lördag 20 augusti 2011

FESTEN FESTEN (In pictures...)

Last weekend I got invited to photographer and good friend Peter Lundström . He got his yearly "Gentlemens dinner" with a bunch of awesome stuff happening during the day! (Mostly during intoxication...haha!) When I got to their hose , wich is super nice btw! I saw this massive launch ramp pointing straight in to the water... I tought , damn! This will be of the heezzay! We got some beers and some DOM P , went out with Peters boat (but no hoes tough) and when we got back we jumped that shit!
Im happy to say that I never tried to flip a bike before and on my second jump I hucked that shit! STOMP! yay! Crowdpleaser fo lyfe!
After that we got more drinks and went berserk...
Thanx boyz for a great day/eve! can´t wait til next years mayhem!

(FESTEN FESTEN video comming soon!)

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