lördag 29 januari 2011

X-Games 15 WTF!!!

X-Games 15 is on the roll and this is what have been going down so far...
MORE VIDEO GAME THAN EVER!!! Holy fuck , where is this going?!

(Im still amazed tough)

fredag 28 januari 2011


Im proud to present my new sponsor GIRO!
From here on I will shred their awesome looking goggles. And they are awesome!

Im teaming up with some new faces , from X-games heroes to street slaying monsters:

Seth Huot
JP Tomich
Antti Autti
Ryan Paul
Austen Granger
Juuso Lavisto
Gretchen Bleiler
Steve Fisher

So go "LIKE" ém at Facebook and be shure to check out their website:



Im stoked to be on the team! let´s rock!

torsdag 27 januari 2011

TODAY! Nitro / Fiat in Italy

"Is that me on the poster? Fuck yeah it is!! photo: Lolli"

Nitro Roadwarriors & Nitro Team Italy FIAT Freestyle Team @ Palù Park

(From Fiat freestyle team)

After a week of break, we are ready to start again with the second appointment with The Shelter at the FIAT Freestyle Team Palù Park. From 27 to 30 of January, the Nitro and the Nitro roadwarriors Team Italy will arrive in the church in Valmalenco With Their FIAT Qubo, for a four-day shooting with the magazines and the best video production in Italy. The photo material and the footage will be included in the new video project by Nitro roadwarriors!

During the weekend, the Church will be the site of the Nitro Test Tour (to test the new Nitro boards and the new bindings by Raiden) and of the contest open to all the amateur snowboarders. The best rider, Elected by the Pro riders present at the event, will get an amazing board! In Addition, to the Participants will Have the chance to do some snowboarding with some of the top riders from the Italian FIAT Freestyle Team,Filippo Kratter, Enrico Cavada, Philip Cruel, Whatz Borgardt Matthew, Mark Grigis, Filiberto Piller, Sebastian Bazzicchi, David Lucas and Vagheggi Valentini, and the International athletes: Nils Arvidsson, Anton bilare, Benni Urban, Basti Rittig, Dominik Wagner, Xaver Hoffmann and Bergmann Darek.

Do not forget the great night PARTY at Bar Mahuta to celebrate and have fun with the riders and the DJ sets by Alioth.

The Shelter Gives you the chance to enjoy an amazing weekend (at only 90 €) with a 2-day lift ticket, accommodation, breakfast and party entry. Furthermore, The Luckiest, Will Have the opportunity to win one of the exclusive New Era x The Shelter limited edition.

So get over there and hang out with my homies!!

onsdag 26 januari 2011



Im prob. going there to join my fellow family over at Macbeth footwear.

Here´s some info for those who doesn´t know (Straight from www.groezrock.be):

Every last weekend in April, there’s a small earthquake in a small village called Meerhout (Kempen Area). It’s time for the annual GROEZROCK fest. During the past years this festival grew from a small venue (cap. 400 visitors) to an international punk/hc/emo/ska/rock festival with 32.000 visitors from Belgium, Netherlands, England, Germany, France, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Russia, Italy,...

GROEZROCK, by tradition the festival opener in Belgium, offers the best punkrock, hardcore, rock, emorock, scream(emo), ska, or simply exceptional music of today and tomorrow. GROEZROCK has become one of the largest punkrocking festivals in Europe.

To be honest, we never expected something like this. We saw more and more campers each year. So 8 years ago our local youthclub JC HORIZONT started with a camping festival on friday called POSITIVE MIND. This camping festival exploded a few years ago with over 10.000 people.

Anyway from now on we officially have two GROEZROCK festival days with 3 stages.

This year we're celebrating our 20th anniversary with 2 full days of your favourite music. Pretty cool isn't it ?


C ya there...

Nice day - Emo in the park

Umeå is legit!

tisdag 25 januari 2011

Nitro Team Sweden - Enough Said! (New full video!!)

"Enough Said" Swedish Nitro Teamfilm from Nitro Snowboards on Vimeo.

The new Swedish Nitro Team video is here , and it goes by the name "Enough Said!"

Some mixed shots from my other video part this year , but Im stoked!

All my Swedish Team buddies are killing it! HANDS DOWN THE BEST TEAM EVER!!

Riders: Me , Nils Arvidsson, Anton Bilare, Mattias Nyberg, Sven Thorgren, Tobias Karlsson, Malin Johansson, Cecilia Larsen, Tove Holmgren


måndag 24 januari 2011

Every Arnold scream...EVER!

Did he even have lines in "Total recall"?!?

This is great

YOUR DEMISE - Video Shoot!

Awesome Hardcore/metal/punk Band and Drop Dead clothing buddies YOUR DEMISE are recording a music video for the tune "life of luxury" .

If you are at location do like the poster says:
"Learn the words , sing along and punch your mate in the face!"

sounds like great times , yes?


Bye Bye Bollé Eyewear...

"Shot by Peter Lundström for some Bollé ad back in the days... (This is not snowboarding , too urban... Yeah , I remember! haha")

I have to tell you that Im not on Bollé eyewear anymore...

Thanx to the crew for all the support and all the good years!
I wish you the best in the future...


Finnish RoShamBo from Eero Ettala on Vimeo.

Swoboda and Fredu are killing it in Finland , doing this Roshambo contest at a bar! HAHA this clip is soooo good!

Stolen from my buddy:


söndag 23 januari 2011

Lolli - Slideshow Fools!

"Weird that he claims this picture (signature on the right side...) I took the picture! LOOOREENZ where is my photo credit?! HAHA!"

Lorenz "Lolli" Holder Swedish photo edit from Nitro Snowboards on Vimeo.

I got some shots in there , check it out:


fredag 21 januari 2011

The new Death metal Moshpit moves!

Macbeth footwear Spring 2011

Make shure to check out The Macbeth Spring 2011 line, available February. Looks sick!

Head over to:


Happy Friday people!

Junkyard.se VS Blocket.se

Swedish web shop giant Junkyard.se sues Swedish "Ebay" Blocket.se .

Here is the full story:

The web shop Junkyard.se has sued block of 8 million of them to have stolen their product images on the skate and surf gear to their site and also used a picture in TV commercials.
Probably block mistaken and assumed that the images are official product images from the manufacturer. A professional image users have a responsibility to ensure who holds the copyright.
- We were quite shocked that block which still is the market could do something like that. We also feel that it harms our graphic identity when our copyrighted images are visible in other contexts, says Jonas Moberg to Dagens Media.
The images used by competitors to Junkyard.se appointed by block.
- It is of course surprised, annoyed and angry that someone else capitalizes on the work we have done.
The total number is about over 365 pictures that block put out in the fall and that Junkyard.se claim is theirs.
The block does not deny the facts but defended themselves by saying it was a mistake.
- That was why we removed the pictures as soon as we were made aware of this. We regret this, "says Block PR Manager Johanna Wilkens to news mag Dagens Media.

We´ll se what happens! If they win , they might increase my salary! fuck yeah! haha


torsdag 20 januari 2011

Peter Lundström Photo Flashback Nr.1

"Fs3 during a dark session in Ruka"

I remember this like yesterday. It was my first trip to Ruka (Fin) together with party Pete and Jonas Gus. We traveled there by car , Peter´s gnarley Volvo that I know he jumped with and ran over a finnish guy once. All this on the way back from Ruka...(Not this story tough..)
I even think this one made it to Onboard mag , some post cards and even a poster! yay

Mad sessions about 5years ago or something!


onsdag 19 januari 2011

Some handy work...


L1/Nitro at The Canyons

L1/Nitro at The Canyons from Keep The Change on Vimeo.

My crew ,my dawgs!!
Johnny Brady, Justin Bennee, Darrah Reid-McLean, Blake Geis, Jordan Mendenhall, and Justin Keniston at The Canyons Resort in Park City, UT.

Having som fun yeah!

Cant wait to get back there...



tisdag 18 januari 2011



"Skrillex feat. Oliver Sykes"

"Emo days, HAHA... Sonny aka Skrillex former front man of FROM FIRST TO LAST"

SKRILLEX a.k.a: Sonny Moore from the band "FROM FIRST TO LAST" talks with SUCKERPUNCH and tells the story on what the hell he's all about, where he's heading with his dynamic style even throws in a heads up about possible collaberation with artists such as BORGORE, BRING ME THE HORIZON, FOREIGN BEGGARS, BARE NOIZE, 12th PLANET and even IMOGEN HEAP.

Drugs is music , music is drugs , DUBSTEP fools!

Track: My Name Is Skrillex (Skrillex Remix)
Track: From first to last - Ride the wings of pestilence
Track: Skrillex feat . Oli sykes - Sleep with one eye open (remix)



lördag 15 januari 2011

Saturday flashback!

"Jonas Hagström , Jonte Edvardsson and me with gay hair...pretty sweet haha"

I got this picture emailed to me from my metal brother and X Nitro rider and style slayer Jonte Edvardsson... It was taken on one of the Nitro team gatherings back in the days! brings some good ol´ memories back to life!


Thanx Jonte , keep it real and all the best for the future!


fredag 14 januari 2011

Asking Alexandria - "The Final Webisode"

Asking Alexandria has teamed up exclusively with Revolver Magazine to present a special webisode series, and i got all three parts right here. In these episodes Danny (vocals) and Ben (guitars) explains their main musical influences, their writing process, writing for the new album , beeing drunk and all that shit.

Im posting this cuz their music is fucking sick!

Enjoy or hate it , I don´t care...




Eero Ettala - Under the Knife

Under the Knife from Eero Ettala on Vimeo.

Eero got his surgery done , get well soon homie!

Nick Dirks Pussypit...


Legend...wait for it...dary!


torsdag 13 januari 2011

Minnesota = Done deal!

Just landed in Stockholm! before leaving Minnesota me and Sam the filmer dawg went to the Mall of America to shoot some unicorns, pretty sick! Thanx to Giro, Chuck, Ryan , Sam , Austen , Jeff and Mike (and Ashrash the cab driver)! killer crew! good first trip with you dudes, I had a blast and we got some bangers! nuff said
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onsdag 12 januari 2011

MINNESOTA with GIRO (day 8)

"Same spot , second day... We got this biiiatch! finaly!"
"Ryan was stoked when I got the shot , possibly cuz he was pulling that bungee one million times...haha! THANX MAN!!"
"Nacho grande to celebrate!"

Thanx guys for the support today!
Im stoked

Minnesota is the fucking shizznit!!

tisdag 11 januari 2011

Boats ´n Hoes

MINNESOTA with GIRO (day 7)

"Bashers old ass camera that took sweet pictures!"
"Portrait sesh at the hotel room , booayya!"
"Ryan had the best idea ever! How do you make new boots softer? yeah, Ryan says...Put ém in the microwave! (dude thay will burn!)"
"Some chill hangin at floor 12 (VIP lounge or sum sum)"
"Happy hour at floor 12 , free booze for life!"

One spot = Some epic fails

måndag 10 januari 2011

Week 1 by Tom Sykes

week 1 from Tom Sykes on Vimeo.

Nitro SNBRDS - Greetings From Poland

Greetings From Poland from Nitro Snowboards on Vimeo.

My homies Marc and Dominic where doing some shit down in Poland. This is what went down... haha

Awesome clip folks

MINNESOTA with GIRO (day 6)

"Today I hit this gap spot , bungee did not work so we towed in with Ryan´s car...then this happened!"
"What would Macguyver do?!"
"Austen hit this sweet down rail and got a sweet friggin banger shot! smooth"
"Pete´s Pizza , best buffé ever!"
"Eating, eating , eating , eating , eeeaaatttiiing fooooodd! So much that Sam the filmer broke a steel chair...haha!"

3 Spots killed today!! Done deal!!

söndag 9 januari 2011

MINNESOTA with GIRO (day 4 - 5)

"Snapped my board of yesterday , shiiiiiiitttt!"
"Keeping it real"
"Austen was taking some banger Iphone photos , so good that his nose started to bleed! respect"
"Spot nr. 1 today...wall?rail?stairs?"


Day four and five is a done deal and we are getting a bit tired. Yesterday we hit this corner jump in to a concrete bank , turned out pretty good I must say. But then trying some tripple X moves I slamed and snapped my board off , fuck!
We now got a body count...4 Boards and one rail are totaly dead (the rail fucking breaked when we tried some mayhem riding on it, daaaammmnn!)
Today we hit 3 spots and we all got something funkyfresh! Im stoked!

Then we all went for a sweet dinner with some drinks and stuff , nuff said!

Sleep Sleep Sleep