torsdag 15 april 2010

Macbeth shoe preview...

"The Brighton"

The Brighton is Macbeth’s newest and most comfortable shoe! In 1964 hundreds of Mods and Rockers took to the streets in the English town of Brighton clashing and rioting and running through the streets to get away from the police...You should check out the movie Quadrophenia for a better idea about the event that inspired the shoe. With all that running from the cops, we were inspired to design a modern update to a classic t-toe jogger featuring a completely new outsole with medial arch wrap as well as an exposed molded eva midsole. Hidden within the heel of the eva midsole is an additional soft cushion pocket for added heel impact reduction. “Zero Seam” lining construction with a small amount of padding allows the upper form to your foot like the shoe was custom made to fit your foot!


€ 80.00


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