onsdag 30 september 2009

Swedish smorgasboard!

Me,myself and I Photo:Lorenz Holder

Nitro Snowboards - Swedish Smorgasboard from SkullFilms Productions on Vimeo.

Here is the new teaser on the Swedish Nitro team vid "Swedish smorgasboard"

Movie premiere in Gothenburg Sweden 31th of October!


Check this crazy shit out!! (Dropped on Transworld buisness.com TODAY!)


ANTON GUNNARSSON, recently added to the Flat Fitty team will be designing signature pieces.

HEADWEAR officially announced the addition of ANTON GUNNARSSON to the Flat Fitty family today.
Gunnarsson, 24, a snowboarder since 1995, hails from Umeå Sweden and claims Nitro Snowboards, Raiden, L1, Dropdead, Lowlife, Junkyard SE, Bolle, Macbeth and Skullcandy among his notable sponsors.
Gunnarsson will 100% have complete creative control over the designs that contribute to his own signature headwear line. Flat Fitty will guide his ideas thru the development cycle and into distribution channels worldwide this Fall. Gun will continue dropping signature beanie, fitted, flex and snap back pieces throughout the upcoming 2010 season.
His first release, the HELLZ YEAH GUNNARSSON Snap back is his first signature headwear piece for Flat Fitty / LAVISH Headwear.

Gunnarsson explains his obsession to snowboarding and his sponsors like this
“I have always taken my own path, creating my own style, breaking through with creative Snowboarding, tight pants and rock n roll
in my heart. At the age of 24, I got a bunch of sponsors that supported my riding and I appreciate everything about that! It’s nice to be important but it’s more important to be nice.”

Anton goes on, “I’m new to the Flat Fitty crew, but I’m gonna hit it hard with my first signature line, this is a
dream come true. Anton finishes in true Gun fashion,
“To have the ability to design my own styles with Flat Fitty is some epic CO-PRO shit, stuff that will hit you right in the face, just stay tuned to see what we
drop together!”

Photo:Lorenz "Lolli" Holder

General Manager, Justin Thompson sums up the colab this way,
“Anton’s nomadic lifestyle lends him to think of ideas quickly, sometimes off the cuff. Flat Fitty embraces this at-once design approach and quickly sources materials and pushes styles thru production. Our vast experience of achieving aggressive delivery windows makes Flat Fitty the perfect match to Gun’s unique, at-once, design method.”

“Gun takes his own approach when it comes to snowboarding, his off the beaten path mind-set is
refreshing to see. He’s a humble guy that’s made a name for himself with his natural abilities, his drive
and his heart, explains Tian Waters, CEO. His personality, far before his footage, is what got our
attention. Not to say he doesn’t go big, he does, but he’s a super nice guy, first and foremost, that’s
what’s refreshing to Flat Fitty, finishes Waters.

Anton is currently traveling and filming, working on his latest projects Isenseven’s “Let’s go get Lost” and
Nitro’s ESPERANTO, you can catch a sneak-peeks here http://vimeo.com/6590852 & www.isenseven.de.

We are stoked to welcome Anton to the team and look forward to seasons of creative product, energy
and good times. Welcome on board Gun !

Flat Fitty

And all i say is,
"thank you! to everybody on the FlatFitty Crew,this will be legendary!"

Let`s ROCK!!

lördag 26 september 2009

Got to get me one of these!!

Deathwish 40 cruiser!

Damn suuuun!!

Ill settle with drinking some of them tonight....
But i will friggin buy one!

fredag 25 september 2009

Onboard 108 – On Sale NOW!

I got some new coverage, check it!

We guess there’s not much to do in the depths of mid-winter in northern Sweden. To cope with the day-long dark, Peter Lundström goes Super Mario crazy with Kalle Ohlson, Anton Gunnarsson and Halldor Helgason as we delve into snowboarding’s chequered relationship with video games.

Go to nearest store and buy this pice of art!

do it! do it! do it!

ISENSEVEN premiere schedule!

For all of you that missed the most epic party ever(ME INCLUDED!FUCK)....in the universe - namely our world premiere in Munich: Here are dates for upcoming premieres in your hometowns. Isenseven and Me will be updating this constantly so be sure to check back HERE or at www.isenseven.de regularly to see if we´ll be rocking your town!!

For most of the premieres the Isen dudes will be cruising up (or down) with a whole bunch of the gang, so get ready to drink and/or dance heavily with us. We´re expecting alot from you! The Munich premiere was a night of mayhem like you´ve never seen before and you need to prove to us that your city can party harder!!

Party til you pass out! drink til you´r dead! dance all night til you can`t feel your leggs!!!!!!!!

So here we go:

++ 26. September - Halifax, NS, Canada - Ondaatje Auditorium
++ 02. October - Oslo, NOR - Ute

++ 03. October - Köln, GER - Bogen 2

++ 07. October - St.Petersburg, RUS - Rodina Cinema

++ 09. October - Berlin, GER - Raumklang (Raumklang will be open for 18 and over, NOT 21 like usually)

++ 10. October - Luzern, CH - Nautilus

++ 17. October - Den Haag, NED - LOCATION TBA

++ 23. October - Hamburg, GER - Terrace Hill

++ 24. October - Vilnius, LIT - Pasaka Cinema, Afterparty at "Brusly"

++ 30. October - Dresden, GER - LOCATION TBA

++ 21. November - Stuttgart, GER - Wagenhallen

++ Innsbruck, AUT - TBA

++ Zürich, CH - TBA

++ Montreal, CA - TBA


More FLATFITTY news.

Check their Twitter!
Maby you will see some more news about my "Anton GUN x FF CO-PRO cap"

Boom that just happened!

torsdag 24 september 2009

Anton Gun/FlatFitty CO-PRO Cap

OOOH Hellz yeah!

Here is a sneek preview of the first sample of the Anton Gun/Flat Fitty CO-Pro "demon hands" Snap back Cap


For more:


Check the new Nitro site! (and Raiden)

It`s super badass!!!

See ya on the lips...

tisdag 22 september 2009

BALI "The Non beach" Pix

Came back from Bali last Saturday. Here are some pix on some of the stuff that was going down on the other side of the globe!

"Playing switch air guitar on Hardrock Hotel" (It was epic)

"The party box! that was sooo friggin cheap, u don`t even know!"

"The gay cock"

"The Heavy Metal God"

"Me and Emma,Singin in the rain"


Wuz up with my new scetchy finger tatt?

måndag 21 september 2009


By the awsome dude David Firth.

He has done alot of stuff that i like(including Saladfingers), damn... am i weird?

don`t know

NEWS www.lowlife.com

Photo: Peter Lundström

Check it out!

"Anton still rocks"

Thanx to the dudes over at Lowlife!


Photo: Lorenz Holder

Before going to Bali, i was down in Munich shooting some lifestyle pictures with Lorenz "Lolli" Holder (lorenzholder.com) for an upcoming Lowlife/surprise in Pleasure magazine.

Stay tuned...


söndag 20 september 2009

Nitro Road warriors ESPERANTO (full movie)

Nitro: ESPERANTO from Flicka Mag on Vimeo.

ESPERANTO - Full movie

here is a word from Nitro: "We decided to call the movie ESPERANTO due to the mix of languages that we always speak when we are on the road. It was basically a trip around the world, from China, to Norway, Sweden, Romania, Poland, Austria, Italy, Switzerland to the US.
The final movie ESPERANTO is kind of a travelstory of the European Team where the impressions of each country we travelled to are shown in details."


Win DropDead Goodiebag on Transition.se

Vinn goodiebag från Dropdead Clothing
Dropdead Clothing har tillsammans med sin svenska vän Anton Gunnarsson kommit på att även du borde ha lite Dropdeadprylar och tävlar därför ut en liten goodiebag. Anton är den första som rockar Dropdeadkläder utan att vara i musikbranchen. Oli som äger märket spelar däremot i Bring Me The Horizon. Så det är väl inte mer än rätt att tävlingen har lite med båda två att göra!

Om du vill ha chansen att vinna goodiebagen svarar du bara på vilken Bring Me The Horizon-låt som spelas på Antons blogg och motiverar varför just du ska vinna.

Antingen skriver du i motiveringen vilken t-shirt du vill ha eller så väljer Anton en åt dig!

Det hemliga ordet är Dropdead.

Win a goodiebag from Drop Dead clothing!
Dropdead and "yours truly" came up with the idea that YOU maby need some awsome Drop Dead stuff, so we are running a little giveaway comp on Transition.se.


The only thing you have to do is to jump in on the link above and write down what song from (drop dead owner) Oli`s band "Bring me the horizon" , that`s playing when you enter my Blog!?
And also, write down why you should be the one to win the awsome goodie bag!?

Write down what Tee you like or else i will pick one out for you!

the secret word is (hemliga ordet är): Dropdead



lördag 19 september 2009

Hardcore superstar

Yesterday the Isenseven "Let`s go get lost" had its world premiere in Munich (Germany). Me (and the missus) was sitting on the airplane back from the holiday in Bali. Damn,sorry that i was missing out on that!! F U C K

Anyways, to drop some info about my full part to you boyz n girlz and chripp wheelchair old peeps!

I got the awsome band HARDCORE SUPERSTAR with the tune "We don`t celebrate Sundays" in my part. That song is killing it!

Thanx to Hardcore and their record label

(ill tell u more about the vid later)

Happy times!

Home sweet home...

3 awsome weeks in Bali (total update on that later)

Now im back on track!!

Alot of juice in my news, gibberish and gossip to follow hhhmmkaay!