The "what happened last night/i was not even crooked on the cork drunk"

Tech level: saaay what
Drinking level: Nothing-alot
People involved: saaay what

This move can be made drunk or not... question yourself, when did i get that crooked on the cork?! (And is Anton realy drunk on this picture)
What the hell happened last night?!
Was i dreaming or what? Is this real life?

The cool thing about this is the Look! it shows that you had a great time!
And still keeping your game up... yay

Do or die

torsdag 8 oktober 2009

Office hour...

Sitting down at the computer doing some designs/illustrations for some uppcoming "Signature" shizzle...
I am stoked!!

Step in to my office, you are fired!!


Damn it!
I still got to get me one of these skates, they are awesome!

Winter is around the corner. - celsius degrees here in Sweden
Everything named summer went realy fast this year, wwooah

onsdag 7 oktober 2009

10 years with Mikey Leblanc

Check it, he is sick gnar man!
Methodmag posting the "10 years with..."

tisdag 6 oktober 2009

Hip-Hop Name Genarator

(From FRONT mag)

This is some funny shit! I always wanted a cool gangstah thug name!
Its easy, just pick 3 numbers from 1-20...

My choise: 666

My Hip-Hop name is from now on: "SLICK EIGHT-FOOT HO-FUCKA"

Basti and the new park features

Basti and the Village people, siked!

Park features, damn i want that in my backyard!

My Buddy Basti go injured last season. Knee injury 3000 and out for the whole season and more... Talked with photo buddy Lolli yesterday and he told me that Basti was on the go go again! Skating abit and also trying to hit the shred with the snowboard!
During his holidays he and his friend built up some new features on their "backyard park" Lookin awesome!

Happy to see you on your leggs again


måndag 5 oktober 2009

DROPDEAD clothing is having a SALE! So jump in on the DD website and support Steel city`s finest!

Tobbe K knows alot of people!

Hahaha commercial! What the hell!?! I think that voice over stuff are funny sometimes, but this is of the charts! My Swedish Nitro Buddys are german speeking, how did that happen? damn! Tobbes acting skillz are killing it! He knows alot of people... This is some funny shit ladies n gents

söndag 4 oktober 2009

clownin "The circus of depression"

Photo: Peter Lundström
Clown: Me

This is a picture me and ADHD photographer Peter Lundström did a realy long while ago. (one out of five in a series named "The circus of depression")

Trying to hook up with him next week or something to do some hangin and maby some weird ideas will come up!


torsdag 1 oktober 2009

wall of death

This is one of the best "wall of death" ive seen! (abit old dooh,but badass)

The "Braveheart dude" that is running straight in to the middle of the mosh,he is fuckin funny. I wonder if he could walk after that,haha


Looking back - happy times

This is one happy moment that turned "Legendary" (just ask the people involved) Mattias Nyberg (Nitro Swe Rider) had some realy shitty socks during one trip last season...we had to stand out with his rotten unicorn flesh smell for 2weeks, then we decided to make a satanic ritual and burn them (haha or something like that to make it sound cool) That wuz for shure some happy times!