onsdag 14 april 2010


Fucking goosebumps over this band man!!

Their name is CHTHONIC [thon-ick] , a Melodic black metal band from Taipei Taiwan .

The band started in 1995 , so the have been arround for a while gaining popularity all over the globe.

Their lyrics are mostly about ghosts , demons , myths ,legends and Nationalism.

Besides the normal instruments they use an Oriental 2 string violine named Erhu , that in my eyes makes the music a little bit more special comepared to other black metal bands.

Some random info!

Among Taiwanese and Chinese people they're known as 閃靈 pronounced: Shan Ling.

ChthoniC call their makeup "ghostpaint" instead of "corpsepaint" and base it on the 8 Generals of Hell in Taoist lore.

Current line up:

Freddy Lim (Left Face of Maradou) - Vocals , Erhu
Jesse Liu (The Infernal) - Guitar
Doris Yeh (Thunder Tears) - Bass, Backing Vocals
CJ Kao (Dispersed Fingers) - Keyboards, Piano
Dani Wang (Azathothian Hands) - Drums

I will also put out some credit to the girl Doris "Thunder tears" . Judging by her looks she doesn´t seem to have that much "evil" in her voice , but listen to the back up vocals/growls or check out the video.... That is fucking gnarly!

ChthoniC , I salute you!

Check their Myspace:

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