måndag 31 maj 2010

Shitfaced Mondays "The take a leak move"

"The take a leak move"

Tech level: 1

Drinking level: Boozed or just used to show of your genitals

People involved: 1 - more... (if your up for that golden shower shit)

This must be the most easy move ever displayed on antongun.com...
All of us have done it, peeing in public or just loosing some preassure at the WC.

My boy Fezas here , is doing it a little bit more intresting , dropping his pants down to his knees... Showing us some fresh looking white Usher boxers + doing it in public. Hands down awesome!

Sometimes you´ll get "Stage fright" sometimes not... That´s life

torsdag 27 maj 2010

I wrestled a bear once - See you in shell


Macbeth footwear - Summer 2010

"Drunk chick tee"

"The brighton"

A pick out of Macbeth footwear´s summer collection. Pretty ace shit!
This is how you look good this summer, aaight

Moshing those festival pits...

jump in at :


onsdag 26 maj 2010

tisdag 25 maj 2010

Lowlife of london VS Me - Comp winners!

"The Lowlife VS Anton Gun box set , to 3 lycky winners"

Conratulations to the Lowlife of London VS Anton Gunnarsson box set comp winners:

Aki Kuusela from Finland, Mathias Nyman from Sweden and Craig Magee from Australia!

Many more Lowlife of London comps will be coming your way people, keep your eyes peeled!!!

Stay tuned!

Rock on

Umeå´s New Skate plaza SPARKEN

"Lokal skate/snow shop here in Umeå , Stale butiken"

"Some dude front boardi´n"

"Music , speakers , random logos Ronnie A and Jonas Gus!"

"The bowl jam was of the hezzay!"

Last weekend we had a major , culture clash here in Umeå. Too big to even write about...
Anyway , they had the grand opening of the new skate plaza SPARKEN!

With street best trick comp , bowl jam , music , people and one million cazillion kids hangin all over the place! It was cool beans!

Since me and emma are too lame to bring a cam , i took these pix straight of this blog:


(jump in for more pics from the opening)


måndag 24 maj 2010

Circus Depression

They keep on coming'

Wheel of misfortune'


'Bananas' aka 'The easy way out'

I had a short chittchatt with my photo dawg Peter Lundström some days ago. He was pooping some sort of emo idea out of his mouth and I got psyched!

Maby i`ll go to skellhell for some brainstorming later this week... we´ll see, cuz this guy is more "busy T" than I am haha

Anyways , i know ivé been posting some of these pictures before and here we go again.
The circus of depression is a project me and Peter started back in 2008... emo

Stay tuned for more!

More from Peter (and Me on picture) check:


Ace sleeping bag

Going to some dirty festivals this summer? if so...

Buy this gnar sleeping bag , shark attack!

Still only for shipping in the U.S tough... but super bad ass!

fredag 21 maj 2010

DropDead Summer range SOOOON


Just from the DropDead blog , their summer range shoot is almost done...
And everybody knows waht that means....

DropDead madness!!!!

im soooo psyched to see whats next...

Im proud to be a member of the DropDead family , I truly am!

Sneekypeeky at L1 outerwear

I know summer is crawling , but here is a sneeky peeky at next years L1 collection...

My boy Jon Kooley got some ace shit going on for next collection that will hit the stores...
I have been riding with this "set" almost the whole season and it is awesome!

realy cool stuff

måndag 17 maj 2010

Lowlife VS Anton Gun COMPETITION!!!!

Straight from the Lowlife Facebook page:

To celebrate the launch of Lowlife of London's official Facebook page we are giving three lucky winners the chance to get their hands on an exclusive Anton Gunnarsson Lowlife of London pack!

We have been very fortunate here at Lowlife of London to have Anton design an exclusive t-shirt and Lowlife belt for us and we have three packs containing a t-shirt and belt to give away!

For your chance to win one of these great prize packs all you need to do is answer the following question:

Q. What country is Anton Gunnarsson from?

(Clue: you can find the answer somewhere in the contents of our Lowlife of London page!)

When you have the answer simply email it to us at:

The closing date for this competition is Friday 21 May 2010 at 12:00 EST.

Good luck!!!!

Some handy work

Like i said before...

This is great , and i know that photo dude Peter L got some awesome ideas on some shizz like this, aaight

lördag 15 maj 2010

Red Dragon tattoo 20 year party!

This eve we got a mad party going down here in Umeå (Swe) , Red dragon tattoo studio celebrates 20 years!

So come to "Scharinska"
Saturday 15 may (today if you are confused or gives a shit about the date or day)


Live at stage:

Supercharged pitbulls

Rock ´n roll

fredag 14 maj 2010

Mikael Norrman´s bad carma list

"Mr. bad carma mugshot..."

(Straight of Lolli´s blog)

I had to post this since ivé been hanging out/filming alot with Norb the whole season...
Such awesome dude should not get that shit with carma... damn man!

Read the list we did...

Hope to see you soon buddy , and i wish you all the best (carma)


torsdag 13 maj 2010

Toe edge slami´n

Anton Bilare - Slam from Magnus Törnkvist on Vimeo.

Anton Bilare - Slam No. 2 from Magnus Törnkvist on Vimeo.

Toe edge clip #3 from Magnus Törnkvist on Vimeo.

Toe edge slams are the worst!
Feeling like a nubie all over again...

My Nitro buddys Anton Bilare and Sven Thorgren , they got this!
Showing how the hell you should NOT do

Sweet clips from filmer Magnus T , yay

onsdag 12 maj 2010

New Beer! #2

The "Piston head" summer brew!

Spendrups new Pistonhead Summer Brew – the second beer out of the Pistonhead "garage" , they first did this in bottles and now for the summer an awesome can!
going on sale in the Swedish Systembolaget from May 3rd...

Low ridi´n Lager

Lowlife VS Anton Gun Colab

"Lowlife VS Anton Gun"

Straight of!

Tony over at Lowlife just dropped me an email, my colab Belt and tee sample are dropping hot in mid summer. Just wait!

This ad for the Lowlife catalog wuz made early season with Peter Lundström over at WDO... ace shit!

Im psyched!!!

tisdag 11 maj 2010

The Ramunberget "bro cam" Episode #1

Doing some laps during one of the days at Ramunberget resort... bad weather byt hella fun!!

Madness riding by my buddy Basti ,awesoem filming by yours truly haha'

stay fresh

måndag 10 maj 2010

DropDead flagship store - Now open !

The grand opening looked like awesome times!

I totaly missed it, but will be down there in a near future... Got to arrange that so i can meet up with the DD Crew for once.

So , if you are in London... Drop by the store over at Brick lane E1!

Congratz to all the peeps over at DropDead clothing...
The shop looks gnar!

fredag 7 maj 2010

Anton Bilare - Nose job

"straight taken from his fashion blog"

My Nitro snowboards buddy Anton Bilare aka Cars just pulled of the worst nose job ever!
Watching too much MTV , reading gossip magazines and reading way tooooo many fashion/hollywood blog´s ...

Damn Cars is that legit?!

(Or did he do a massive slam at the Piststilen contest?)

That´s wuz up

Tandådalen - Nitro Shoot #2

"Dudes hangi´n"

"Awesome slushy park shred"


I came home to Umeå yesterday, soo good to meet Emma again yay!...

Thanx to Linus J who drove me to the train station in Malung , early in the morning! one love man

The last day of the shoot was sick!
Bros hitting the big gap kicker like there was no tomorrow , stomping big spins and 2flips all over the place.
I was chilling in the sun with the others , building a polejam/Spine thing that was of the heezzay!
I managed to get a "Tool time" ready with Lorenz , that you hopefully will have a look at in a Pleasure magazine sometime in a near future...

When the time was "It´s ice in the park now" me and Hagström went down to the cabbin , and had some thai/shrimp soup + red whine with Simon Ax . Talking random bullshit , having a real good time!

Cool beans to see Simon back on his board again , ooh that old Shrimp sandwich... haha


The shapers at Tandådalen resort
Linus J "tha Ladies man"
Putte and gustav at frontflip/Nitro Swe
All of my Nitro buddies (Always good times!)
Magnus T (Filmer)
Mikael Norb (Filmer)

tisdag 4 maj 2010

Nitro Shoot - Tandådalen

"Kicker time by Lorenz"

Lazy updates from this shizz , since the Internet connections are worse than in the deepest russian forest!

We went from Ramundberget to Tandådalen the day before yesterday... Chilling and of to the park yesterday , had some hotdawgs in the sun and some ace runs with everybody!

Then came the storm!

Snow , rain, wind , bluebird , snow ,rain, wind bluebird , darkness

But we had some fun stuff done anyways!
Me and Linus built the best polejam ever!!!! gnaaarh


söndag 2 maj 2010