söndag 31 januari 2010


"don´t know where i found this, realy funny tough!"

Maby I should start to do some handy work , I know Peter got some great ideas about this kind of shizz... haha
We´ll see what happens aaight

lördag 30 januari 2010

Andrew WK - PARTY HARD! it´s Saturday!




"I stole this straight of Peter´s blog..."

This is a one in a milliontrisillionbillion shot!
Just wait for it... boom! that bad luck just hit him straight in the face man!

If you want to try this you have to be a skier...

fredag 29 januari 2010


"Photo: Peter Lundström"

Just posting this Lowlife portrait picture that i did a while ago...

DRAW!!! bang bang!

Go and buy some fresh belts , find it at the Lowlife website or just jump in at Junkyard.se and see what is new!


FlatFitty Shoot at Add Pete´s!

"Checking the angle, zooming and shit"

"Partying like it was year 2000!"

"No party at Pete´s place without mr.Dom Perignon!"

Yesterday eve, me and the missus drove from Umeå - Skellhell for an Ad shoot for my Signature stuff for FlatFitty. It was epic!
During the day i went bananas , buying all types of party equip... Ice candles, party poppers, Serpentine spray , balloons , happy party yay! + alot more shizz that we could need (or just because it is fucking fun to go nuts on stuff!)
We broke some doors, threw stuff all around the place , setting of the fire alarm 4 times ´n shit like that! That´s how we roll!

Thanx Emma for beeing my blog assistant ... I liked it!

ooh snap

torsdag 28 januari 2010

Consolidated Skateboards

These skate graphics are sooo great! hahaha
I need to get ém!


onsdag 27 januari 2010

Junkyard.se Anton Gun (old shizz)

"The welcome to the team clip"


Eco speakers

I got these pretty awesome Eco speakers as a gift from Emma. They are cool as hell!
They are made of Eco cardboard material and you can fold them together if you need to put them in your backpack or something.
One of the best things is that they are made for you to custom paint them and put your own design/touch to the speakers! oooh i like it

tisdag 26 januari 2010

Anton Gun/FlatFitty Stickers

Comming up...

The new Anton Gun/Flat Fitty bottle logo signature design stickers, i want to drink out of those! Cheers!

Stay tuned for more Flat Fitty / Anton Gun signature stuff!



"new transworld ad"

My buddys over at FlatFitty is still killing it with new stuff! Improving their stuff with new materials and detailed embrodery, awesome!

Just stay tuned for the Anton Gun/FF release ad´s.... wwoah

måndag 25 januari 2010

JunkTV Trick tip!

(Only in Swedish doooh!)

It´s my trick tip. at JunkTV. This is how you do a "polejam of death with fiiiiireeeeee!!!"
Pretty fucking awesome!

Check it or wreck it!


Macbeth EMP.de Exclusive!

Macbeth is now available online in Germany and in mail order catalog from EMP.de, including the LUPUS LIGHTNING tee, and it is GNAAARH! What is better than a blood covered wolf with lightning shooting in to his eyes?!
Tell me!

Btw. This is the only place to get this tee in the world!




söndag 24 januari 2010

The missus is back from London...

"she did not meet mr.druggie Pete, too bad huh"

She said London calling and jumped on the airplane...
Toady she got home and told me that she had a realy great time where it´s raining cats ´n dogs all the time... yeah

Happy she´s home

Awesome Tee

This is a gnar tee huh!

Maby i should illustrate one of my own... it would be sick!
Those words pretty much says it all, its how you feel sometimes... Mostly when stuff fucks up while snowboarding!

Fuck shit damn ass hell!

lördag 23 januari 2010

What if....

Hahaha! Like i said, what if...


Flat Fitty 2010 Photoshoot Behind the Scenes

Shooting their new stuff... You can see my Signature "Hellz yeah" cap in it yay!
Now im just waiting for the ad aaaight


Deathwish Tall boy Skate

Damn, i need to get one of these for the summer aaaight!
More deathwish shizz at,


fredag 22 januari 2010

This is what pumping trough my speakers right now!

"The Snoop dog speakers , meeetalh and the Absolut vodka Rock edition damn!"

"Austrian Death Machine on Spotify"

The album TOTAL BRUTAL and their new album DOUBLE BRUTAL is killing it!!



Fuckin A!

Tony at Lowlife sent me a huge package of Lowlife stuff that i recived today...
Damn, it´s like having xxx-mas all over again!

Thanx man!


Immortal - Call of the wintermoon

"Check these moves , about 2,43 in to the video"

Crazy as hell funny black metal video by Immortal!

So, spontaneous.. wuz up with the wizzard outfit? Throwing fire? and the 3-2-1 METAL POSE the shit out of this video angle!

Damn legit

Watch Nitro Episode #7 (yeah Lolli!)

Watch Nitro #7 - English from Nitro Snowboards on Vimeo.

Yeah Lolli!!

Behind the scenes with my photo buddy Lorenz "lolli" Holder!
haha, awesome stuff...

Talki´n shizz about doing pictures , pretty good for peeps to know how it is behind the cam...

Du geile sau

L1 outerwear at Junkyard.se

Check all the dope stuff at:




ooh, yeah find the Tee at



torsdag 21 januari 2010

Watch Nitro Episode #6

Watch Nitro #6 - English from Nitro Snowboards on Vimeo.

All my Nitro buddys are killing it man!
Yeah, I also saw that i had some shots in this one... from the Montafon section!

Be shure to check the rest of the episodes at Vimeo.com (search; Watch Nitro)


Always been a fan of this shit!!

"The Lonely Island fuckin rule!"

"Awesome Screamo version"

"And the Grenade team killin it"

onsdag 20 januari 2010

Trollhättan Urban pow pow!

Pretty Sweet pow run that i did last week while shooting mayhem street spots with Norb!
ooh, and i heard that the sound on the clip is a little like the old Hongkong Karate bruce lee mayhem ninja movies! haha

Pow pow!!! Power rangers!!

FLAT FITTY NEW Anton Gun caps!

"The Red "Hellz yeah" Snapback cap and the Yellow "Party Änimal" snapback cap"

Fuck yeah!

Yesterday i got the first package with my Signature design caps from FlatFitty!
It´s sooo much fun to have have it in my hands... from my first Sketch - the first sample picture - the final product! Damn!

No it´s of to promote the shit!


Nitro Roadwarriors in Ruka - NEW CLIP!

A short clip made by my filmer buddy Mikael Norrman, it´s from our trip to Ruka finland before x-mas. Kind of documentary style, I like this!

Me , Marco and Tobi

Car driving, sledding, jumping, reindeer mayhem, and some bullshit!

Zombie Jaws...what if?

Jaws is still one of my fav. movies...

but what if it the whole movie was about underwater Zombies?!

tisdag 19 januari 2010

Isenseven "let´s go get lost" My PART


Check my Isenseven video opener in the Youtube field to the right! aaaight! --->


The Drop Dead jeans

These new Drop Dead jeans are unisex slim fit,
98% Cotton Denim 2% Spandex; Skinny fit is the shit!
Includes DD custom buttons; faux-leather kitty brains back patch, DD back pocket stitching...

kind of awesome!

go to:


and buy that shit!

Old shizzle Tuseday!

photo: Peter Lundström


This picture is some years old... Fucking good times hangin out in Skellhell ,doing mayhem bomb drops having angst ´n shit (cuz it felt like the crane would break in the middle while standing up there...damn!


måndag 18 januari 2010

Isenseven "let´s go get lost" My shot list

I found this at my bro Alex blog... It´s my list of shots that he used for editing my video part for the "let´s go get lost" video, cool beans!
Awesome to know how it turned out watching this piece of dyslectic mayhem...

Thanx bro


That is what i should say all the time...

söndag 17 januari 2010

WTF? good times

"Me and Peter, sketchy stuff for my old Onboard profile interview"

Kind of weird but still good times!
you can find this old piece of awesomeness somewhere at:


Awesome tat

Junkyard.se random photo

Junkyard.se, Macbeth ´n Lowlife represent!!

Trollhättan Mayhem Update (8)

"getting knocked"

"fuck off"


"Norbatron doing his best moves hah"

Yesterday after the 2H mission we went home for some good dinner with Norbs family and friends! Awesome times...
After that and some beers later + the ugliest drink ever, we went out kicking ouir boots to the roof at some club in town,yay!
It was of the heeezzay!

I started to talk with some random dude that was all into fighting ´n shit...like the dudes doing "Ultimate fighting shizzle". He was sitting there looking all "im the greatest dude alive" , and his lame antourage was some dude that was doing all the talking and getting him psyched all the time + some random girls that prob. was not all into the tribal tattoo fighter guy.

Anyways, i was talking with him for a while when i came up with the idea...
- i bet you can´t knock me out
he was like:
- Ill do it in 10Seconds!
and i was like:
-No way dude

What happened?

I got knocked the fuck out in 7Seconds!! I fainted away and fell to the floor hahah
I tought i was sleeping...


lördag 16 januari 2010

Trollhättan Mayhem Update (7) 1/2

"B-shot of today and a taste of what happened"

Fuck yeah!

Thanx for the clip Alexander Augustsson!

Trollhättan Mayhem Update (8)

"Getting psyched for the spot"

"Alot of shitty but still cool kids helping out"

We went out at 2 (only 2h to shoot something) we found this roof and we got a ladder...
What did we do?
Fucking shredding the gnar on it!!!


Trollhättan Mayhem Update (7)

"Stomped it!"
"Yay, a cold one just fell from the sky"
"getting tiiipsy"

Yesterday after dinner, we went straight to the spot where the generator got fucked up.
Claiming the spot 3000 and totaly getting some stuff of the heeezzayy, me and Norb took some cold ones u know...

This morning we where sleeping in and i will see what to do next...

Happy Saturday party on!


"I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots, and Your Motorcycle"

Austrian Death Machine (DOUBLE BRUTAL out noooow!) | MySpace Music Videos

Fuck yeah! I need your clothes , your boots and your motorcycle!!! Awesome vid!

Trollhättan Mayhem Update (6)

"This is not me doing a fucking Breakdance freeze, its how i landed the first try"

"over it...or was I?"

Woke up this morning and felt like i had been hit by a group of angry dolphins...
Man, to shoot Mayhem missions alone is pretty relaxing but you don´t realy have the time to catch your breath...
We got up, and went to a pretty cool industrial spot...wait for it...bangers! haha
Also got a pretty funny "first try NO warm up SLAM" .

After that shizzle Norb dropped me of at the Junkyar.se office for some meetings with the Boss Thomas. Pretty good things said and i was of for some dinner.

Cobra Kai karate club aaaight!

fredag 15 januari 2010


Scrolling trough meeetalh amigo Danny Larsen´s site and found this piece.
Great rider and great artist, good shit!

Stay black

torsdag 14 januari 2010

Axl Rose Family portrait

Little Axl and his Family...

Trollhättan Mayhem Update (5) 1/2

"Norb hustle 3000"

Today we left the generator at the "fix the fucking generator now!dudes"

I hope they can fix it...
It´s not even ours, Norb borrowed it from a dude and in stores you have to pay up with around 400EUR, damn shit fuck!

I hold my thumbs that its a minor fault...
And i want my friggin night shoots!

Bombom pow gun!

Trollhättan Mayhem Update (5)

"diggi´n sweet"

"Polejam hellz yeah, first try no warmup DAMN! "

Today we went to the polejam that we pre-built yeaterday...
Killing the spot to the bone! Got some realy good ones...
Now im tired in my spagetti´s cuz of all the flat awesome landings aaaight!!!

The eve we will chill out with some beers...
Thanx Norb for the screens!