tisdag 16 mars 2010

"The 2 live crew" getting hammers! THE END

"Good word , Kötta!"


"Young wiggah money , wtf Harry Potthead?!?!"

"The rest of our crew, young money , golden gun money shooting money"

"Lolli keeping himself busy talking on the Beer-o-phone"

Came home yesterday... puh!
I can feel the 1 month of constant shooting/Shoveling/drinking/eating shit... Alot of bangers and alot of funny times!
Hands down to everybody that joined me up here! Lolli got 1 million photos + some black numbers on the "Bed portfolio" , no questions asked...
Matte is still jumping on his mad steeze crutches , get well soon buddy!

We managed to get some bangers in 1H at the same spot that Matte got knocked the fuck out...

Now Im home for some re-charge + time with the missus , realy cool

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