fredag 10 februari 2012

SKULLFILMS - PLAYBACK (2004) Full video!

SkullFilms presents - 2004 - PlayBack from SkullFilms Productions on Vimeo.

I get so nostalgic watching this video... Man , the time flies by waaay to fast!
This video was done by the a couple of friends just hangin out shredding their heart out.
Some of them , the best snowboarders in Sweden by the time / and some of them, still going strong as Im writing this!

I was so inspired by Mötley Crue at the time (Still am ,a little haha) check my steeze in the intro. Hairspray , denim , jack daniels , haha! (Check my small segment at 10:50!!)

The snowboarding scene in Sweden was different and honestly It felt like the times where better...

Anyways! For beeing filmed in 2004 , the level of riding was hella sick!!


Some words from one of the film makers Chris Thelin / Skullfilms :

- "An old picture of the road gap in Norway was posted on Facebook, this sent out a spark. The response was clear. Here is the movie from 2004 which was totaly sold out and I personal think this still is a great video of just a bunch of friends that are having more than a great time! Niklas "Byssa" Byström had the DVD cover with a insane steel staircase that later was featured in Onboard (if memory serves me right)"

Thank you Chris!

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