tisdag 30 mars 2010

SWEET skateboards "Sweet ´n Sour" premiere schedule!

If you are in the area and want to kill it with the SWEET team , go get some tickets!

They awesome dudes

lördag 27 mars 2010

Winter weekend/Oxborn sesh presented by Junkyard.se

"Nils , the swedish kicker and rail machine! " psyched

"Norb killing it with my waxing iron..."

Party yesterday , rain today , chilling and recording an awesome rap tune in garageband with auto tune... lil wayne slam the wall

Now im drinking beer , going to the Oxborn session afterparty...

Pretty nuts comp...

all the dudes where doing double cork 1260s n shit ! fucking damn

in to the fog

fredag 26 mars 2010

"fuck of , new shizz , new sweet jacket" HUH




friday is a good day to party...


Winter weekend/Oxborn sesh presented by Junkyard.se

"First runs , first day , me and junk team dude Anders best friend 4 ever picture... gay"

"kids claiming backflips at the Oxborn jump arena"

"Found this old picture framed , its the old Swedish Nitro team"

"Also found this old mugshot of my buddy Linus J"

My phone have been fucked since day 1 at this trip... Now im back on track so i can take some pictures and do some fucking blogging...

Today was epic!

Me and Norb was out doing a cool roof drop to pole spot, turned out friggin great! im stoked on the shot, and stoked on the weather!
Bluebird n shit!

We finnished out with a cold beer in the chair lift and of for some runs in the park.
Alot of buddys,bros dudes in the park hangin out today!


btw. Chill

"Lycksele in frame"

"Hands down for jacuzzzzi in the room!"

Before leaving to Tandådalen for some shooting and fun riding , me and the missus Emma went of for a weekend in my old area Lycksele , for some luxury hotell chill...
Resting my body after the 5week mayhem.

It was awesome!

Love u babe


Peter Lundströms awesome portfolio including classics like:

"Circus Depression"

"8 bit"

Some Onboard / Editorial / Conceptual

+ more

Jump to this site and get blown away!

(Alot of stuff that we have been working on)

onsdag 24 mars 2010

Winter weekend/Oxborn sesh presented by Junkyard.se

"The awesome junkyard.se car badonkidoonk"

Damn internet connection in one of the most popular resorts (tandådalen) SUCKS BALLS!

I came here on monday eve, 7H in the car blah!

But now im here, chilling , enjoying riding , high fiveing buddys , drinkin some beers and filming shizz for junkyard.se ...

On saturday some of my buddys are going bananas on the Oxborn session arena!
Flip in flip out fourable backflips with some twisy twists and shit like that damn shit!

Ill do a better update on what the hell im doing and all that stuff laters

torsdag 18 mars 2010

My job as a lousy photographer

Photo: Anton "Gun" Gunnarsson

Hey, this is how i roll... Taking photos of photographers!

This is taken for an interview with photo dude Lorenz Holder ,

-Hey Lolli! you´d better give me them damn photo credits! otherwise ill punch you in the jeans, haha

Thanx again for the legendary trip we just had...

Hands down


My family over at Flat Fitty, yeah they are killing it!

New add in Transworld...

Just wait for my one , going to be legen...wait for it...dary!

check ém at:


onsdag 17 mars 2010

Bill Hicks

The man, the myth, the legend ... Comedian Bill hicks docu/movie!

This dude is a great laugh!

Thanx for finding this Peter...


Nitro "Swedish Smorgasboard" EXTRAS!!

Nitro - Photo Bonus #1 from Mikael Norrman on Vimeo.

Nitro - Photo Bonus #2 from Mikael Norrman on Vimeo.

This is the extra bonus material from our shoot in Tandådalen Sweden last season.
Fucking good times , i tell you!

From filmer Mikael "Norb" Norrman...


tisdag 16 mars 2010

"The 2 live crew" getting hammers! THE END

"Good word , Kötta!"


"Young wiggah money , wtf Harry Potthead?!?!"

"The rest of our crew, young money , golden gun money shooting money"

"Lolli keeping himself busy talking on the Beer-o-phone"

Came home yesterday... puh!
I can feel the 1 month of constant shooting/Shoveling/drinking/eating shit... Alot of bangers and alot of funny times!
Hands down to everybody that joined me up here! Lolli got 1 million photos + some black numbers on the "Bed portfolio" , no questions asked...
Matte is still jumping on his mad steeze crutches , get well soon buddy!

We managed to get some bangers in 1H at the same spot that Matte got knocked the fuck out...

Now Im home for some re-charge + time with the missus , realy cool

lördag 13 mars 2010

"The 2 live crew" getting hammers! (9)

"Matte in front of the hospital keeping it pimp walk"

"X - ray shiizzz"

"Even sleeping , im doing tailpress damn"

"Scetchy blood stains at the front desk at the emergency place"

"Good for alot of things hmm?"

"I also got a new tall tee and tried to keep it G-unit"

"Matte blazin , but whats up with his pants (take a closer look)"

"Owning out"

"question mark"


Today we where about to hit this thingy that we built up yesterday. Abit hung over and scetchy we started to winch test the speed... Mette ollied straight over the shit and in the landning he landed on his ass, and amazingly he also caught his toe edge or sum sum... damn! Twisting his knee to the max!
Of to the emergency clinic , waiting for 5H!!!! Fuck off

Now we are back home drinking Matres pain away

of the heezzzay



Evil Dead done in 60 seconds with CLAY - 2010 from Lee Hardcastle on Vimeo.

Pretty sick! hah

fredag 12 mars 2010


this just in!

Matte drunk ...or tooooo drunk again!

no news huh


One of my fav sleaze bands got a New single out!

Check it!


"The 2 live crew" getting hammers! (8)

"Matte aka Young Whiggah Money blazin a front bröööd"

This went down today!

We pre- built that fucker yesterday eve. The only problem after +++ Hours of shoveling was that the tunnel we built fell appart during the last tuning on the edges ,fuck!
Anyways, we got an awesome "alley out run"and alot of muscles to show of on the beach this summer! hellz yeah

David Hasselhoff 4 life

Irezumi tattoo time lapse #2

Second chest piece...
Time lapse of me getting tattooed by Matti "Horimatsu" Sedholm , Im still far away from the whole body suite , but i got time... This tattoo style is called Irezumi and that is the traditional Japanese style. Pretty damn awesome!


Drop dead profile

New inteview and updates at:


torsdag 11 mars 2010

"The 2 livew crew" getting hammers! (7)

"Matte keepi´n it lazy , owning out young money"

"koskenkorva , owning out!"

"Lorenz new angle ... owning out!"

"Me , myself and I... Owning out with the huge and manly snow shovel!"

"This spot where owning out!"

Today we went to this roof butterbox road gap thingy. Sun was shining and the - C had turned into + + C . Awesome, looking forward to the spring shootings and hangout!
Anyways, we almost got kicked out, but we smooth talked them into some bullshit and they let us do our thing! boooya (maby cuz Matte was claiming young money geeez)
The roof fucked our boards up to the max and we left with some hammers, hands down!

Later we went to pre- build the next days spot... fuck
Maby im getting tired by almost 4weeks of constant shoveling?

getting belgian blue man!

"The 2 livew crew" getting hammers! (6)

"Damn in Sundsvall they got Systembolaget/Liquor store and wait for it...."

".....Wait for it...SUBWAY! Next to each other"

"Lolli pranked me with this drivers license training shizz"

"Then he actually touched a shovel for once, haha"

"My boards where laying like this, satanic message?"

"And the night spot"

Boom, we´re in Sundsvall right now...
Spot checking the first day and then of for two spots yesterday!
Turned out pretty good!

Hit this wooden rail in the morning and as Chris Sörman once said:

- Doing rails are sooo fucking lame, i will stop doing them since the Icelanders are killing it all the time (Eiki , Halldor , Gulli)

Sometimes rails suck balls

Im on a boat!