fredag 1 juni 2012

MACBETH STAGE @ GROEZROCK 2012 (Compilation)

MACBETH STAGE / GROEZROCK twentytwelve (Compilation of all bands)

Check out this wicked recap of all the bands playing the Macbeth Stage at Groezrock 2012. We had such an awesome weekend at the world famous Belgium festival. Macbeth had it's own stage powered by Blackstar amp.

Saturday, April 28
Versus You, Envy the Fallen, The Charm The Fury, Until The Last, Now, Voyager, Midnight Souls, We Are The Ocean

Sunday, April 29
Barroom Heroes, As Enemies Arise, John Coffey, If I Die Today, The Amsterdam Red-Light District, We Butter The Bread With Butter, The Swellers

Song used in the video : Envy the fallen - I will prevail

Film/Edit : Anton Gun (Yeah , ME! Hehe!)


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