lördag 13 mars 2010

"The 2 live crew" getting hammers! (9)

"Matte in front of the hospital keeping it pimp walk"

"X - ray shiizzz"

"Even sleeping , im doing tailpress damn"

"Scetchy blood stains at the front desk at the emergency place"

"Good for alot of things hmm?"

"I also got a new tall tee and tried to keep it G-unit"

"Matte blazin , but whats up with his pants (take a closer look)"

"Owning out"

"question mark"


Today we where about to hit this thingy that we built up yesterday. Abit hung over and scetchy we started to winch test the speed... Mette ollied straight over the shit and in the landning he landed on his ass, and amazingly he also caught his toe edge or sum sum... damn! Twisting his knee to the max!
Of to the emergency clinic , waiting for 5H!!!! Fuck off

Now we are back home drinking Matres pain away

of the heezzzay


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  1. Såg att ni var ute på memento! Keepin it nasty!