torsdag 8 september 2011

I (we) HEART NEW YORK (By day)

Me and the missus took a flight over seas to have some days of vaccation. In what city?
NYC baby!
Hurricane Irene calmed down the day before our departure and I must say that we where nervous , first of not beeing able to go (Cuz of canceled flights and closed airports) and second , the city could be chaos and trashed to bits ´n pieces...
Early Monday morning we went to Arlanda airport (Stockholm) and the flight was on schedule , puh!
Landing at Newark airport and the sun was shining! We went to our hotel (Paramount Hotel , next to Times Square)checked in and went out to scope the city.
12H of walking in our feets and the rest of the days followed in the same pattern.
Here is some of the touristing we breaked down:
Staten Island ferry
Ground 0
Empire state building
The Comedy Strip - Stand up comedy show
Strawberry fields (John Lennon memorial , Central park)
The Yankee Stadium (New York Yankees VS Toronto Blue Jays)
Eating greasy food and big burgers (everything fried for that matter)
The Met (Museum)
and a hell of alot more!

Great vaccation with the girl...


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  1. Vilka fina bilder!
    Plankar Emma vid fontänen..?


  2. Tack! :)
    Klart hon gör , haha! sjukt kul

  3. Varsegoo!
    Hahaha, sjukt fult ;)