tisdag 10 april 2012


Forest of Trolls / On the road to Tandådalen , SWE
I hate when there is blood ´n poop stains on the pillows...
GUN BEER! Buy this , it tastes like X-mas!
Sauna! Beer! Sauna! Beer! and a fuck face to the right...
Zippin on dry english Cider after some laps on the hill.
Hard work or hardly working? 

Just for the record...

Me and my gunslinger Jakob took a car and drove down to Tandådalen to film some awesomeness with Jägermeister at one of their yearly after ski mayhems!

Sun was shining , people where singing the day was killer! We filmed some drunken monkeys and a 20 man orchestra , it was nuts!

After that we had a little break , some Jäger shots and beers and then of for a delish dinner! (Thanx Johan and Marie!!)

Then of to the club...

Filming Filming drinking Filming drinking!

We had a good time and aprox 35GB material to look trough... PUH!

Stay tuned for the final video / more mayhem with Jägermeister!!!

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