tisdag 27 september 2011

I might participate in Bigbrother 2012!

After RELEASED in Lund I got picked up by my good friend and photo demon Lorenz Holder. We are checking killer Snowboarding spots in Stockholm right now... Advanced planing 3000 is what we call it! Anyways , Im not only in Stockholm to check out gnar stuff to trash during this comming season. Im also here for another reason... I had a meeting with the production of BIG BROTHER (sweden) . As you may see in the picture I look like a bum and that was pretty much what they looked for in one "character" for BB 2012! I might get a spot , who knows! But they said that the chance was pretty good!

Or NOOOOOOOOOT!!! hahahaha!! ZIKED

(Thanx Lolli for documenting)

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