måndag 30 november 2009

Damn it!

I hurt my foot n shit last week, still a little pain dooh...
I missed alot of fun shit down in Tandådalen during the weekend and this week aswell!

Flying fuck i hate this!

But still not to much damage done....ill manage!

getting better allready


more Lowlife news...

Did an awesome shoot with Peter Lundström last thursday.

Some pictures on me in my Promodel design belt, for the next Lowlife catalog!

This picture is just one out of the selection....


New LOWLIFE stuff at Junkyard.se

Straight out Psycho!

I love it

Buy the stuff at www.junkyard.se and be shure to check www.lowlife.com

onsdag 25 november 2009


My Signature Design Lowlife belts boomed down in my mailbox today, straight from China!
They looked fuckin awesome!

Of for some Lifestyle catalouge shooting tomorrow evening with Peter... going to be sick to catch up.

Stay tunde on some "behind the scenes" footy

måndag 23 november 2009

Some new coverage

"The cover for Issue/Date (my buddy Halldor Helgason on the cover)"

"And the polejam of death" flip in flip out shit!"
New issue of snowboarder mag U.S

Photo: Lorenz Holder

This is from one of the Global nitro shoots in The canyons near Salt Lake.
It was a crazy shoot with some gnar obstacles!!

lördag 21 november 2009

Saturday is the right day to PARTY

Damn, stressy day today... been riunning all ovr town buying stuff for our appartment. It is freeesh! haha
This eve we got the official "moving in party" (abit late dooh) But better late then never!
We have some v.i.p invites and the ones that doesn´t bring a gift to us kind people gets a stright punch in the nuts or vagina for that matter...
Now i will hit the shower, turn on some tunes, eat some shizzle and corky that cork up!
we will see what "shitfaced monday" move i will post efter the night! hehe

Damn, be shure to look at the DropDead range, updetad on theoir web right now!!


fredag 20 november 2009


Of to some sweet afterwork!

Oleary´s bar , booom that will soon just happen! eehrm

Beer = Good
food = Good

c ya!

DropDead NEW RANGE launches tomorrow at 3PM


Hagström/Nitro guitar

Check out this hot shit!

It´s my brand new Hagström/Nitro snowboards Guitar. (Jonas Hagström´s colab)
Pretty sick piece and it also comes in a cool retro hardcase.

Damn, now i have to learn some new tunes!

Soon in well sorted music shops and on-demand in well sorted skate/snow shops!

It´s beyond awesome!

torsdag 19 november 2009

Busy T 3000

Hellz yeah!
If your doi`n it right, you should have a buisness card. So... I made one!
It landed in my mailbox and it wuz lookin fiiine haha
A slashed up unicorn could not be wrong...

By the way... take my card!

Busy T 3000

NEW Pro-model belt sample from LOWLIFE

It´s all in the jinx man!

This just in... Sample on My first Pro-model Belt for LOWLIFE! (signature artwork)
Stay tuned for more LOWLIFE stuff. check ém at www.lowlife.com

This babys will hit it for the next collection...(including some more signature Pro-model stuff)

like i said, stay tuned!!

onsdag 18 november 2009

BUY Isensevens "LET´s go get Lost" NOW!!!!

The DVD and "Isenseven Custom Clothing" is now available in realy cool shops in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Other European countries, USA, Canada, Japan and Australia will follow soon!

Or just Buy ONLINE damn it!!:
GERMANY/EUROPE: www.planet-sports.de CLOTHING!
SWITZERLAND: www.twoleftfeet.ch


Win killer SHOES and a guitar from MACBETH!


Question: One of the founders of Macbeth footwear plays in a well known band. What´s the name on that guy and what is the name of his band that recently got together again?

1st – Schecter gitarr worth(500EUR) & 3 pair of shoes from Macbeth

2nd – 3 pair of shoes from Macbeth

3rd – 1 pair of shoes from Macbeth

All the winners get some junkyard.se swag and stuff

Answers will be sent to: tavling@junkyard.se

Write down name,adress, phone-nr and email.

This comp will be running untill X-mas!

So what the hell, get going and win some awesome MACBETH stuff!!!!

tisdag 17 november 2009

DropDead special edition Tees

Be shure to check these special edition pieces forom my buddys at DropDead clothing.
The red Spaceshark will only be found in 250pcs, and the other two in 500.
Buy that shit and be awesome or don`t and look like shit!


BMTH in Munich

"Shitty pics from the cell..."

Anyways. Like i wrote before. Lindsey at DropDead hooked me up with free access tickets to the Bring me the Horizon + August burns red and A day to remember, show in Munich during my trip down there! Thank you Lindsey, it was fuckin awesome! I went there with my photo buddy Lolli, headbangin and drinking some cold ones! Good times! OOh yeah, they pulled out the double stagedive, insane cool show
We ended up with a drinkin rally with Tobbe k and Matte N,what the hell!it was a messy night...But friggin fun tough!!

BMTH and crowd

Back home!

Back home! Finaly!

I drove this little baby all the way from Austria-Northern part of Sweden (Umeå)
The first stop was in Norrköping and to get there it was about 17H straight!
With a swollen trouth, cause of screaming like a satanist hardcore retard to all my killer tunes on the MP# player. I was there!

I spent the night at my girls Grandparents and the day after she came to surprise them. It was fun!

Then we drove to Stockholm to spend a night at a fancy pants hotel, eating great dinner and kicking it back doin our own biz. I love u

The day after we started to drive up to Umeå. With a pit stop at her friends place for some student hangout and cheap coffee and cookies. And then some hang out at both our parents place. Shit, the whole trip was intense indeed!

But fuck! Ivé got a Fiat Qubo to take me to my missions and crazy stuff all winter!
Thanx Andi, you will not be dissapointed!

Now its time to do or die

onsdag 11 november 2009


No riding today, the weather seemed to be bad! And after an epic day in Hintertux , yesterday. .. Me and the boyz where takin it easy with some lunch and chill at the Nitro office talkin shit with the Team manager Andi. always fun dooh!

Tomorrow im starti´n my drive way back to Sweden and the missus, oooh yeah!

It will be intense but still fun, im used to cruise on my own, minding my own biz!

Got some totaly awesome emails from Tony at Lowlife, damn the first "Anton Gun signature/pro model belts ´n tees" are done! Just witing for the package!
Stay tuned on this crazy shizzle!!!!

Booyya meeetaaallh

lördag 7 november 2009


"Me, lolli and Mattias. Hangin out at the tower, tourist 3000"
And ofcourse,

A huge thanx to Lolli!
Awesome that i could stay at your place! U tha man buddy!

Always a pleasure to hang out with u and also alot of good times!

boom that just happened

Some days - Wrap up!

Last update was in Munich...

Some days have gone and i have picked up my Nitro Fiat that i will drive to Sweden. It got branded and Me, Tobbe and Matte picked it up and then straight of to the area where the Nitro office is. Andi Aurhammer my team manager at Nitro hooked us up with some epic accomodation, huge appartment!

Of today to drive about 2H to Stubaital. The sky was totaly bluebird and the mood was good! Until the line to the lift got fucking long, so we had like 3 Park runs in about 2,5H...it sucked!
So we started doing lines down the mountain some pow sprays, windlip spins, high fives and blue skies!
It was totaly woth it since it kind of where my first day on snow (kind of)

Tomorrow i will get picked up and of to Munich again. Nitro/Raiden/L1 got their sales meeting and im going to show of some of the new L1 outerwear.
Thats my steez and i will totaly pull everything of! kablammo


onsdag 4 november 2009


Stressy day!

Running around Munich and hooking up with Team manager Andi at the nitro office for some chatts about the future and som other shizzle!

Now me and Lolli are of to the Bring me the horizon show here in munich. Will be a killer!
Lindsey at dropdead hooked us up on the list, thanx!

Also playing is August burns red...

Damn this will be awesome

After that we´ll do some beers with my fellow team mates Tobbe and matte

boom oklahoma!

tisdag 3 november 2009


Aaah, going out for some German breakfast. Then of to the Nitro Dist to meet up with Josè and some of my new gear. Lil x-mas!

Had some propper chittchatts with Photographer Lolli yesterday, also with filmer Pirmin. And i think that the season could be legend...wait for it... dary!!


måndag 2 november 2009

Munich - Today

I came down to munich today, the home of oktoberfest! I totaly missed out on this years festival, and i can tell u that i missed something cuz that shit is siiiick!

Im down here for about 2weeks to shred the gnar, hang out with the boyz and meet up with my sponsors for some stuff...
Feels good to be back on snow again (soon) yay!!

I just bought some Sushi and beers, chilling at Photo dude Lollis place...The home away from home.

Since im here for a while i will try to update this shit with some gnar stuff and video clips. Stay tuned!

(Miss u Sunshine girl....)