fredag 29 januari 2010

FlatFitty Shoot at Add Pete´s!

"Checking the angle, zooming and shit"

"Partying like it was year 2000!"

"No party at Pete´s place without mr.Dom Perignon!"

Yesterday eve, me and the missus drove from Umeå - Skellhell for an Ad shoot for my Signature stuff for FlatFitty. It was epic!
During the day i went bananas , buying all types of party equip... Ice candles, party poppers, Serpentine spray , balloons , happy party yay! + alot more shizz that we could need (or just because it is fucking fun to go nuts on stuff!)
We broke some doors, threw stuff all around the place , setting of the fire alarm 4 times ´n shit like that! That´s how we roll!

Thanx Emma for beeing my blog assistant ... I liked it!

ooh snap

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