lördag 31 mars 2012

CALIFORNIA (In pictures)

Tourists trashing Big Bear

Botner / fagskate 

Biking really fast @ the beach (One hand steering , that´s TECH!) 

Motel (I hate Pit - Bull)

First day in Long Beach / Bike madness (Thanx Per Hampus)

Long Beach CA , random

Knut - Rider , funny man , forehead , team baows, tricks and MAN!

Angels & Airwaves studio , Carlsbad CA

Per Hampus and Erik Botner / Artsy fartsy 2.0

"Todays outfit" .... Fucking fuck face! haha

BIG BEAR / Awesome resort to shred the gnar!

Tom Delonge / Angels & Airwaves / Secret room @ Macbeth footwear  office and studio

Long Beach , CA / Eyegazm!

The Scands @ Big Bear / Greatest of times!!

A little BBQ @ Per Hampus house in Long Beach CA

Carlsbad , CA / Lunch with the MACBETH footwear crew! Good luck with your new job Tom!

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