fredag 13 januari 2012

RELEASED Live And Unsigned 2011 (FINAL!)

RELEASED Live and Unsigned 2011 FINAL VIDEO!!
Filled with mayhem , drinking , animals , strip poles , more drinking , metal , hard rock , head banging , uuuaaahhhh!!!!

Massive congratz to Reenact that took home the whole thing!
And also a huge thanks to the onther bands attending in the final , all you guys rocked the hell out of Göta Källare!
Nuff said

Saint Deamon
Summoned tide

Special shows by:
Rock ´n roll Allstars
Raised Fist

Released will be back 2012, and we all look forward to another fantastic episode of Released live and unsigned, breathing hard rock and metal!!

Released and myself would like to thank everybody involved and supporting during the pre-finals this fall!

Mejeriet (LUND)
Harry B James (STHLM)
Sticky Fingers (GOTHENBURG)
Göta Källare (STHLM)

Filmed/Edited by: ME (Anton "Gun" Gunnarsson)

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