måndag 28 juni 2010

ASKING ALEXANDRIA - "The Final Episode [ Lets Change The Channel ]"

Ace tune, headbangi´n band!

For more tunes , check ém at:


FlatFitty Update by Tian Waters


Friends of Flat Fitty –

Another month has passed and the excitement level and brand equity is higher than ever.

With the Summer months and humidity we are welcoming a new July Transworld print article in which our very own Noel Rix has been quoted once again …

It’s titled … “Capitalizing on the Chinese Century, is the mega nation’s Domestic Action Sports market the next frontier”

Another print article on Action Sports inside China with top execs from Flat Fitty as the focus is taking shape with a press date, TBD, most likely BTS/Holiday.

These new events, associations and revamped production base have allowed Flat Fitty to better position itself in the market … the launch of the F3K STRETCH program will only accelerate and strengthen that position.

Other news …

- The recent release of our Video Look Book (http://flatfitty.com/lookbook.php) has had over 200K views with re-posts on major Lifestyle and Trendsetter sites.

- All this has spawned a resurgence with over 2,000 Individual User Sessions per day on www.flatfitty.com and an average of 30,000 hits per 24 hours, as one industry notable said “with those stats you should be selling space” !

- Flat Fitty is also fortunate to be working with incredible charities like Hoods for Woods and Grind for Life, Colab caps have been launched for each organization. (http://flatfitty.com/press/index.php). Pick them up and feel good !

- New Swagger and Colab designs are out TJ Ellis, Eric Lichtenburg, Chris Gentry, with others in the works, Anton Gunnarsson, and new projects to be announced soon, some big names coming aboard!

As you all know Flat Fitty / Lavish has never been about sitting back and resting. We’re about reinvesting, expanding, grooming our quality and growing the brand … allowing us to collaborate with the upper crust of tastemakers the world over.

(we have 400 ACTIVE brands either in sampling, bulk production or style/line development at this moment)

That commitment to providing the highest echelon of quality and on time delivery continues today with a much more fortified foundation.

Our family is stoked that you have found strength in our service, delivery, price and most important, our quality.

As always feel free to hit me and the team up directly with any questions, advice, thoughts or ideas … Thank you for your support guys, inside and out !

- Tian Waters

Hands down man!
Im realy happy to be involved in the development of FlatFitty as a brand and Im trying to push it as hard rocking as i can!
Hands down ...

Shout out to the big Family over at FF


söndag 27 juni 2010

Mad ass headphones , SKULLCANDY!

"Skullcandy x Jim Phillips: Roskopp Agent"

Info about these mad ass headphones:

Inspired by one of the most successful Santa Cruz Skateboard graphic series of all time the Jim Phillips Agent is a limited edition classic. The second release from the Skullcandy/Jim Phillips coalition.

•Speaker Diameter: 40mm
•Magnet Type: NdFeB
•Frequency Range: 18 – 20K Hz
•Impedance: 32 ohms
•Max Input Power: 30mW
•Cable Type: Nylon Braided
•Cable Length: 1.2m
•Plug Type: 3.5mm Gold Plated

Buy ém and be coolio


torsdag 24 juni 2010

DROPDEAD summer range!!

My crew over at DropDead clothing did it again...The new summer range is sick!

Some of the stuff will drop mid July , so you have to hold on tight. But most of the new tees are in.
They are realy pushing the brand better and better for every range. I love it

Great job guys!

Shout out to

Oli Sykes , Tom Sykes , Lindsey Bales , Mat Godfrey , Felix Dickinson and of C the
awesome designers!

Hands down

Now get psyched and jump in at:


Videograss Saturdays - Episode 3

Videograss Saturdays: Season 2 Episode 3 from VIDEOGRASS on Vimeo.

I got some action in this Episode , yay!

This is from the L1 shoot we had upnorth in sweden (my hometown) with Jon Kooley , Nima Jalali and Jordan Mendenhall. Pretty sweet trip , but it was cold as a motherfucker.

Not too much action , but it pretty much shows what the hell was up!

(+ we got more spots that is not shown here...) wooah

Stay sweet

söndag 20 juni 2010

Back home...

Arrived in Umeå this Friday. Puh!
Long trip from Austria - Umeå... It always kind of suck! but im all good

Then this awesome package dropped down at the door.

Some stuff from Junkyard.se and Sweet Skateboards!

Thanx Thomas! always a pleasure

Jump in at


And get this fresh stuff!
(specialy get a hand of this limited edition Sweet ´n Sour skate...)

fredag 18 juni 2010

Munich - Austria - EÖÖH Video part

"Road trippi´n!"

"My name is Pirmin and i like to party..."


"Nerdotron 3000"

Today i took one of the Nitro fiat´s for a little spin over to Austria. Im here at filmer Pirmins place, checking all my shots , selecting and looking up some awesome music for the part...

The nitro video will be released in fall 2010 , boom!

Now we are done and i need some sleep...

onsdag 16 juni 2010

UNEARTH and 36 Crazyfists


"Backstage... the place to be in Munich"

"Unearth guitar dude , fucking playing on the bar! "



Great concert!
Unearth killed it , hands down!

Sooo much fun

Check ém at:



Munich day 3

Went to visit my bosses over at the Nitro office today. Good to have a propper chatt with Andi about the future and stuff like that.
We had some looks at the new Nitro website and also checking some stats from the Nitro Vimeo accounts... yay

Now im back at Lolli´s going to a concert soon...

36 crazyfists and Unearth!


tisdag 15 juni 2010

Munich day 1 1/2

"Isensevens own Alex , doing what he does best... NOTHING!"

"The pleasure crew , hard work or hardly working"

"Lolli updating his Facegay stats on his nerdophone..."

I took the flight down to Munich yesterday. Im here , taking care of some bizsnitch meeting dudes , bosses and tossers...

Yesterday me and photo bro Lolli went out , sitting drinkin some brew and talking about the future etc. etc.

Today we went to the Pleasure mag office and said howdy , talking shizz and playing table fussball... i sucked!

Later this week i will meet up with my peeps at Nitro Snowboards and then a smaller hook with filmer Pirmin .... looking trough my shots for the Nitro Video!

(dropping this fall)


Munich is not safe anymore...

Supercharged Pitbulls

My buddys Supercharged pitbulls got hooked up bigtime. Now they are recording one hella awesome tune for this years major Nitro video!
Fuck yeah! me like


Tom Delonge Studio Project tee

A pretty sweet new Studio project tee from Macbeth. Nuff said

måndag 14 juni 2010



Yes! Finaly it´s here... JUNKorDIE!

You can play as my buddys at Sweet skateboards Bjerten and Josef.
Pretty ace game!

Check it or wreck it!

lördag 12 juni 2010

Macbeth - Fall 2010

"Explorer tee"

"the manchester"

Some fucking ace shit that will drop Fall 2010, from my family over at Macbeth footwear...


Jump to:

For the largest Macbeth selection on the web!!

Stay frezno!

Flat Fitty - Lavish Headwear Video Lookbook Summer 2010

Flat Fitty proudly introduces our Summer 2010 Video Lookbook. Shot on location in Hong Kong at the famous Big Buddha statue, the lookbook follows two travelers as they visit the statue and surrounding area, all while wearing some of Flat Fitty's signature styles and collaborations with brands big and small. Flat Fitty aims to out-service, out-innovate, out-deliver, and out-price the competition. Flat Fitty--Always on Top.

Fuck yeah!!!


fredag 11 juni 2010

Top 60 Ghetto Black female names




"The boobs to die for , the big tits dragons"

"Nyotai mori...ZOMBIE!"

"Ping pong Zombie"

"Sushi Zombie"

"Geisha Zombie"

"Samurai Zombie"



Looks awesome!

Gun´s ´N Coffee

Doing office work , with bullshit Internet connection... fuck!
Getting pumped up on coffee and coffee mixed into a mega coffee!!! oyoyoy

Got this pic from Peter...

If i ever get a pro model coffee cup... this would be the shizznitch!

stay awesome

onsdag 9 juni 2010

NITRO team video TEASER! 1#

Fuck yeah!

Finaly they got something out...

Soon i´ll be going down south for the edit of my part in the video... fuck yeah!


The World's Strongest Beer: Tactical Nuclear Penguin

Tactical Nuclear Penguin from BrewDog on Vimeo.

The BrewDog team have pulled off our most audacious and ambitious project to date, and smashed a world record in the process. We have today, Thursday 26 November 2009, set a new world record after creating the strongest beer in the world. Weighing in at an ABV of 32%, BrewDog’s ‘Tactical Nuclear Penguin’ beats the previous record of 31% held by German beer brand Schorschbraer.

This beer is about pushing the boundaries, it is about taking innovation in beer to a whole new level. It is about achieving something which has never before been done and putting Scotland firmly on the map for progressive, craft beers.


tisdag 8 juni 2010

How To Be Street Safe... WTF!

This dude is just plain awesome!

He got some street fighting/bar fighting skillz... just watch this and learn how to fight! or atleast "hit ´n run".

The better part of the clip is towards the end, then he shows the real deal!

Have a nice day

måndag 7 juni 2010

Triple cork


Where have snowboarding gone...? videogame tricks
what ever happened to stylish tweaks ´n shit...!?

don´t know , but still respect to Horgmo that stomped such a fast rotation tough

Nuff said

(ooh , gotta give it up to my buddy Nils Arvidsson who almost stomped a 3cork earlier this season... he should have been first, too bad)

Nuff said again

looking back...

"Photo: Pirmin"

I just recived this sequence pic taken by filmer Pirmin. This was during last season ,filming for the Isenseven Video "Let´s go get lost" . Good times!

This spot was bananas

babe ... baaabe

My babe had her 25th birthday this weekend... We had a blast!

Love you

fredag 4 juni 2010


Yeah , just dropping this note...

Ivé trying to post stuff , even tough i have a shittfaced connection right now...standing lika a MF in my bed with the Macbook pro high in the air , like fuckin lion king... puh!

i´ll manage


Have a happy weekend!

I will try to rock it hard like this dude...

He got fired from santa´s work shop for beeing way to heavy M!

keep it up little man

The new Macbeth artist colabs

Pre-order these sweet shoes at


Keep your feet fresh!

tisdag 1 juni 2010

Lunch time!

OOh , it´s arround Lunch time...

Im hungry , think I´ll have The soup of the day


It´s Weezy baby!

While im at this rappin gangstah young money train... i tought , what the hell

Another cool print from designer DROP.

It´s Weezy baby , on a tricycle!

more from DROP here: