torsdag 11 mars 2010

"The 2 livew crew" getting hammers! (7)

"Matte keepi´n it lazy , owning out young money"

"koskenkorva , owning out!"

"Lorenz new angle ... owning out!"

"Me , myself and I... Owning out with the huge and manly snow shovel!"

"This spot where owning out!"

Today we went to this roof butterbox road gap thingy. Sun was shining and the - C had turned into + + C . Awesome, looking forward to the spring shootings and hangout!
Anyways, we almost got kicked out, but we smooth talked them into some bullshit and they let us do our thing! boooya (maby cuz Matte was claiming young money geeez)
The roof fucked our boards up to the max and we left with some hammers, hands down!

Later we went to pre- build the next days spot... fuck
Maby im getting tired by almost 4weeks of constant shoveling?

getting belgian blue man!

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