tisdag 16 augusti 2011


(My Flat Fitty ad for the "Party Änimal" and the new style "New York")

FLAT FITTY is back! and I couldn´t bee more happy...
They have been fighting some issues and now it´s all good again! Check the press release from TWBIZZ:

"Flat Fitty Secures $500k In Working Capital

After ten months of working to secure working capital, headwear maker Flat Fitty, LLC has received $500,000 from CapFlow Funding. Flat Fitty CEO Tian Waters says the company has scaled back its operations to refocus efforts on its core competencies of delivering premium headwear, versus chasing different segments of the market, and is expecting to reemerge in the coming months with several strong new initiatives.

Read the whole article HERE

BOOM! Just wait for my new cap design , it will be the dogs balls!

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