fredag 28 augusti 2009

Holidays ,Surfs up!

Today me and miss sunshine is going to Bali. Sweet!
Going to eat sun,food,surfing, drinks,beers,dolphins and fucking wine mixers!

This is a time to charge my batterys, cuz i know that i will have a hell of alot to do when i come home...
Enough said!

This will be awsome, and i think i will need anger management after a fev hours in the water. Never tried surfing haha!

And still mentaly disturbed by Sharks, will swim with wristcuts just to overcome my "fear" (kind of a love hate relationship with sharks)
Think its because of all late night sneeks at the Jaws movies when i was a little kid, i love it!

I will keep on truckin/update with some pix `n news when i got time...

If u need to contact me:

Peace out

torsdag 27 augusti 2009

Isenseven 10 years!

Damn, those turds are getting old! Still looking like young school girls dooh...

One Love Dudes and congrats!

Rock on

About to Jinx, but i won`t (yet)

Be shure to check out FLATFITTY on Twitter!
Maby some Gossip news will appear....



onsdag 26 augusti 2009


(Beeing lazy, so it`s taken from their loco website)

It's that time of year again. The summer is ending and all the filmmakers come crawling out of their editing dungeons to present what they've been working on all summer.

On September 18th it's our turn. Not only will we be screening our newest movie "Let's Go Get Lost" for the first time ever, but we are also celebrating IsenSeven's ten year anniversary. That´s the summer of 1999 we had the rediculous idea of forming a snowboardcrew in the small town of Isen on the outskirts of Munich. In 2002 we showed our first little movie called "New Noise" to our friends in our own backyard. This year we are releasing our 8th consecutive full-length movie and you are invited to party with us like nobody has ever seen before. Many of you have gone the long way with us, supporting us when we were just a bunch of little turds with a videocamera and you helped us get to where we are now. We thank you by celebrating the party of a lifetime with you.

Making sure that there will be not one second your feet stand still at the party are Mr. AM to PM and Alex D'Espace from the Starmelt Club Muffathalle in Munich who will be spinning the finest indietronic, electrotastic funtime music for your ears. And of course legendary DJ Sir Hannes of the Atomic Café will be doing what he does best. As a special treat we also have VJ Möhre who will be performing a mind blasting videoshow for you. With a mix of music videos, our web clips, footage from our movies of the last ten years and crazy lights'n'stuff, your eyes will go gaga while you are going gugu on the dancefloor.

So save the date! This is a party you won't want to miss.

++ September 18th 2009
++ Alte Kongresshalle, Munich - Theresienhöhe 15, U4/U5 Schwanthalerhöhe
++ DJ's Mr. AM to PM, Alex D'Espace and Sir Hannes
++ Videoshow by VJ Möhre
++ Open doors: 10 PM
++ Movie screening: Midnight

Be there or be square.

This wonderful festivity is presented by Pleasure Snowboard Magazin.


New stuff over at DropDead!

Be shure to check out some of the new stuff over at Drop Dead.
Including this killer Robo Jacket! boom

My buddys at DD will never ever slow down on doing awsome designs, keep èm comming!

(If you are bored, check my profile aswell) yay

spont. hookups

Before hooking up with the crew in Germany i meet two old buddys from the Snowboard academy in Vännäs Sweden. I went there for 3years (but now im an old turd) , awsome to shred during schooltime dooh.

Linus (use to shape the epic park in Kläppen)took this pic, beering early morning with me at Arlanda airport in Stockholm.

More of those spontanious hookups! fun as hell

tisdag 25 augusti 2009

Photo dude Lorenz Holder Video, say what!

Untitled from Lorenz Holder on Vimeo.

Here is a video clip done by photographer Lorenz Holder. Done at our shoot in Ruhrpott last week, and with his epic new cam! Boom, impressions!

söndag 23 augusti 2009

Nitro Promo Global Team teaser 2010

Nitro Promo Teaser 2010 from Nitro Snowboards on Vimeo.

Kickin ass tune from my buddys Supercharged pitbulls!

This is how i will roll this next season...

ESPERANTO (roadwarrior trailer)

Posting this a bit late it goes!


We are very proud to present you the first trailer ever from the Nitro Road Warrior crew.
We decided to call the movie ESPERANTO due to the mix of languages that we always speak when we are on the road. That trailer shows some of the major impressions that we had during our last season. It was basically a trip around the world, from China, to Norway, Sweden, Romania, Poland, Austria, Italy, Switzerland to the US.
The final movie ESPERANTO will be free for download mid of September on It will be kind of a travelstory of the European Team where the impressions of each country we travelled to will be shown more detailled.

Song: "I Used To Sing" THE MAJORITY SAYS

Ruhrpott Summer shoot! damn

Sick to steal pix from my photo buddys blog...
Can`t have my own pix since i don`t know where my cam is, damn!

Gangsta chilling in the water at the epic waterslide

The industrial view at Ruhrpott

Gangsta nr.2 at the QP we built, hes called "wicked" and if you look close he is lookin like Ryan Shecklers Twin broh hah

I went down to Dusseldorf last friday to start of my season in shorts!
I hooked up with the crew including some old gunslingers like Lolli and Pirmin, stoked to hang out with those guys!
I got picked up by Nils (one of the organizers),had some food and directlly in to the car ond of to the "Snowdome, indoor ski resort". That was the place to take the super chemical snow from, that didn´t even melt in 30+...
We went to this Gap spot and started digging. But...It sucked and the spot did not work and we came home 5 in the morning,shit my brainz!

Went of for some breakfast, chillin in the sun half a day and of to the ski slope again to shovel snow in my shorty short pantz.
We found this looong ledge that the guys wanted to do (i was just going with the flow)It ended up to be impossible to do! Also taking speed from the Tow in Winch sucked sooo damn hard. You dont even know!!
Had some beers,snacks and shit talk... of to bedd 3 in the morning.

Gaah, early again... Same story with the snow digging and of to this sick waterslide next to this huge office building.
Rigged everything and then we got kicked out by security...
Thats a friggin threestroke!!
Later we went to the first days Gap spot and totaly got bangers cause we salted the inrun and used new boards!

Did two waterslides in shitty water...
Smooth lolli

Diggin this QP in 30+ is hard!
Almost got kicked out and got some Japanese tourists and a Photoclub for nooobs on us!
It was sick and i nearly killed myself landing on top of the Wooden pallets that made the QP to hold... Scratched my ass and the winch made my hand to look like a balloon! Still having pain in my hand...

Going to Munich...
Cardrive for 8H, getting pulled over by undercover cops cause Primin is looking like a bum..haha!
Arrive in Munich, leaving the Nitro/Fiat and all the other stuff...
So about 12H in the car and then of to Lolli`s for a quick beer and then i got picked up by crazy turd Alex from the ISenseven crew...
Going to their office, chitchat with the other guys Felix and Vince and then straight of to the best party ever and my epic videopart intro, got nailed!

After a Crazy night in Muncih (like always)
Chilling at the ISen office and then Lolli came over to take an awsome Rock n roll leopard tights portrait on me. And of to eat some Turk döner, soo good!
Hangin out and sleep like, yeah i realy needed sleep after that stressy week of snowboarding and mayhem!

Goin home the Sweden and my little sunshine! yay

Creative and good week

Thanx to everybody involved!!

One love


lördag 22 augusti 2009

Isenseven "Times"

Came home from a "all in" stressfull and productive week with photo shots (updeat on that later)
And filming my mayhem intro with the Isen crew!

"Times" is a self-contained short-clip by Isenseven and at the same time the last part of the upcoming full-length movie "Let's Go Get Lost". As this clip will be edited slightly different in the final movie, we decided to publish this original version online already now.

This clip contains a collection of footage we gathered throughout the season and during the summer days in our hometown Munich as well as in Berlin, New York, Tokyo, Bejing, Portland, Barcelona and many other places.
We like to thank all of our close friends for a great year 2009 and especially thank those guys for riding their skateboards for us: Conny Mirbach, Christopher Geyer, Jonas Rosenbauer, Michael Von Finten, Christoph Friedmann, Dennis Gläser, Timo Kavermann, Mack McKelton, Gunes Ozdogan, Marcus Sweeney, Philipp Schuster and John Zelehoski.

Filmed by: Felix Urbauer, Alex Schiller, Vincent Urban, Niko Jentsch, Magnus Törnkvist
Edited by: Vincent Urban

onsdag 12 augusti 2009

Nitro Shoot (All ready)

"Stolen pic from Lolli, thanx amigo"

Starting up the season (this weekend) with a Nitro Shoot in Germany at some industrial spots lookin good, plus some lifestyle shots that got to be done for some cremè de la cremè shizzle! Of the heezzay!
After that i will hang out with some of my buddys at the Isenseven crew to film my intro, no jinx about it...

Will be fun to hang out with Lolli and the other Unicorn loving filmers... haha

tisdag 11 augusti 2009

"Shitfaced mondays" Lesson Nr.9

"the Tjernobyl child pumped up on mountain dew"

Tech level: Next level shizzle

Drinking level: Shitfaced or just snowed in on scooter

People involved: fuck! The more the better

Just dance trance and enjoy!

No further explanations on this vid (a bit old dooh, but...fuck it!)

Tjernobyl children with hands on their necks, respect to ya all!


lördag 8 augusti 2009

Horimatsu (irezumi)

Be shure to check my tattoo artists website... new website

Boyz n girlz, remember to check the new site. It opens at 10/8!
Lookin good!


rubik`s cube

Today chillin on the beach with my missus and some friends,plus my gunslinger the official bottle of cold beer. I saw a guy solving a Rubik`s Cube with one hand!
He only had one (not like the dude in the vid)the other one was cut of or something.
Damn that`s sick skillz!

Now im of for some more hangout with my other gunslingers...


tisdag 4 augusti 2009

This months Tourettes (Aug)


Also a bit old... But fuckin awsome to watch!!
I wonder how many (H) he spent on this crazy pice?

Sick and i love it

"Shitfaced mondays" Lesson Nr.8

FUCK! Another late shitfaced monday... Im just posting stuff late to make shure that people doesn`t think that im a blogogggogo nerd!

Here it goes!

"The cum shot"

Tech level: 0-10

Drinking level: Just party like it was 1999!

People involved: Do your own face alone, not recomended...
Otherwise you should focus, aim and fire that fluid right in somebodys face!!

Its a classic, done by angry girls and feminists in bars allover the globe, haha
Take it to the next level and do it for the fun of it!!

Hellz yeah!!

back to the berg 2009

Kind of "old", but i had to post this...
why am i only posting sk8 stuff?
cause i suck at it and it is respect to those who is killing it!

I miss snowboarding

lördag 1 augusti 2009


Its a skate park boom in Sweden. The parks and ramps are popping up like flying pink elefants in a mushroom addicts head!

This mini is brand new and its placed in my parents home town Nordmaling. I went there for a while ago... it was fun!

Btw. i suck at street skating , i cry like a baby mmooooaaawww!

But skating in summer is so much fun tough!

skate or die

Epic spots

I can tell you the story about my whole season with one word... EPIC!

That word was one of those ones that got stuck on your tounge, and puked out a million times! Eeeeöööepic, epic, that was epic, epic schmepic, death epic!!!!

Two days ago i got this book made by Thrasher magazine. The book "epic spots" shows you what spots you have to skate before you die. Ill turn it around and do it with my snowboard!

Pax dubbel pax nyckeln i sjön! (the swedish curse for doing it first)