tisdag 28 april 2009

The weather sucks!

The weather is playing us tricks!

Raining cats n dogs here in Grotli, it sucks! Maby we get lucky maby not...

Atleast me and kuhlmann got some cool natrual wallride pics yesterday!

Waiting for good weather suck balls... 

So instead ill post this vid from one of my friends at DropDead, enjoy!

söndag 26 april 2009

Isenseven Grotli update

A Nazi grave in Grotli, sick!
Underneath this big stone, there was a grave of a Nazi soldier who got shot during the 2nd world war
Kicker spot, boooya
Towing up to the secret Grotli spots

The days are flying by faster than lucky lukes revolver...

Spot day. 4 We got up on the mountain to do the last shaping on a kicker that some of the guys started building the day before. It turned out realy good!
All of us got atleast 1shot each on the kicker...

Spot day. 5 We went back to that step up kicker to do some photos and after that we jibbed the "Nazi Grave stone"... Got some funny shots on it!

And yesterday we where sitting down in the restaurant drinkin some tasty Carlsberg, waiting for the 00:00 ghost hour. Why? yeah, Tobi Strauss had his birthday!
We drank some more and after that we crashed the wedding!(that i wrote about erlier)
 haha, sooo awsome!


fredag 24 april 2009

Isenseven - Grotli (Norway)

Checking spots

Stepdown kicker Straussen schnaussen and Alex schmallex diggin
Hc Bergheim and his little puppy dog. His parents own the hotell n shit, sweet!
Lazy filmer, chillin in the nuclear bunker
Flexing my badass guns doing a wallride, damn!

After my flight to Oslo (norway)  i chilled at the airport for about 2,5H waiting for the rest of the crew. One of the Isen filmers Alex called me and said that they got problems with their boardbags,damn! only 30min to get to the bus....
And ofcourse, we missed it! 6 more hours at Oslo airport , epic NOT!
We came to Grotli at 05:30 in the morning, went straight to bed and after a few hours of sleep we took the snowmobiles and went to look for some spots.

Spot day.1 The Bc wallride didn`t work out, super hard to do with a "donkey dick" on it, but it was fun dooh!

Spot day.2 We built a step upisch kicker that worked out pretty good. All of us got some cool shots, boom Oklahoma!

Spot day.3 Built our second kicker of the shoot, stepdown with a bumpy landning. I quit riding after doing a massive "toy doll" in the landning shaking my head. But mr.Strauss got a cab 9 banger, cool beans!
After that session me and filmer Felix went down to the park to try out some new shit, and what happened? yeah, his cam broke down so i didn`t get a single shot that day, cock in the wheel!

Felix took the flight back to Munich , cause of his broken camera. And today the weather is not that cool... Chillin at the hotell, maby we will do something later... ill see!

AAAh , tomorrow some people got a wedding dinner at our hotell... Wedding crashing!!!!

Rock on

fredag 17 april 2009


I have not been blogging for a while, why?

Cause nobody is reading this shit and for the 2nd i have been resting myself after the wild west mayhem!

On monday im leaving to Grotli (Norway) with the Isen7 guys... Going to be a blast!

torsdag 9 april 2009

Fuck fuck fuck! I missed my flight back to sweden

We drove from Salt lake city to Denver (7H drive) then we jumped on the airplane... Btw, the terrorist warning was on orange! aiaiaiaia BOOOM!
Anyways... After the flight Denver-Frankfurt-Munich, i crashed at Lollis place. My flight back to Sweden was leaving 08:15 and to get to the airport i had to take the train...
Before i went to sleep i set the alarm on 05:20 just to be safe. And what happened!?
Lolli came in to the room and said:
- What the fuck are you doing here?!?!

and i was like:

- Whatever! eeehrm, wait a minute...

Then i asked what time it was. It was 09:00! FUCK!
I totaly missed my flight cause of my alarm klock... it never BEP BEP BEP!!
Big Cock in the wheel!

So i pretty much had to book a nev flight back home tomorrow, blah!

But now it is cool beans!

My last days in Salt lake/the Canyons trough my HOLGA

The dudes! Marc,Pirmin and Lolli

Ben,Kooley and Toninos woman.

lördag 4 april 2009

I miss my little sunshine...

Boom that just happened! because that was super bad ass..

Sometimes it`s cool to just looking for spots and then se a cool kicker (done, but perfect to hit again) I think it was some skiers who did it so... Fuck, hit the kicker like it`s your last day alive!

Me, Marc and Tobi chilling with our B-boy stance

A (S) copy of "chads gap" Booom That just happened!

fredag 3 april 2009


Yesterday we had a day of, it ended up with us doing some sick drinking games! Way to fun!

There for i post this "Best of Pirmin", ENJOY!

Melted cheese in his hair and on his nose... What the fuck!
Sourcream also in his hair...
After the second beer...
Yes, he is looking like this!

onsdag 1 april 2009

Silverton (Zombie town)

The Shady lady Saloon, Epic!
The typical helthy American breakfast
My new image, psycho freak! (aaah, no news huh)
Karate kid, go kill yourself! I am the true master!

Yesterday evening we arrived to Silverton. We didn`t eat any food during the whole day and when we came there everything was closed! Damn, this town was taken out of "dawn of the dead"!
Every building/house was dark,no lights in the windows and the only place that was open was the bar... We went in there to grab some food, NOT! The only thing we could have was beer and carrot cake,haha! My type of diet... Anyways, this town is a Zombie town!

Today, i went for a walk... Suddenly a guy camewalking down the street, he passed me and when he was behind me he screamed:

- What the fuck are you looking at!!!?

I was like, say whaaaat?

Now we are chilling back on the place where we are staying. Having a day of is cool!

I hope i will survive Silverton with my brain still laying in my skull...


Leaving St.Elmo

Yesterday me and the crew left St.Elmo. The people who owned the place had tears in their eyes (it`s true)
Just wanted to say, thanx again!