tisdag 6 september 2011

JUNKFEST 2011 (In pictures)

Photo: Anton Gun©

Back in buisness after some great couple of days in New York City!

Before leaving to the U.S I was down in Trollhättan for Junkyard.com and their annual Junkfest. It was great as always!
Kids doing everything for some stickers , skate comp , signings and some awesome hanging with my team buddys!
The day before we went to this "secret spot" with the SWEET skateboards team , BBQing,beering and throwing down some trickery. Pretty chill team shoot if I must say so!
As you see in the pictures we got Kalle Ohlsson and Kevin Bäckström doing some high tech ping pong and DJ Sid throwing down some cuts! You can also find my Pro Model board standing there looking all good and shit , BOOM! ;)

Thomas Löfgren you are a true baaaoousss!

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