söndag 7 mars 2010

"The 2 live crew" getting hammers!

"Matte claiming his fighting skillz from back in the days"


"Wax on wax of"

"Grogg virke"


"Kuske with an awesome angle , next years man!"

Long time no updates!

Here it goes....
After the German extreme sports dudes left the building we had 2 days off, puh
Now the crew is me , Mattias Nyberg , Lolli and filmer Kuske. We got fucking shut of at the first spot when the speed was not enough... But back in biz today! yay
We hit two spots yesterday that turned out pretty good! The thing was , alot of crazy people was going crazy on us at the first one. The screamed , cursed , used violence and where about to call the cops. We got some cool shots anyways tough...
After that i picked Emma up and we had an awesome dinner at Oleary´s . Then straight of to the second spot , step up shizzle... turned out like madness!

Now im having a 4th coffee and then of to the "Death wallride" ...


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