torsdag 11 mars 2010

"The 2 livew crew" getting hammers! (6)

"Damn in Sundsvall they got Systembolaget/Liquor store and wait for it...."

".....Wait for it...SUBWAY! Next to each other"

"Lolli pranked me with this drivers license training shizz"

"Then he actually touched a shovel for once, haha"

"My boards where laying like this, satanic message?"

"And the night spot"

Boom, we´re in Sundsvall right now...
Spot checking the first day and then of for two spots yesterday!
Turned out pretty good!

Hit this wooden rail in the morning and as Chris Sörman once said:

- Doing rails are sooo fucking lame, i will stop doing them since the Icelanders are killing it all the time (Eiki , Halldor , Gulli)

Sometimes rails suck balls

Im on a boat!

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