tisdag 20 september 2011

GIRO SNOW 2012 - Minnesota or Bust

Last season I got invited to shred some street spots in Minnesota. All this was arranged by my new sponsors GIRO and the trip was realy sick! Hanging with my Giro dawgs Ryan Paul and Austen Granger , getting stuff done in one of the best citys when it comes to good street snowboarding. I had a blast!

And not to forgett some important name drops: Chuck Platt (Hooking us up with EVERYTHING!), Jeff Baker and Mike Basher (Photodawgs killing it behind the lens and "off work"!) and Sam Fenton (Filmerdawg getting them bangers on tape! Also killing it "off work"!) BOOOM! Good times , good times!

Now watch that video!!!

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Filming/Edit: Sam Fenton

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