onsdag 12 oktober 2011

RELEASED Live and Unsigned 2011 (LUND)

RELEASED Live and Unsigned 2011 (LUND) from Anton Gunnarsson on Vimeo.

RELEASED Live and Unsigned , Pre-final Nr.1 Mejeriet Lund!

Massive congratz to Massdistraction for the first spot at the final 17/10 at Göta Källare (Stockholm)!

Stone Antica
Scandal Circus
Wasted shells

Special shows by:
Renegade Five
Rock ´n roll Allstars

Released is back and after the success last year, we all look forward to a fantastic fall, breathing hard rock and metal!

This year, Released will have it´s pre-finals at :
Mejeriet (Lund) 24/9
Harry B James (Stockholm) 29/10
Sticky Fingers (Gothenburg), 25/11
Göta Källare (Stockholm) 17/12 (The big FINAL!)

Filmed/Edited by: ME

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